You are in the midst of a great deal of turmoil right now. This is the time for you to shine. You have often asked the questions “What am I here for? What should I do? What can I do?” This is it. Now is the time.




You are a being of light. You call yourselves light workers, light warriors, way showers. Now is the time that you knew the need for your light would be the strongest. Lanterns are not needed in the daylight. This is what you came for. Shine your light so brightly, hold your vibration so high, that you change the world you are living in for everyone.




We are aware that many of you are not feeling very much like light bearers right now. The “news” that you are being shown is not exactly uplifting. Aside from that statement, that you came to do the uplifting, we will share something that only a few of you have remembered.




A great many of you are empathic. In fact, that is many more of you than you know. If you have begun to lift your frequencies, you are becoming empathic, whether you were previously or not. Your civilization is meeting itself in what it has chosen to see. That is the whole truth of what it has been and is… at least until it begins to clear itself and raise above what it was. This is underway. This you have decided and decreed. However, as the stones are rolled away and the things underneath begin to scurry away, and those who have been the victims are released, a great deal of pain will surface, as well. This you are feeling. In addition to your own feelings you are feeling much from the collective.




We feel that we need to remind you of this at this time and urge you to increase, or adopt if you do not have, your times of quiet self-reflection, even meditations. Re-charge your light. You need to shine so brightly that a new world will emerge from this current turmoil and mayhem. That is what you came to do. That is what will be done. That is what needs to be done, even when it seems that you are doing nothing. That ‘nothing’ is everything. It is what is needed. Others have come to do other things, to learn other lessons. And that is well and good. But, whether you believe it or don’t, you are the ones doing the heavy lifting. You can send your light to wherever and to whomever you choose. Do that. Do that. Bring in light. Breathe out light. Raise whatever you see. Know that there are now millions of you. You are not alone. You never were. You are not helpless. You never were.




There is immense light coming to your planet at this moment. How much of it can you gather? How much of it can you direct?




Blessings to you each.




传导:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan




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