I come on the wings of love! The pendulum is now swinging back to center point. The probability of humanity’s further confinement has been superceded by calm and rational minds. For really, at what point would it be considered to be a safe one hundred percent full guarantee of safety in taking the first step back to life as it was before the event. Waking up each morning entails taking a risk as you prepare yourself for another day. Each move you make could result in some sort of accident – but we all have the inner faith to believe it will be a happy day and for the most part for most people, it usually is! And so, it behooves the people of the world to have the faith to step forward and begin to resume their life.




There have been many changes and transformations occurring at the physical reality levels that will entail each citizen to choose between sovereignty and freedom of their person or giving in to prevailing thoughtforms that are someone else’s version of the truth. Most of you reading this or listening to this message are discerning what is really important to them and quietly taking a stand and setting their internal boundaries. You will feel it, if and when, those lines are about to be crossed. Meanwhile, Beloved Ones, seize the day! Many years from now, with quiet reflection, you will see the higher perspective of all that has transpired.




Just take one small step at a time, that is all it takes. The universe is unfolding at the right time and in your corner of the world, the right place. As this occurs, all that you need to experience, the people that you need to meet, all the new possibilities that once lay dormant within you are now opening up before you. All that has been hidden within your crystalline being is beginning to unfold the gifts and abilities that are needed at this time. It is a symbolic and literal new beginning for so many of you. It is a time to look at every experience and sense it with all your senses…Taste it, see it, touch it, smell it, hear it and know that it is. Breath this movement into your being and breath out new forms. What was is no more – it is now a new world and a new time.




The revelations that you bring with your gifts and abilities will be embraced, your deep wisdom valued. Shine your Light and the Way home for those who are seeking to remember. Those who shine their crystalline Light affect every cell of the Divine human body and automatically expand it out through their heart. This Light creates ever more Light and is awakening to all. This Light is for healing all wounds. This is the Light of understanding and of hope and it is amazing and a pure delight to experience such clarity in each moment through heightened senses. Your consciousness can expand to the farthest reaches of the universe and still focus on every facet of the present experience.




All aspects of one’s being are a part of the web of life that surrounds you. Each variation of form is breathtaking in its own way. Open your heart to that which is different and unique, for each has come from the heart of the One Source. By embracing and integrating that which resonates with your own soul uniqueness, it is woven into a universal tapestry of light and form which creates an expression of pattern and beauty. A new template has formed and is reconfiguring energy fields causing DNA, the cells and the blood to change. Your energy levels are in a state of flux and it is good to offer comfort to the body and the mind while the transformation is taking place. Drink lots of water and rest often throughout your days in order to fully integrate these powerful changes.




Until next month…




I AM Hilarion




传导:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan



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