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We are right in the middle of a continuous flow of Ascension Symptoms happening. This is what I have talked about in one of my recent articles ->that the flow of symptoms would soon continue and not let up. Or if there is a let up, there will be a blissful few days and then we are right back to symptoms of Ascension again.


我们正处于连续不断的扬升症状中。这是我在最近的文章中谈论过的 --- 连续的症状很快会持续发生,不会停止。或者如果有着一个停顿,会有几天幸福的时光,然后我们会立马回到扬升症状中


Currently, the last few days these are some of the symptoms you may be feeling:




1.Extreme Tiredness


1. 极度疲惫


2.Anger or shortness with others for no reason. ( this can be you or it can be directed at you )


2. 没有理由地对他人愤怒或气急败坏。(这可以是你或者对你)


3.Time has slowed down again. The days seem to drag like never before ( Yes time actually does speed up and slow down now, it doesn’t just seem like it, it actually does)


3. 时间再次慢了下来。日子看似前所未有般地延长(是的,时间确实在加速和缓慢,只是看起来不像,确实是)




4. 头痛


5.Back pain which may come and go ( Mine showed up about 2 months ago and goes away for a few days then comes back)


5. 背痛可能会来来去去(我的在 2 个月前出现,消失了几天,然后又回来了)


6.Blurry Eyes


6. 视线模糊


If you experience Ascension symptoms this means you are ascending from one plane of existence/consciousness to another. Your entire body is being recalibrated into the LIGHT Body which can travel to other dimensions. This is a good thing! More and more are experiencing these symptoms and when the tipping point is reached, we will have arrived!


如果你在体验扬升症状,这意味着你在从一个存在 / 意识平面提升到另一个。你的整个身体在调整到光之身体,然后就能旅行到其它的维度。这是好事!越来越多的人在体验这些症状,当临界点到达,我们会以及已经到达


Even though Ascension symptoms are many times difficult to deal with, it is best not to resist them. Here are some tips for newbies and not so newbies as a refresher:





Feel them, do what you can to get through them




Ground into the earth, as much as you can ( if you don’t know the correct technique to ground find my you tube video on my you tube channel called Grounding For Ascension )


尽可能地与地球连接(如果你不知道正确的方式,到我的油管频道 Grounding For Ascension 去看)


Do not resist them




Pay attention to how you feel, when they show up and when they go away.




Drink lots of water and liquids




For those having a hard time with symptoms, think about making life style changes. If you work a 3D job it can be difficult to deal with them and the job at the same time.


对于那些被症状困扰的人,去思考做出生活方式的改变。如果你有一个 3D 的工作,会难以应付症状以及工作


Get creative and live in a new way, one that you have never lived before. Take chances and let the Universe lead you while building up your connection with the Universe so you are being guided outside of yourself by a bigger power.




Living through a higher power is how I have been living for decades now and when you are connected, you will never be led off path. It’s the most amazing way to live. You will have to take chances, do things you never thought you could do, and face your fears, but this is all part of the Ascension process anyway! When your life revolves around Ascension, it then takes on a whole new level of existence ! Make it work for you not the other way around, remember its a good thing happening to all of humanity ! We are in a special time !









翻译:Nick Chan



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