Greetings, dear ones.




Humans are moving so incredibly fast now. Know that we see what’s taking place and understand the fear. Breathe, dear ones. There’s another part of this process that you’re starting to see, full of hope and excitement. We will share that with you this day and clarify the energy around the process that is taking place. You see, the Earth herself has much more of a hand in all this than you may have understood. Even in the midst of chaos and fear, you will start to see a huge rising of the human heart. This energy of love has spread and is starting to pervade the planet. All of you are now getting ready to go through an entirely different stage of this process.




Waves of Grief




Humans are starting to see waves of grief; it is simply that you are grieving the way things used to be. And even though you’ll be working hard to try and return to exactly those same places, the world has changed. It’s no longer the same, it’s already shifted and now there’s a new rhythm on planet Earth. Know that with these new rhythms also come new opportunities to spread light in a variety of different ways. The rhythms bring opportunities to see yourself and your place in the universe, which is beautiful. Remember, all it takes from time to time is one little act of kindness for the human heart to rise and see it in others. The heart is activated much the same way a smile is automatically spreads, as it is passed on from one person to another.




The Key




Small acts of kindness exemplify the collective human heart. When the human heart rises in this way and you come together in love, not fear, then the magic takes place in so many ways. You’re starting to see that in a variety of different places, such as applauding the first responders and all those taking care of others. That didn’t happen even a short time ago, but now you’re seeing new openings taking place. People are just trying to be kind. That is the rising of the collective human heart, which can ultimately bring everyone back together in a different way. It is the return of a harmony that you haven’t had on Earth in a very long time.




We ask that you resist pointing fingers or politicizing the problem at this point, which can only cause challenges grounding the new light. You’ll have plenty of time to decide about those things down the road when things are clearer. The most important part right now is to know that you’re all in this together, and the only way out is together.




Many things are starting to come to your awareness, as the planet has changed and shifted. You’re in position to take advantage of that, much more than you even understand. It’s a new time, a new energy and a new rhythm. The light from Home can be seen much more easily right now.




And we also tell you, dear ones, in a fairly short time you will experience this collective of grief. There are several stages in that process you go through, both as an individual and as a collective. Several stages of the grief process are simply about taking back your power, and one of the first is about being angry. Why? Because anger can actually help you return into your power. It is the way that humans have dealt with grief on planet Earth, because they know very little about the process. Well, you’ll soon see a collective wave of grief hit planet Earth and what you do with it is up to you. First, don’t take anything too seriously. These are only momentary reactions, so you’ll see the anger play out. People feel as if their power has been taken away to some extent. They will act out to regain their power, to again feel a sense of confidence and the place in the world that they once held.




Although you’ll see that taking place in different ways, we hope you hold onto the truth that you simply showed up. Many of you came in with the specific intent of being here on this planet, at this very moment. So, when people started to awaken in the energies of the new realm, you would be there to actively aid in the process. It’s happening more often and much easier than you might think. The new connections are starting, and in many ways it’s a beautiful time to be on planet Earth. Your place has been reserved. Your seat has your name on it and has been there for a very long time. We are so happy that you answered the call and jumped into position, when you’re needed now on Earth more than you could possibly know. You’ll recognize those openings and possibilities, as you see your own reflection in a new way. It is the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect and nurture one another at every opportunity, as you play this new game in this new realm.




Espavo. Thank you for taking your power!




翻译:Nick Chan



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