The next phase of this operation is to remove all entities living inside the auric field of


all surface population.When those entities are removed,behaviors of a certain amount of human beings will improve significantly as well.




What is happening now is an extremely fast accelerated removal of all remaining negative entities on non-physical planes.When these planes are completely cleared,the energy around us will be better.It will be a taste of a new age coming.




It is a very delicate operation,this is why it is taking so long.Those bombs need to be removed without a single one being activated.If a toplet bomb would go off,right now it would only affect this solar system.




Right now the toplet bombs are only within the implants.This is the only location where they are still remaining;Inside implants,inside the energy field of human beings.Deep within the implants,there is a black hole singularity and this is where the toplet bombs are.


现在顶夸克炸弹只在植入物里面。这是唯一一个他们仍然存在的地方 ; 植入体内,在人类的能量场内。在植入体的深处,有一个黑洞奇点,这里就是顶夸克炸弹的所在地


資料來源: 世界内幕消息





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