When you determine to be at peace to the outer world it has less influence upon you.Note the concerns as tasks that need to be performed and keep in communication with those that need to be updated. We communicate over the ethers like radio waves, so it is best to give a signal to those that need your services so that you can control all that comes to you as a bombardment of mental images and energies. Know how to set your boundaries and what works with your schedule and time frame abilities.


当你决定对外在世界处于平和,它对你产生越来越少的影响。注意到问题 --- 作为需要被执行的任务,和需要被更新的人保持交流。我们在以太的交流就像无线电波,所以最好给予那些需要你服务的人一个信号,这样你可以掌控所有向你前来的东西 --- 作为精神画面和能量的轰炸。知晓如何设置你的边界,什么与你的时间表和时间框架能力奏效


Trying to please people with commitments that do not work with reason with your time flow will stress you even more. And we do not work best when we are bogged down with worry and over multitasking. Being wise in this principle will help you with your relationships with clients and loved ones. In short, learn to take time for your soul and its nurturing in the mix of things. For within the soul comes your creative juices and ability to flow with situations in a harmonious manner.




Do know that there are types of people that pontificate and demand anyone around them to cater to their overzealous self images.Be mindful of these types of people, for they are very manipulative to the people with less presence. Let them know your presence and boundaries and you can curtail the manipulations that would otherwise make you a victim.




Keep good records and notes, protect yourself with agencies and know your rights and the issues. Study the codes and laws before you plead your case. For knowledge is power and without this you will be just another “human resource”, not the sovereign sentient being that you are. These are just some of the challenges you face daily. Learn well and you will do well in your life.




量子信息 20180504 用对你存在的知晓保护自己并采取必要的行动

翻译:Nick Chan







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