Beloved, It’s true. I tell you death is a beautiful experience awaiting you. Now, to the loved ones who have yet to wave goodbye to you, I will say that all of the Earth also says au revoir to you as well. All of Earth life will change because of your passing. This is how it is.


Death is beautiful and does not wholly qualify as a new experience, yet in your present consciousness, it is the first time in your recollection. There is something altered in the world when you move on. You will never be replaced, though many will fill in. Of course, you are unique, and so is everyone. No one will take your place. Whether someone knows you personally or not, your departure from Earth will make a difference to the world. No one is identical. This is how it is. This is how it is in the world.


If you are a cherry blossom, you are now a cherry blossom whose season has come to take leave of your cherry tree. All the cherry blossoms will move on, and yet all the cherry trees will blossom anew. The cherry blossoms are cherry blossoms that return to the soil. This is a beautiful thing.


In effect, cherry blossoms are refilled year after year with other cherry blooms anew and refreshing. Each spring, all on Earth is refilled, or restarted, however you like to describe perpetual renewal.


This is how it is. Just another fluctuation. Fluctuation or not, Beloved, it is a recurring fluctuation that you can count on.


Yes, this is how life seems to be in the outer world. All is arranged. All is taken care of.


There is constancy in the world, after all. There is permanency, after all. This is how there is no loss. I say this from an Infinite Heaven vision. From an Earth view, loss matters very much. It is heartache. Cherry blossoms, however, are well able to detach, and the deed is done.


Now I want to say, Beloved, I recommend, as much as you can, to not take change as a loss. You do not, as yet, see the whole picture. At the same time as time is non-existent, I wish to affirm with your passing – everyone’s passing – that Earth itself, as a whole, is also changed forevermore. There is no loss, yet there is change; just as many birds before winter migrate south and in the spring return.


It is no secret that every individual plays a vital part in each chain on Earth. Naturally, there is also a vaster picture as well, beyond any personal and emotional take on life.


To Human Beings, each change in the cast of characters in life – each migration, each surface change – changes everything else.


Now I say to you: Every link in a chain is precious and matters. Everyone who leaves Earth is precious, and it also matters which souls leave and how many. Everything matters. You matter. Those that the Earth may overwhelmingly say are unimportant, they also matter. All those that the world says do matter, they also matter the same. A treasure is a treasure. That there is room at the inn speaks for everyone. There is no one to be left out. Everyone is foremost, My Beloved, and precious to Me beyond a doubt, this is how it is.


Yes, the world may be fickle. I am not. I am here, and you are here with Me. Blessed be you, and you are an equal epitome in the Family of Man. Life is ever-changing. God does not. God is your Foundation. Know this in your heart. Know We are decreed as One. This is how it is.





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