Many enlightening human beings have been so concentrated on their growth and evolution that they have lost sight of what is fun for them.We have often said it is time to put the light back in enlightenment!




Laughter is incredibly cleansing and can shift energy faster than any other method. Fun is one of the greatest gifts of being in a physical body. Both allow you to be fully in your body and embrace the now moment.




So what if you don’t know what is fun anymore? We have several suggestions for this. First, think back to what you loved as a child. Children are most in touch with what matches them energetically so there will be clues for you there. If what you loved as a child is not a viable option for you anymore, look at the essence of what it was and think of how you can incorporate it into your life that matches who you are today.




Experiment! Be open to trying new things. Explore with curiosity. If you don’t have the time, money, or inclination to try a myriad of things, we suggest you go to a library or book store and take the time to go up and down every single aisle. Pay attention to where you linger. That will give you some guidance on what you might like to explore further.




Plan a vacation. Vacation supports presence, fun, exploration, and flow. For many human beings, It is one of the few times they allow themselves to be fully concentrated on having fun. Even if you don’t actually take the vacation, planning what you would do will expose you to new ideas that you can incorporate into your daily life.




All of these are action steps you can take that loudly announce to the universe that you are ready to have more enjoyment.Your body is not just a source of discomfort, Dear Ones, it can be a remarkable vehicle for fun and it is our greatest desire that you start to use it to do just that.




Your fun will bring you back into greater balance, and holds the energy of joy that benefits you, others, and the planet, as well, so it is not an exaggeration to say having fun is yet another means of being of service. In fact, that is exactly why you are yearning for it.~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young






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