作者:Tom Kenyon和Judi Sion
    最近看了一本书:《抹大拉的玛利亚手稿——荷鲁斯炼金术和伊希斯性魔法》( The Magdalen Manuscript——The Alchmies of Horus & The Sex Magic of Isis )。 这本书的第一部分内容是抹大拉的玛利亚通灵传导,主要讲述了她和约书亚(耶稣)之间的故事。书的作者是Tom Kenyon和Judi Sion,最初是Judi提出想连接抹大拉的玛利亚以了解她的故事,传导是经由Tom,Judi负责记录。 此书之所以叫《抹大拉的玛利亚手稿》是因为,传导的这部分内容每个词句都是抹大拉的玛利仔细斟酌的,传导完成之后还会进行修正。所以也可算是抹大拉的玛利亚“亲手”写的了。估计很多朋友都会对这个传导感兴趣,篇幅也不是很长,于是打算把它翻译出来分享。 为了不扭曲原意,把英文原文保留,附录是术语表。下面进入传导正文。
【手稿正文/ 之一

Maries de la Mer(法国)的芦苇彩虹配图
I was raised in the understanding of magic. My father was from Mesopotamia and my mother from Egypt. Before I was born she prayed to Isis to bless her with a child. I am that child. And I was known as Mary Magdalen.
When I was 12 years old I was sent to study with a secret sisterhood of Initiates, under the wings of Isis. I was trained in the secrets of Egypt, the Alchemies of Horus, and the Sexual Magic of the Isis Cult. When I met who you call Yeshua, I had passed all my Initiations. I had prepared for the meeting with him by the well.
The Gospels recount me as a prostitute, for all Initiates of my order wore a gold arm bracelet that was a serpent; and it was understood that we practiced sexual magic; and in the eyes of the Hebrews, we were whores.
When I saw Yeshua and our eyes met, I understood that we had been destined for each other.
What I am about to tell you has not been known, except by those who were with me. Many legends abound as to what happened.
But for me it is a story of deepest love. That Yeshua had a vision of the world does not touch me. My story Is a love story.
Many people followed Yeshua. And the opportunities for us to be alone together were very few.
It is not written in the Gospels for no one knew, only the closest to us. Before Yeshua went to the Garden of Gethsemane, we conceived a child, and her name was to be Sar'h.
The story I am about to tell sounds fantastical.
I remember the reeds of Maries de la Mer, although then, of course, it was not called that.It is a place where our boat came ashore. Sar'h was quite young. Not quite one year old. I was torn by grief and amazement.
我还记得Maries de la Mer(法国地名)的芦苇,然而在那时,它当然还不叫这个名字(译注:法国南部临近地中海的一个地方)。这是我们的船靠岸的地方。Sar'h(萨拉)还很小。还不到一岁。而我还在被悲痛和震惊折磨着。(译注:约书亚受难后抹大拉的玛利亚从埃及乘船穿越地中海来到了法国南部这个地方。)
I was there when Yeshua was crucified. I saw him in the tomb and wrapped him with his mother beside me. I will forever remember the smell of myrrh. That was one of the ointments we used.
Yeshua appeared to me in his luminous light. I could not believe my eyes, and so I touched his wounds. The disciples were jealous that he had come to me first.
It was strange to have my beloved transported to another realm, another world, while I and our daughter crossed the Mediterranean alone. We were no longer safe and had to leave Egypt, for that is where we had gone.
When we crossed onto the shores of what was to become France, it was all wilderness.We were met by priestesses of the Isis Cult, and we headed north to the protection of the Druids, for Isis had spoken to them, and they had heard the call to protect her daughter, Sar'h. And so we headed North to another great body of water and crossed over into what was to become England.
And there we were secreted up into the most sacred heart of the Druids, to the Tor and the Glastonbury. Although we were safer than we had been in Israel or Egypt, the Roman influence extended up into England as well, and we were hidden.
We lived in this area for many years, and Sar’h wedded a man whose heirs would become the Templar Knights, and I went north into Wales and lived by the sea for the rest of my days.
I will say this, that in those years when I lived alone by the sea, Yeshua would often visit. Of course, it was not like before, for his body was more energy than flesh, more light; but still it was extraordinary to be with him again.
When I died he was there and took me into what some call heaven, but is just a place in the soul.
I begin my story at the well, for in many ways that is when my life truly began. All the years previous were preparation for this meeting.
That morning I knew something was stirring, a kind of excitement—a trembling in the arms and legs一before I even met him. I was already at the well when he arrived. I had already sunk my jar into the shaft, and he helped me raise it. Some of the apostles saw my gold serpent bracelet and assuming me to be a whore, were aghast that the Master would help such a one.
But this did not touch me. I was in another world, transported by the eyes of Yeshua. When our eyes met it was as if I was looking into all of eternity, and I knew that he was the one that I had been prepared for—and so did he.
I continued at the fringes of those who followed him, and in the evenings we would go off together; not every evening for he was constantly sought after.
I, who was trained in the Alchemies of Horus and the Sex Magic of Isis, was considered to be highly advanced by my teachers, yet the first time in Yeshua's arms, I was a trembling woman, and I had to fight to find that central pathway through my desire to the highest throne, for that was my training.
Yeshua and I, using the techniques that I had been trained in, as well as the methods he had learned in Egypt, were able to charge his Ka, his energy body, with greater light and greater force, so that he could more easily work with those who came to him. And so it was.
And I still find it ironic that the Gospels report that I was at the well when Yeshua arrived; but those many nights when Yeshua and I were alone, he came to my well, to draw from me the powers of Isis, to build and strengthen himself.
I stand in time now, looking at all of this as if it were a dream and yet so—still, vividly clear. My heart trembles as I recount the story as if it were yesterday. That first night with Yeshua is sketched within my mind as clear as the skies over Jerusalem.
After I had been able to pass through the desires of myself as woman and ascend the path into spiritual alchemy in which I was trained, I could see Yeshua’s spirit form— already luminous, already brilliant with light.
A dove was above his head, golden rays of light poured forth from it. The seals of Solomon, of Hator, of Isis, of Anubis, and Osiris were in his spirit form. They were signs that he had passed through these Initiations. There were other symbols I did not understand; for they were from cultures I had no knowledge of or training in; but of the Egyptian seals of which I knew he was on the path of the High God Horus.
一只鸽子在他的头顶上,向外涌出金色的光束。所罗门,Hator,伊希斯,安努毕斯和奥西里斯的印章都在他的灵性形体中。它们示意着他已经通过了这些入门。还有其它一些我不认识的印记;它们来自于我不知道或没有在其中接受过训练的一些文明;但据我知道的埃及印章,他是在High God Horus(上神荷鲁斯)的道路上。
But he had not yet passed through his death Initiation, and I knew in my trembling heart that that is why I had been drawn to him at this time—to fortify his soul with the powers of Isis and the Cosmic Mother, so that he could pass through the dark portal and attain the Horus.
That night, after we had made love and wielded and blended our spirit bodies together, the action of alchemy having begun between us, Yeshua drifted off to sleep. As I held him in my arms, I felt a turning within me, a desire to protect him, a desire to be always with him, and the knowledge, like the edge of a cold knife, that we would be parted by forces greater than my desire.
The Church would have you believe I was a whore, but I tell you now that the Church is the whore, for she would have you believe that woman is tainted and that the sexual passions between a man and a woman are evil. Yet it is here, in the magnetics of passion, that the womb of ascension is created.
This secret of secrets was known by all Initiates of Isis, and yet I had never imagined that I would be the one to bring It into fullest expres-sion in union with such a one as Yeshua.
For me, this journey is of my spirit and heart.
But for those who wish to know the physical journey...after Yeshua's crucifixion, I,and his mother, Mary, Joseph of Arimathea, his twelve-year-old son, named Aaron, and two other young women set off from Northern Egypt.
但对那些想知道身体旅途的人来说……在约书亚受难之后,我,他的母亲玛利亚,Joseph of Arimathea(亚利马太的约瑟及他的儿子Aaron(亚伦),还有另外两位年轻女性从埃及北部出发了。
Our course took us ironically east before we could turn westward, and we had to stop for provisions along the way, as our boat was very small. Our path took us to Malta and the tiny island of Oudish, from there to Sardinia and to the tip of what is now the Cinque Terra, finally landing at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and making our trek Northward through Rennes-le-Chateau into Northern France, and across the channel into what is now England. We settled in Glastonbury for several years, until Sar'h was twelve.
讽刺的是我们的路线在向西之前先得带着我们向东,我们一路上要停下来获取补给,因为我们的船很小。我们的旅途带我们来到马耳他和Oudish小岛,从那又到了撒丁岛和现在叫做Cinque Terra(五渔村)的尖端,最终在Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer(桑泰斯-马里耶德拉-梅)登陆并继续北上穿过Rennes-le-Chateau(雷恩堡)进入法国北部,再穿过海峡进入现在的英国。我们在格拉斯顿伯里住了一些年,直到Sar'h(萨拉)十二岁。
Upon her twelfth birthday, we set off for the place among the reeds where we had landed. There, as close to Egypt as was safe for us to go, I initiated my daughter into the Cult of Isis and bathed her in the waters of the Mediterranean in accordance with the teachings I had been given.
We then returned to Glastonbury, until Yeshua’s and my daughter, Sar'h, wedded at age sixteen. She married into a well-known family whose heirs became the Templars, although at that time the Templar Knights did not exist.
This family bloodline, through Sa'h, would be carried into the Templars themselves. When Sa'h was married and secure in her new life,I headed North for Wales and lived in a small stone cottage by the sea for the rest of my days.
Behind my cottage there was a stream that came out of the hill, and I would sit there many days. For there was a time when this stream split in two, and the two streams followed each other, and then one veered off to the left and one to the right. And I would sit there, in-between them, thinking about the stream of my life and the stream of Yeshua’s— how, for a while, our lives flowed together and then parted.


I will forever remember the first time Yeshua came to me after his resurrection.
It was a new moon and the sky was clear. A light fog hung over the heather and everything was silver from the light of the moon and stars. I saw a figure approaching me on the windy trail that led to my cottage.
Ironically, I had just gone outside to draw water from the well and there he was. He looked the same, yet with a radiance—unmistakablely My eyes filled with tears; my heart trembled.
I ran to him and stopping short, I remembered his words to me right after the resurrection.
“Do not touch me yet,” he had said then, “for I am not ascended to the Father.”
Oh, how I, an Initiate of Isis, have yearned all these years to set the record straight!
What did he mean by these words? For the Christians have inherited only a part of the truth. The greater part of the truth is hidden within the mysteries of the Great Mother; and because the Church sought to disenfranchise women and all that is feminine, it sealed away this truth.
And the truth has to do with the Ka body itself—what we learned as Initiates to call the Etheric Double or Spiritual Twin—for the Ka body, when charged with enough energy and vitality, looks like the physical body. But unlike the physical body, the Ka body is not made of flesh, but of energy itself—energy and light.
而这个真相和Ka身体自身有关——按照入门者所学,我们称其为以太副本体或灵性双生体,因为Ka体,当其被足够的能量和生命力充满时,看起来就和肉体一样。但和肉体不同的是,Ka体不是由血肉构成的,而是由能量本身 ——能量和光构成的。
And so when Yeshua came to me after his resurrection, he was in his Ka, but it had not been stabilized yet, for he had not gone to the Father—meaning into the Great Spirit of his own soul. So before he could do this, he had to pass through the portal of death and travel through the underworld of his own being.
He did this for two reasons,as I understand it. The first was, as a master soul, to do such a thing brings great power to the Ka. And the second reason was to cut a passage through death itself, so that others could follow and pass through the dark world more easily by following the trail of his light.
And so that first night when we were rejoined—I feel it now, still vividly clear and strong—my heart filled with joy at being with him again. He came to me that night just before midnight and left just before dawn. In those hours we lay together, our Ka bodies interconnecting yet again, no need for talk.Our communication was telepathic. And without the physical act of sex, the Serpent Power within him joined the serpent power within me and climbed upward along the sacred paths in our spines, to the throne of the crowns of our heads, sending me into sheer ecstasy and bliss. And this was how it was for many years. He would come to me this way several times each year. Sometimes we would speak. Most of the time was in union.
I asked him where he went in these times when we were not together. He said that he had gone to many sacred places throughout the earth一that he had met with many different peoples. He said that he was laying a path of light.
During one of his visits I asked him to explain to me this rather strange concept.
He drew a circle onto the dirt floor of my cottage and then what I recognized as the two triangles intersecting, to make the Seal of Solomon, becoming the Star of David. He said that there were many lands that we, in this part of the world, did not have knowledge of. Many of these lands had points corresponding to the points of the Seal of Solomon. By going to these areas, he was ensuring that his work would take a deeper rooting into the soil of this world.
Of all the times that he visited, the time that stands out the strongest is the time he came when Sar'h had come to visit.
She had just become pregnant and wished to see me for my blessing, and so I was thrilled to see her and her traveling companions. She had sent word of her coming through the Druids, but their word got to me only one day before her arrival. She stayed with me for three days, and on the second night, Yeshua appeared.
I don’t know if you can appreciate how odd it was. For Sar'h had never met her Father, nor Yeshua, his daughter. And yet here they met for the first time! And her father’s body had returned to the elements in a flash of light in his resurrection, so now he was in his Ka body, which emitted a kind of unmistakable light.
Both of them were moved, Sar'h to tears and Yeshua to great pathos. They spent an hour together, just themselves, walking outside. I do not know what they talked about. But from the time they began, until the time that they ended, the sky was filled with falling stars.
Before Yeshua had left that evening, just before dawn, as was his way, he placed his hands over Sar'h’s stomach and blessed the child. Sar'h left me the next day, filled with an unmistakable sense of peace.
And so I have told you what I wish to say about my life as a mother, and now I will turn my story to me as an Initiate, to the Alchemies of Horus, unto the secrets of Isis.
I turn now to my beloved sister, my sister in spirit, the Mother of Yeshua, also known as Mary.
Mary was a high Initiate in the Cult of Isis, having received her training in Egypt. That is why, when she and Joseph fled the king’s wrath in Israel, they took flight into Egypt, for she had safety there, among the Priestesses and Priests of Isis.
Her training was different than mine, yet we served the same. In order for me to explain my understanding of Mary I must explain one of the deepest secrets of the Isis Cult. For it was believed, and I hold this to be true, that under certain conditions the Goddess herself would Incarnate, either at birth or through spiritual Initiation.
Mary, the Mother of Yeshua, when she was quite young, was recognized for her purity of spirit by the great Priestesses of the Isis Temples. She was trained as an Initiate and reached the highest levels. But rather than becoming a Priestess, she was trained to become what is called an Incarnate.
To be an Incarnate is to be a very highly advanced soul and requires undergoing tremendous spiritual training and discipline. In a final Initiation, Mary became the holder of an energy stream directly from Isis herself.In this regard, she was an embodiment of the Cosmic Mother. It is as if there were two— Mary the human, pure of spirit and heart, holding within her a direct portal into the Great Mother, the Creatrix of all matter, of all time and space.
Thus the table was set, so to speak, for the conception of a being of remarkable qualities who would become her son, Yeshua.
When Mary underwent what the Church refers to as the Immaculate Conception, she was a witness to a Celestial and galactic insemination process, by which the Father Principle, or Spirit as we understood this in the Isis Cult, transferred his essence into Isis, the Mother that receives the seed of the Father-Matter receiving the impulse of Spirit. And this highly refined and potent spiritual energy took root in Mary’s womb and gave birth to Yeshua.
Mary was with the apostles when they came upon me at the well. She immediately recognized me as a fellow Initiate by the gold serpent bracelet I wore on my arm and by the Seal of Isis which glowed within my Ka body, for Mary was quite clairvoyant and psychic.
The first person whose eyes I met were those of Yeshua, and as I said, I felt transported into other worlds in his immense presence. The second person whose eyes I met were those of his mother. In her eyes was recognition and acknowledgement of my status as a fellow Initiate within the Isis Cult, and although her training had not been in Sex Magic, as mine had been, she understood that I had been prepared for Yeshua.
Between them, I felt lifted up on wings of transcendent love. I felt my spirit soar.
Ironic then that the next eyes I would see were those of Yeshua’s disciples, who judged me to be a whore, and countless generations have held me this way.
But I say to you that in Yeshua’s eyes and those of his mother, I was not a whore, but a clear vessel for the healing and nurturing powers of Isis herself.
There comes a time,in a man's life, whether human or divine, when his mother cannot give him the essence of what he needs. Her love continues, but what is required is sustenance from another woman, I was that woman.
Mary recognized me and my status, and passed her son to me in that moment by the well.
Mary and I spent much time together, time in which we discussed Yeshua’s work, his needs and my place in his life. It was understood that I was a servant to a greater power.
I had been trained for this, but I must tell you that the power of the recognition still shakes me. I still tremble at his recognition.
In those many nights and days together, Mary and I attended to the needs of Yeshua and his disciples, and in that period Mary and I became very close, for I loved her, and I love her still—for her physical beauty, the purity of her heart and spirit and the gentleness with which she dealt the world.
I can say, from my own clarity that Mary, having served as the vessel for Isis as an Incarnate, was a highly developed Master, but now having served in these ways, her mastery and perfection一her spiritual perfection一is staggering.
She exists within the heavenly realms, her compassion and love continually flowing to all humans. She is available to all, regardless of their beliefs. When someone calls upon her, know that they are heard.
I wish now to clarify my understandings. I wish to speak about the Sex Magic of the Isis Cult and The Alchemies of Horus. I wish to reveal secrets that an Initiate would never have revealed, even under threat of death. But the times are different now.
Time as you know it, is running out, and I have received permission from the Goddess herself—indeed, I have been asked by the Goddess herself to reveal to you some of the most closely guarded secrets of all times. These are revealed to you in hopes that you will elevate yourselves in time.
The Alchemies of Horus refer to a body of knowledge and methods for the alteration of the Ka body. In this understanding, as the Ka embodies, or acquires greater energy and light, there is an increase in one’s magnetic field, and that which the Initiate desires becomes more quickly manifest.
However, in surrender to one's own Celestial Soul, or the Ba, the pursuit of personal desires,although not abandoned, is no longer the focus of one's entire existence. Instead, one looks upward, so to speak, to the higher capabilities of one's self, as perceived through the Ba, or the Celestial Soul.
The Celestial Soul, or Ba, exists within a much higher level of vibration than the physical body (the Khat) or the Ka (the spiritual or etheric twin to the physical form).
Within the Ka body there are pathways that can be stimulated and opened. The activation of these secret passages within the Ka brings it much greater power. The Alchemies of Horus are designed to strengthen these, to activate the latent powers and abilities of the Initiate through what is called the Djed, or the ascending seven seals, what the yogis and yoginis of India call the chakras.
Within the School in which I was trained we learned how to activate the Serpent Power, moving it in specific paths in the spinal column, and opening up circuits within the brain. This created what is called the Uraeus.
The Uraeus is often a blue fire that extends up the spine both laterally and horizontally and into the brain, and it undulates with the changes in energy within these pathways. The activation of the Uraeus increases the brain's potential for intelligence, creativity, and most importantly一receptivity, for the task of the Initiate Is to change the quality of one’s being, so that the attunement to the Ba or Celestial Soul is clear and unobstructed.
When I met Yeshua by the well for the first time, the mere proximity of his presence activated my internal Alchemies. A Serpent Power moved up my spine as if I had practiced the disciplines I had learned.
That first night when we were together alone, arm in arm, lying next to each other, we practiced the Sexual Magic of Isis. This specific form of magic charges the Ka body with tremendous magnetic force through the power of physical orgasm, for when one has a sexual orgasm there is a tremendous release of magnetic energy within the cells. As this energy spreads it releases a magnetic potential that can be used.
I wish to share the specifics of this, but in order to do so I must explain more of the basic understanding of sex and spiritual realization, for this secret was stolen by the Church.
Alchemy - the art and science of changing one form into another. Inner alchemy (like the Egyptian system) transforms the energy of consciousness and the life-force of embodiment into expanded awareness, imparting enhanced abilities to the practitioner.
炼金术Alchemy - 转变形式的艺术和科学。内在炼金术(如埃及系统的)转化形身的意识能量和生命力为扩展的觉知,赋予习练者增强的能力。
Djed - the sacred pathway of the chakras. The djed runs from the base of the spine to the top of the head (the crown chakra). This is the central pathway for the process of Ascension in Egyptian alchemy.
捷德柱Djed - 脉轮中的神圣通道。捷德柱从脊柱底端一直通到头顶(冠轮)。而这是埃及炼金术中扬升过程的中央通道。
Ammit - a mythical creature related to the djed or sacred pathway of the chakras. Part crocodile, part lion and part hippopotamus, the ammit is often represented with a depiction of the djed. It sits with its reptilian snout tucked between the third (power) and fourth (love) chakras.
Ammit(阿米特) - 一个和捷德柱或脉轮神圣通道有关的神兽。部分是鳄鱼,部分是狮子,部分是河马,ammit通常和捷德柱的描述出现在一起。它坐在那儿,它的爬虫鼻子蜷在第三(意志)和第四(愛)脉轮之间。
Anubis - an Egyptian deity (part jackal/part man) associated with the Land of the Dead. Egyptian myth holds that Anubis was Osiris' guardian into the Underworld, and is thus associated with this subterranean level of the psyche.
安努毕斯Anubis - 埃及和死亡之地有关的(豺头人身)神。埃及神话认为安努毕斯是奥西里斯的通往地下世界的守护神,因此和这个地下层面的灵有关联。
Sekhem - life-force. It means "that which makes things erect." In the process of Egyptian alchemy, one's sekhem or life-force, is strengthened in order to be transformed into expanded awareness. It is the power of sekhem that raises the djed generating the power to ascend the ladder of the chakras into illumination. This highly potentized life-force is also used in specific alchemical processes to generate the powers of consciousness (see 神通).
Sekhem(灵气) - 生命力。它的意思是“让物体竖起来的东西。”在埃及炼金过程中,一个人的sekhem或生命力,会被加强好转化成扩展的觉知。就是sekhem的力量升起捷德柱产生能量爬上脉轮台阶进入启蒙。这个有巨大潜力的生命力同样被用在产生意识力量(见神通)的特别炼金过程中。
Ka - a subtle energy body described in Egyptian alchemy. The Ka is an energetic duplicate of the physical body and is sometimes referred to as the etheric double or spiritual twin. Much of the focus of Egyptian alchemy is on the transformation of the Ka body.
Ka(咔,灵魂) - 埃及炼金术中描述的精微能量体。Ka是物理身体的能量副本,有时被叫做以太体或灵性孪生体。埃及炼金术的很多注意力都是在Ka身体的转化上。
Khat - the dense physical body of flesh and blood.
Khat(咔特) - 血肉组成的稠密肉体。
Ascension - the process of raising the life-force (sekhem) up the djed into the higher brain centers, thereby activating the powers of consciousness (siddhis) and giving the practitioner access to the spiritual realms of being. The term also applies to the ascension of the Ka body into higher realms of energy and light.
扬升Ascension) - 沿着捷德柱升起生命力(sekhem)进入更高大脑中心的过程,由此激活意识力(神通)并能让习练者进入存在的灵性领域。这个术语亦指Ka身体扬升进入更高的能量和光领域。
BA - the celestial soul.
BA(主魂) - 天魂。(译注:指我们灵魂中的更高层面)。(彩虹注:道教有所谓人有三魂七魄的说法:三魂乃是指“天魂、地魂、人魂”,古称“胎光、爽灵、幽情”,也有人称之为“主魂、觉魂、生魂”或“元神、阳神、阴神”或“天魂识魂人魂
Ida - a yogic term referring to a subtle pathway up the left side of the spine. Also known as the lunar or Chandra circuit, the ida runs from the base chakra up into the head and ends at the tip of the left nostril (see Black Serpent).
Ida(艾达) - 一个指代从脊柱左侧爬升的精微通道的瑜伽术语。也被称作月亮或月神线路,ida从底轮爬升到头部并终结于左鼻孔尖端(见大黑蛇)。
Black Serpent - a term used by the Magdalen to describe the lunar pathway up the spine (see ida). The Black Serpent embodies the feminine mystery of creation and is related to the Void, the source from which all things are created.
大黑蛇Black Serpent) - 一个被抹大拉的玛利亚用来描述沿脊柱向上的月亮通道(见ida)的术语。大黑蛇象征着造物的女性秘密,并和空无,一切万有的创生源头有关。
Gold Serpent - a term used by the Magdalen to describe the solar pathway up the spine (see pingala). The solar circuit embodies the male aspect of creation and is related to light.
大金蛇Gold Serpent) - 一个被抹大拉的玛利亚用来描述沿脊柱向上的太阳通道(见pingala)。月亮线路象征着造物的男性面向并和光相关联。
Chakra - an energy vortex within the subtle body. The word means “wheel” since chakras tend to spin like wheels. Science has documented the existence of the chakras, and they emit both sound and light.
脉轮Chakra) - 在精微体中的能量漩涡。这个词的意思是“轮”,因为脉轮类似是像轮子那样旋转。科学有记录脉轮的存在,它们会发出声音和光。
Central Column - a subtle energy pathway that runs in front of the spine from the base up to the top of the head (see pranic tube).
中脉(Central Column - 在脊柱前面运行的精微能量通道,从底部直到头顶(见普拉纳管)。
Central Pillar - the same subtle energy pathway as the Central Column or pranic tube.
中立柱Central Pillar - 同上
Sahu - the immortal energy body sometimes referred to as the Golden Raiment or Glorious Spiritual Body.
Sahu(萨胡) - 不朽的能量体,有时被称为黄金衣或辉煌的灵体。
Glorious Spiritual Body - see Sahu
光荣的灵性身体Glorious Spiritual Body) - 看得见的Sahu(萨胡)
Golden Raiment - see Sahu
金色的衣服Golden Raiment - 同上
Horus - the son of Isis and Osiris. Symbolically, Horus refers to the joining of spirit (Osiris) and matter (Isis). His story is allegorical in the sense that his journey is the same as ours as we rise up the djed to expanded states of consciousness.
荷鲁斯Horus) - 伊希斯和奥西里斯的儿子。象征意义上,荷鲁斯代表灵(奥西里斯)和物(伊希斯)的结合。他的故事的寓意是,他的旅途和我们的一样,当我们升起捷德柱扩展意识状态时。
Isis - the mother of Horus and one of the most prominent deities of the Egyptian pantheon. She was considered to be the Cosmic Mother, and her cult spread through most of the known ancient world.
伊希斯Isis) - 荷鲁斯的母亲,埃及众神中最著名的之一。她被认为是宇宙母亲,她的神秘学遍及大部分已知的古代世界。
Incarnate - a priestess within the Isis cult who has been trained to embody the energies of Isis.
化身(Incarnate) - 伊希斯神秘学中被训练以显化伊希斯能量的女祭司。
Initiate - one who has passed through a portal or threshold between one level of consciousness to the next. Generally speaking, an Initiate has been trained in a sacred science and has been given access to the spiritual lineage responsible for that sacred science.
入门者Initiate ) - 一个已经跨跃了通往下一个意识层次的入口或门槛的人。一般而言,一个入门者已经在神圣科学中接受了训练并被允许进入这门神圣科学的灵性传承。
Initiation - the process of stepping from one level of consciousness into the next. Initiations are like benchmarks, acknowledging the attainment of some level of mastery. They may be granted or given directly from a spiritual being, or in some cases by a physical person.
入门Initiation) — 从一个意识层次迈入下一个的过程。入门就像是准入许可,认证获得了某个层次的水准。它们可能直接由一个灵性存有认可或给予,或者在某些情况下是被一个人。
Kundalini yoga - a form of yoga that focuses on the movement of kundalini shakti, a form of energy very much related to sekhem, up the spine. As the kundalini shakti makes its ascent up the spine, the various chakras are activated giving the yogi or yogini mastery in those planes of consciousness.
昆达里尼瑜伽Kundalini yoga) - 一种瑜伽,专注于沿脊柱向上移动昆达里尼shakti,一个和sekhem非常相关的能量形式。随着昆达里尼shakti沿着脊柱向上升,各个脉轮就会被激活,给予瑜伽练习者在这些意识层面的掌握水准。
Maat - an Egyptian deity associated with the Land of the Dead, Maat holds a scale weighted on one side with a feather. On the other side of the scale is the heart of the person seeking entrance into spiritual paradise. If the heart is weighted by shame and regrets it will tip the scale and the person must wander the Underworld. If the heart is light as a feather, the person is granted entrance into the sublime realms of spirit.
玛亚特Maat) - 和死亡之地有关的埃及女神,玛亚特拿着一个天平,一端放着一片羽毛。另一端则放着一个想进入灵魂天堂的人的心脏。如果这颗心被羞愧和后悔压的很重,就会压倒天平,那这个人就必须去地下世界。如果此心和羽毛一样轻,这个人就被允许进入伟大的灵界天堂。
Neter - these are subtle powers. There are 26 neters in classic Egyptian alchemy, but the term can also be applied to anything that has energy or power. Thus the term can be related to the concept of shakti or energy in yoga.
Neter(奈特尔) - 意指各种精微能量。在经典埃及炼金术中有26种neters,但这个术语也可指任何有着能量或力量的东西。因此这个术语可以指瑜伽中的shakti或能量概念。
Pineal gland - a gland sitting roughly in the center of the head. Its function is not fully understood by western science though, esoterically, it is viewed as holding keys to higher states of consciousncss.
松果体Pineal gland) - 一个大概是处在大脑中央的腺体。它的功能尽管尚未被西方科学完全了解,但在神秘学里,它被视为掌握着通往更高意识状态的钥匙。
Pingala - a yogic term referring to a subtle pathway up the right side of the spine. Also known as the solar or Sureya circuit, the pingala runs from the base chakra up into the head and ends at the tip of the right nostril (see Gold Serpent).
Pingala(右脉) - 一个瑜伽术语,指脊柱右边向上的精微通道。也被称为是太阳或Sureya线路,pingala从底轮爬升到头部并终结于右鼻孔尖端(见大金蛇)。
Pranic tube - the pranic tube can be viewed as the center line of force within the magnetic field of the body. All bipolar magnets, including our bodies, have a north and south pole. These two poles are generated around an axis, like the axis of the earth which is also a bipolar magnet. Within the physical body, this axis runs from the crown down to the perineum and sits in front of the spine (see djed, central column, central pillar).
普拉纳管道Pranic tube) - 普拉纳管道可以被看作是身体磁场内的中央磁力线。所有两极的磁铁,包括我们的身体,都有着一个北极和南极。这两极环绕着一个轴产生,就像同样也是一个两极磁铁的地球的轴。在物理身体里,这个轴从百会向下直到海底,就在脊柱的前面(见捷德柱, central column, central pillar)。
Obstacles to Flight - a term used by the Magdalen to describe the psychological impediments to spiritual illumination. One task of the alchemist within her tradition is to remove these Obstacles to Flight so that the Ascension of consciousness up the djed can take place.
飞翔的障碍Obstacles to Flight) - 一个术语被抹大拉的玛利亚用来描述通向灵性觉醒的心理障碍。在传统中炼金者的一个任务就是移除飞翔的障碍以便沿着捷德柱向上的意识扬升得以发生。
RA - the Egyptian sun god. From an alchemical understanding, anything that is fire is a power of RA. Within the Ka body, there is an energy center or chakra that is fiery in nature known as the solar plexus. A good deal of Egyptian alchemy deals with RA in its many forms as a source of energy to drive alchemical reactions within the Ka.
RA) - 埃及太阳神。从炼金角度理解,任何是火的东西都是拉的力量。在Ka身体中,有一个能量中心或脉轮,其属性是火一般的,被称之为太阳神经丛。埃及炼金术很多地方都在处理拉和它作为能量源的很多形式以驱动Ka之内的炼金反应。
Samadhi - a yogic state of inner attention attained through meditation. In samadhi, consciousness is turned from the outer senses to the inner worlds. There are many ranges of samadhi, from light inner attention to profoundly altered states of consciousness. In the deepest forms of samadhi, perceived time comes to a standstill. There is no sense of it, and there is no sense of the world. Awareness becomes aware of itself, and from this deep inner recognition of the Self there is a spontaneous arising of bliss.
三昧Samadhi) - 一个通过静定得到的内观瑜伽状态。在三昧中,意识从外在感知转入内在世界。有很多不同的三昧,从光内观到深刻改变了的意识状态。在最深的三昧中,时间感知停止了。没有对它的感知,也没有对世界的感知。意识变成了对其自身的觉察,而从这个对自我的深入内在认识中会有自发的极乐升起。
Set - the brother and murderer of Osiris,Horns’ father. It is Set that Horus must overcome in the Osirian myths.
塞特Set) - 奥西里斯的兄弟和杀他的凶手,荷鲁斯的父亲。在奥西里斯神话中荷鲁斯必须战胜赛特。
Sex Magic - the use of sex in relationship to magic has a long history that spans many thousands of years and numerous cultures and spiritual lineages. The Sex Magic of Isis, however, is not viewed in the same manner as magic in general. Rather than trying to affect the outside world through magical transformations, the Sex Magic of Isis focuses on the magical transformation of consciousness itself. Thus it is really a form of internal alchemy, an alchemy that draws upon the most primal and potent energies available to embodied beings.
性魔法Sex Magic) - 把性关系用在魔法上有着几千年的悠久历史并跨跃无数文化和灵性传承。然而伊希斯性魔法被视为和普通的魔法不同。和通过魔法变化尝试影响外在世界不同,伊希斯性魔法专注于意识自身的魔法转变。因此它实际上是一个内在炼金术,一个吸引最原初和最有潜力的可用能量到肉体化身上来的炼金术。
Siddhis - yogic powers. These powers of consciousness cover a wide range of non-ordinary abilities. They include such things as clairvoyance (inner seeing), clairaudience (inner hearing), clairsentience (inner feeling), and clairgno-sis (knowing something without knowing how you know it). These abilities also include the capacity to heal and limited powers of prophecy. The siddhis also include such truly unusual abilities such as bi-location (being in two places at once), teleportation (instantly transporting oneself over great distances), and levitation (floating in air). These powers of consciousness have been well documented in many of the worlds religious and alchemical traditions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Taoism. In addition, many indigenous peoples report that their shamans also exhibit many of these abilities.
神通Siddhis) - 瑜伽力量。这些瑜伽力量涵盖了很大范围的非寻常能力。它们包括天眼通(内视),天耳通(内听),他心通(内感),宿命通(知道一些事情但却不知道你是如何知道的。)这些能力还包括疗愈能力和有限的预知能力。神通还包括了一些真的很不寻常的能力,例如分身(同时处在两个地方),神足(瞬间把自己传送到很远的地方),悬浮(飘在空中)。这些意识力量在世界上很多的宗教和炼金传统中都有很多记载,包括佛教,基督教,印度教,伊斯兰教,犹太教和道教。另外,很多土著人也声称他们的萨满同样也有很多这样的能力。
Tantra - a term referring to energy practices. The term is sometimes used in Buddhism, for instance, to refer to the energy practices of consciousness itself. However, the term can also be used for the energy practices of sexuality- This form of Tantra is based on the use of sexual energy for the elevation of consciousness and has many forms throughout the world.
谭催Tantra) - 一个指代能量练习的术语。这个术语有时用在佛法中,例如,指意识自身的能量练习。然而,这个术语同样可以用来指性行为能量练习 - 这个形式的谭催是基于使用性能量提升意识,并在全世界有着很多种形式。
Uraeus - sometimes referred to as “the anointing,” the uraeus occurs when sekhem (life-force) is brought up the djed and into the brain. This movement creates a snake-like energy form,which may be why the uraeus was represented as a serpent by the ancient Egyptians.
蛇升(Uraeus - 有时被称为“圣定”,蛇升发生在sekhem(生命力)被经由捷德柱提升进入大脑时。这个运动制造了一个蛇状的能量形态,这可能就是为什么蛇升会被古埃及人用一条大蛇来代表。
Red Serpentine Drops - a subtle energetic substance emitted from the crown that is related to the attributes of one's physical mother. These drops are generated from an alchemical meditation, given in the Manuscript using the Black and Gold Serpents. Interestingly, this practice is similar in many regards to a practice in Tibetan Vajrayana yoga using what are called the red and white drops. In this Tibetan practice, the drops are also used to generate bliss, but then the practitioner rests in this bliss while contemplating the empty nature or emptiness of all things. In the Alchemy of Horus, however, the end goal is different. While the joining of the drops also produces bliss, this bliss is then sent into the Ka body for the purpose of strengthening it. According to the Magdalen, ecstatic states of consciousness strengthen the Ka.
红蛇露Red Serpentine Drops) - 从头部产生的一种和个人生母属性有关的精微能量物质。这些滴露从炼金冥想中产生,此冥想使用大黑和大金蛇,在手稿中有给出。有趣的是,这个练习在很多方面都和西藏Vajrayana瑜伽使用红和白滴露的练习很相似。在这个西藏练习中,这些滴露也被用于产生极乐,但接着练习者会休息在这个极乐中并静观空性和一切皆空。而在荷鲁斯炼金术中,最终目的有所不同。虽然滴露的加入也会产生极乐,但这个极乐会被送到Ka身体好增强它。据抹大拉的玛利亚所说,极乐的意识状态会增强Ka。
White Serpentine Drops - a subtle energetic substance emitted from the crown that is related to the attributes of one's physical father. These drops are generated from an alchemical meditation, given in the Manuscript using the Black and Gold Serpents (see Red Serpentine Drops for a comparison with a similar practice in Tibetan Vajrayana yoga).
白蛇露White Serpentine Drops) - 从头部产生的一种和个人生父属性有关的精微能量物质。这些滴露从炼金冥想中产生,此冥想使用大黑和大金蛇,在手稿中有给出。(完)
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