Within this blue bubble, sphere of peace, align yourselves the peace of knowing, of being. We are the Blue Avian beings. I am Ter ‘Aka. Much chaos we see as the worlds are splitting. We can feel and observe the readings from our spheres, but you are feeling them on the ground most acutely. That is why we are offering our technology of etheric sphere pillow-shielding to our grounded light worker friends who are doing much heavy lifting and much clearing for the collective. The clearing that you have been doing is phenomenal and Gaia thanks you, we all do, for your tenacity. Many of you have been operating as your higher selves, doing blessings and clearing for other frozen or stuck aspects of yourselves and sending them love and healing. This is excellent work. We suggest that you amplify it by sending further healing into Gaia’s crystal heart where all memories of pain and abuse have been stored. We see that much portal work has been very successful and we are very pleased. Discordant and stuck spirits and energies have been ushered into the light.

在这个蓝色的泡泡中,平和的球体中,与知晓以及存在的平和对齐。我们是蓝鸟人。我是Ter ‘Aka。我们看到了大量的混乱,随着世界开始分裂。我们可以在我们的球体中感到和观察到读数,但你在地表最强烈地感受它们。所以我们提供我们以太球体防护技术给我们的地面光之工作者朋友---为集体做着大量的沉重工作和清理。你一直在做的清理是显著的,盖亚感谢你,我们都感谢你的坚韧。你们许多人作为更高的自我在运作,祝福和清理你其它冻结的或受困的面向,发送它们爱与疗愈。做得好。我们建议你通过把进一步的疗愈发送给盖亚的水晶之心(所有的痛苦和虐待记忆储存的地方)来放大它。我们看到大量的门户工作非常成功,我们很高兴。不和谐与受困的精神和能量被领进光


Of the 36 portals that were recently opened this week, 34 held the light codes necessary for the ascension of stuck energies into the higher realms and 2 were overtaken and claimed for those that wished to further experience the darkness. That is the smoke and steam that you saw, galaxygirl. (This week I saw 36 portals around Gaia, 34 bright white light, spinning, glorious, full of great energies and the other 2 were smoky and dark that gave me the shivers). Yes, much energy has been shifting and churning for the 3d is now officially no more which is great cause for celebration! Truly the astral plane within this sector has been very dark, very bleak. You are and have been navigating these murky waters for some times and these portals have come to your aid to usher away those which no longer serve the ascension project. This is cause for tremendous celebration and we are celebrating by sending more light, more love and in your terms, more ‘high-fives’ or high-wings.



We are most pleased to offer these blue spheres and we recommended that you take advantage of them for we foresee in the next coming days with the upcoming Schumann resonances that your electrical circuits may be frazzled, sensitive. Wear hats, comfortable clothing, whatever it is that makes you feel more safe and secure. Be at peace. We surround you with the wings of love, of light. We surround you with promises of our services of light to continue to aid the advancement of the human species into the enlightened ones that you were designed to be and are returning to be. The draconians are shocked at their demise. They are not easily defeated. But love has won, friends. Send them more love, more light. Forgive and now create that which you wish to experience. If you are through with clearing and need a break, claim your reality as being on the ascended timeline where all clearing is done already and completed most perfectly and manifest this outcome. You are creators. In creator school in the higher realms students create with great practice until it becomes effortless. You don’t understand in this now moment how strong you are, but perhaps you are beginning to. Choose the highest and best timeline. Manifest beauty, manifest peace. Manifest Nova Gaia in her radiant beauty and bliss will become a stronger vibration of your reality. You will become a vibrational match for this.



I am Ter ‘Aka. Rest in the peace of this knowing that you are divinely loved, protected and that you have the power to shift your reality to a higher plane. And so we lovingly suggest that you do. We are the Blue Avians. Peace. Remain the blue sphere, it is our etheric gift to you.

我是Ter ‘Aka。在你被神圣地爱着、保护着,你有力量将你的现实转变到更高的平面,处于平和。我们深情地建议你去这么做。我们是蓝鸟人。平和。处于蓝色的球体中,这是我们给你的以太礼物


We are the Feline Race. We are on the ground with you, hidden, fighting, bringing justice as the warriors that we are, fighting alongside the energetic warriors that you are. We are stealthy, strong assassins. The dark ones have no place to hide. We are watching over you, watching out for you. We are your defenders and protectors energetically and physically. We see many things. Much is happening in the ethers. Gird up yourselves in the light. Be the light. It is your best defense in these end days as new brighter days are to rapidly come. The falling out is falling as the light is rising. We are warriors of old returned. We are ancient, we are wise. We, like the ascended dragons, are not easily fooled. We are working with the light workers who have feline warriors at home. They are serving energetically in many capacities, grounding, transmuting, transmitting and cleaning the surrounding energies. They deserve your high respect. Animals are a gift from the creator, aspects in form. Honor them as you would treasure your own vessels. In the higher realms vessels are treasured, respected, well cared for. As your bodies are shifting so too you must shift in your previous practices.



We are the Feline Race. We are called elsewhere. Remember you are protected and rest in this space of knowing. Create the reality that you wish to see around you and be the warriors of light in full knowing of this truth. It is our honor to serve you, grounded ones. Peace.




翻译:Nick Chan




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