If you have a limiting belief that you keep repeating like a mantra, we recommend you find the energetic antidote to replace it with.




For example, if you have a belief that it is not safe to trust anyone, you could imagine it being energetically released from you with whatever imagery works for you, and replace it with a new statement.




So perhaps you have a belief that only fools trust other people. A wonderful and far more empowering belief would be, “I trust wisely and with discernment.” So see the old one crumbling away or dissipating and see the new one written out and settling into your energy field. When you find the new statement that gives you healing you will feel a subtle but distinct shift in your heart centre.




You can do this with anything you feel is holding you back or any area where you feel stuck. You could replace “Nothing is coming together for me” with “Things are manifesting for me with grace and ease.” You could replace “No one understands me” with “I am seen, honoured, and appreciated in my truth.” “Life is hard” with “I shift my life into being a wonderful adventure”.




Do you see? You are the author of your own life expression and there is tremendous power to your words and belief systems. Write down your limiting self talk whenever you catch it so you can begin to rewrite it.




If you don’t catch your thoughts on the way by, which is very common for old beliefs because they have been with you for so long, that is ok. Simply wait until you are feeling particularly uncomfortable and then explore the feelings behind that discomfort. Once you identify the feelings, you will be able to uncover the words you repeat that support those feelings and then proceed with the rewriting process.




This is a very easy and powerful technique that is absolutely available to everyone. For every shift you go through, there are more old beliefs that can be uncovered and reworked to better honour what you really want and deserve. And if you need some assistance in the creation of your new statements, we are always available to help. Simply call on us for assistance for it is our greatest honour to serve you in your empowerment and evolution. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan




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