The changes essential for humanity’s awakening have been ongoing for a number of years now, and they will climax in 2020. There were many changes in 2019 that were quite astounding for large portions of humanity who were deeply asleep, and which led them forwards to question many of their enculturated but frequently unseen beliefs. These beliefs, which they held unknowingly, directed their thoughts, words, and actions, often with less than totally positive results. Now people are choosing to investigate those long-held beliefs and opinions in order to check their validity for them now as they choose to move forward spiritually. Many of those beliefs and opinions, formed early in childhood, and modified as they matured into adulthood, have been used mainly to establish a false egoic sense of self-confidence – the “I’m right, therefore you’re wrong,” type – that seems to make life as a human feel safer and more predictable.


对人类的觉醒来说至关重要的改变已经进行了很多年,它们会在 2020 年到达高潮。在 2019 年,许多改变对大部分沉睡的人来说是相当震惊的,导致了他们去质疑许多已经适应的但经常看不见的信念。这些信念,他们不知不觉保持的,引导着他们的思想、话语和行为,通常不会有什么积极的结果。现在人们在选择检查那些长期保持的信念和观念,以便检查它们的有效性,随着他们选择精神上前进。许多的信念与观念在孩童时期成型,随着长大成人被改进,主要被用来建立一个虚假的小我的自信感知 ---“ 我是对的,因此你是错的” --- 看似让人类的生活感觉起来更加安全,更加可预见性


However, true self-confidence comes from knowing that one is an eternal being, divinely created, and from engaging with life with love, honesty, and integrity so that one’s thoughts, words, and actions are always guided by loving intent. Because you are, each and every sentient being, One with Source, then you are Love, Love is your true nature.




However, as a human in form, your awareness of that has been forgotten, you experience yourself as a small insignificant being adrift in a vast universe that is apparently completely unaware of you, and this is very frightening. But that sense of self is provided by your ego, which identifies totally and completely with your body, and which therefore encourages you to live in fear of suffering and death. Your ego does its best to convince you to rely on it for your safety and survival, and it is very vociferous as it attempts to convince you that you are only your body with its thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and nothing more! This manner of self identity is totally invalid! You are far, far more than your ego would have you believe.




There is an ancient saying that you have all doubtless heard numerous times, and have perhaps even worked with: “Know thyself!” It does not refer to your identity as a human, it refers to your true identity as One with Source, and to uncover that Self and know that it is you is what that saying is asking you to do. You cannot uncover that Self unless you make a regular practice of going within, and of letting your thoughts flow past without engaging with them. Then, after you have spent time in this way, they slow down or quieten enough to allow your real Self, your true Self to connect most lovingly with you as intuitive guidance, and as a deep inner knowing of the wonder that is your life fills you with gratitude, the awareness that you are indeed One with Source arises within you. That uncovering of your true Self, when it occurs – as it will if you truly surrender to the Divine within you by ceasing in your attempts to analyze or explain yourself to yourself – is a life changing and unforgettable experience of the most amazing and uplifting nature. You do not have to do anything to access this inner knowing, you just have to be, by relaxing into that vast, quiet space within yourself where Love resides eternally.


有着一个古老的说法,你们肯定都听过无数次了,甚至都致力于:“知晓自己!”这并不是说去定义自己为人,而是你与源头合一的神圣身份,去发现那个自我,知晓,是你在请求你去这么做。你无法发现那个自我,除非你定期地进入内在,让你的想法流过,而不与它们接洽。然后,在这样的方式中花了一点时间之后,它们会慢下来或足够安静来让你真正的自我,你真实的自我最有爱地与你连接,作为你的直觉指引,作为一个深度的内在知晓(伴随着感恩知晓你的生活 / 生命让你充满的神奇),你与源头确实是一体的意识会从你之内升起。这个真实自我的发现,当它发生 --- 它会,如果你真正地臣服于内在的神,通过停止试图向自己分析或解释自己 --- 是一个改变生活的,无法忘怀的,最惊人和振奋人心的体验。你不需要做任何事情来访问这个内在知晓,你只需成为,通过放松到内在那个广阔的安静的空间,爱永恒驻留的地方


Just being is very difficult for you because you are so deeply enculturated with the need to do! Your human survival appears to depend on it. And of course, as a human in form, there is your daily life in form where you meet with and interact with others as you go about the business of being human. It does seem all consuming, and it does seem to demand practically all of your attention – partners, family, friends, traveling to and from work, paying bills – so that to set time aside purely for yourself to do NOTHING can appear to be a total waste of your severely limited time, and selfishly self-indulgent as well.


只是存在对你来说非常难,因为你深深地习惯了去做事情的需求!你的人类生存看似依赖于它。当然,作为形态中的人类,在你的日常生活中,你会与其他人交互,随着你进行日常事务。确实看似所有的消耗,看似要求着你的所有注意力 --- 伙伴、家人、朋友、旅行、工作、付账单 --- 所以纯粹为了让自己什么都不做而腾出时间看起来就是完全浪费你极其有限的时间,这是自私的,自我放纵


I cannot impress upon you strongly enough your need to change that opinion if you are to move powerfully forwards towards your awakening. You incarnated to assist others to awaken, but you cannot do that unless you start to awaken yourself, because your own awakening is your main task, and as you start to become aware of this and make the necessary life changes to allow this to happen, you assist others to do likewise. Remember, You are all One, therefore as you start to awaken so will others and thus you will be fulfilling the intent with which you incarnated.




There is absolutely no way that you can fail! You are One with Source, therefore your will – even as you struggle with the severe limitations that being a human in form presents you with moment to moment – is the divine Will, it has just slipped your memory. By taking quiet time alone at least once daily, at a time you set and know you can maintain, as well as at odd moments between your human tasks – waiting in line, at traffic lights, in the shower, brushing your teeth – you will find that life ceases to be such an impossible rush to get everything done. By giving yourself time out you will find that you have more time than when you didn’t.


你是不可能失败的!你与源头合一,因此你的意志 --- 即使你挣扎于作为人呈现给你的严重局限性 --- 就是神的意志,它只是被忘记了。通过每天至少一次花时间独处,知晓,你可以保持,以及在人类事务之间的零星时间 --- 排队、等红灯、洗澡、刷牙 --- 你会发现生活不再是如此难以忍受的匆忙去完成一切。通过给予自己暂停的时间,你会发现你拥有更多的时间,比起没有时间


Time spent quietly within, at your holy inner sanctuary, is the most important time in your human life. As you become accustomed to following a daily practice you will start to recognize this, and you will find it almost impossible not to take that daily time for yourself. It does not have to be long, just ten or fifteen minutes, and as you become used to making the space for it you will find that things or situations that used to irritate you become far less intrusive, you will find that you have a readily available sense of peace that you can access at any time just by standing back a moment as a negative emotion arises or one of your buttons gets pushed.




You all, every sentient being in form, long for peace and love, and by setting and maintaining a practice of going quietly within you will find within you, waiting to embrace you in every moment, the peace and love to satisfy that longing. You are not alone, you are fully supported in every moment of your eternal existence, and while, as a human in form, it often seems that you are alone, that no one understands you, that no one appreciates you, this is most definitely not the case. You are all doing tremendous work on Earth at this time, and you are most positively affecting many others as you move through life having set the intention to be only loving whatever arises. So even if you do not get a sense of being loved, appreciated, or valued in your daily lives, know that what you are being and doing is essential for humanity’s awakening, and that no one but you can be it and do it.




When you feel down, overwhelmed, unable to cope, then go within and call on your wonderful and amazing support team in the spiritual realms for a loving hug. It will be delivered instantly. Do not look at the saints and mystics, or at the ones who are known for the intensely loving service that they offered while in form, and decide that you are not good enough because you are unable to do what they did. Instead know that you are on the path that you chose with divine guidance in order to assist in humanitys awakening process, and that you are doing it perfectly! Your doubts and negative self judgments are utterly invalid, futile attempts by your ego to undermine your self-confidence, your sense of Self, and to thus distract you from your brilliant path, the only path for you, the path on which no one else can possibly replace you. You are precisely where you are meant to be in every moment, and your presence there is essential for humanity’s awakening – that is why you are following it so perfectly and so beautifully – so let go of your doubts and allow peace, joy, and confidence in your purpose to fill your heart.


当你感到沮丧、不知所措、无法应付,就去进入内在,呼唤精神领域奇妙的惊人的支持团队一个有爱的拥抱。它会被立刻提交。不要看向圣人或神秘主义者,或者被熟知为做着强烈的爱之服务的人,并决定你是不够好的,因为你无法做他们所做的。而是知晓,你处于你所选择的道路上,伴随着神圣的指引,以便协助人类的觉醒进程,你完美地做着!你的怀疑和消极自我评判是完全无效的,是你小我徒劳的尝试来破坏你的自信、自我感知,从而让你偏离你光明的道路,你唯一的道路,没有人可以替代你的道路。在每个时刻你精确地处于你注定处于的地方,你的存在对人类的觉醒来说至关重要 --- 所以你如此完美和漂亮地跟随着它 --- 所以放下你的怀疑,允许平和、喜悦、自信充满你的心


Your loving brother, Jesus.




通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan



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