Dear Ones, during such changing times when so many are at different stages of their journey, we ask you, as the front runners and pioneers, to choose kindness, compassion, and graciousness towards others who may be triggered and acting out. You are ready to hold the space of understanding because you have had those moments yourself, and have appreciated when others have had patience and forgiveness for you.




You have cleared out so much of the energy that would result in your own reactiveness. You have healed to the point where are not viewing the world from victim consciousness. Holding the space in a calm, loving way, while having healthy boundaries and responding in ways that serve everyone involved is now completely available to so many of you.




Try it! You just might be surprised at what you are capable of. This is going to be a theme of 2019, recognizing the ways your mastery is accessible to you now due to the massive amount of clearing and personal work you have done. Your awareness will help you move beyond getting triggered out of habit into new responses of balance and compassion. More and more you will remember that how another behaves isn’t personal, but how you choose to respond is. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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