So many people are undergoing many issues at this time. It is a difficult time however; it is a time where change is starting to speed up even more. The earth realm due to some recent changes, are in the throes of moving to a higher dimension faster than what has been anticipated. The reason is because there have been a lot of recent clearing and recalibrating taking place especially in the second universe. Some planets have been dissolved and called back to source and some of them have been sent to nothingness. This created a lot of open space in the second universe and now the planets are moving in closer to each other and aligning themselves to fill in that open space that once belonged to other planets. So the earth is now moving into higher dimensions at a faster rate of speed. Many of you may be filling this in your lives in many different ways. People will react to it in different ways as well. Some people will suddenly pass away and sometimes for no apparent reason. Some people will get sick or feel sickly to the stomach and also headaches and dizziness. Some people will suddenly heal from an illness. Then you will find some people to become angry and picky for no apparent reason. Patience can be short. The feeling of being very tired or lazy can be a side affect too. You will see it in the animal kingdom as they start to act a bit differently. You may see or hear about some anomalies in nature around the planet.


Now in people on earth, besides what was already mentioned as to how they may be affected, you will see some people suddenly having dreams they never had before or having insights and experiences that they never had before. Some will start to have abilities to begin to show themselves on a smaller level and then will grow exponentially. Then some people will seem to just snap out of it, whatever that “It” may be and will start to realize truths that may have eluded them and begin to see the truth for what it truly is and not what they thought it should be. Many things will become clear and evident and it will be much more difficult for people to hide things and keep things secret. You will see couples either becoming more in tune and intuitive with each other or moving apart from each other but more peacefully and with more understanding as to why. Then you have people that seemed to have just loss their motivation to do things and that motivation will return very strongly. Some old things will be rekindled and some will be seen in a new light. Many new ideas will come. Those who have been wondering for some time “what is my purpose now and what am I to do with my life and my future?” These questions will be answered in crystal clear fashion.


You will begin to see that certain things just don’t work anymore or are not as effective as they once were. Many of the old ways and even ancient ways will no longer fit. It’s not that its bad or not any good, it’s just that it outlived its time and a new approach and new knowledge and wisdom is now available. It is time more than ever to begin to look forward and outward toward new and great things. Everyone who came to earth with a mission, that mission has changed to become something else and something new that wasn’t expected. The old ways or the former ways have to be released and laid to rest because their time has ended and it is a new time whose time has come. Nothing is more powerful that an idea, a way, a new understanding whose time has come to “BE”. In our last transmission, we told you we would speak about the Mushaba Energies. We will not go into much right now and save that for a total transmission of its own. However; we will say this: This energy that is called “Mushaba” has many components to it. It has the Force, The Light, The Light Fire, The Love Essence and many levels of Energies.

你会开始看到某些东西不再奏效,不再像之前那样有效。许多旧的方式,甚至古老的方式,不再适合。并不是说它是不好的或坏的,只是过时了,新的方式和知识以及智慧现在可供你使用。是时候去开始期待并朝向新的伟大的事物。来到地球的每个人都有一个使命,那个使命已经改变去成为并未被预期的新事物。旧的方式或先前的方式必须被释放,安息,因为它们的时代结束了,这是一个新的时代。没什么比一个理念、方式、新的理解时代“到来”更加强大。在我们上则传输中,我们告诉过你我们会谈论 Mushaba 能量。我们现在不会说很多,我们会另开一则信息来专门讲解。无论如何;我们会说:这个被称为“ Mushaba” 的能量有着许多的组件。它有着力量、光、光之火焰、爱之本质以及许多的能量层面

It is known as the voice of creation and when the word Mushaba is spoken, everything trembles with the joy of delight. Mushaba represents oneness, freedom, empowerment, divine love, transformation and change and other qualities that we will get into later. It carries a very powerful truth and integrity within its makeup. Anyone or anything that is not of the above qualities is not representing the Mushaba Energies. This Energy is not from or a part of creation but comes from before creation, outside of creation. Creation is just one of the components of existence and there are many. Many creations some of which exist outside and beyond anything you can imagine. Most would think that there only is creation and nothing else exists. Just like many believe that God and Goddess is the ultimate power and think that God and Creator are the same being and not two different beings. However; that is not relevant right at the moment.

它被称为创造的声音,当 Mushaba 这个词被述说,一切伴随着喜悦颤抖。 Mushaba 代表合一、自由、授权、神圣之爱、转变、改变和其它我们会稍后讲解的品质。它携带着一个非常强大的真理和正直。任何并不从属于上述品质的人或东西并不代表 Mushaba 能量。这个能量并不来自造物或是造物的一部分,而是来自造物之前,造物之外。造物只是存在的一个组件,有着许多。许多的造物存在于你可以想象之物的外面。大多数人认为只有造物,没有别的存在。就像许多人相信神和女神是最高的力量,认为神和造物主是相同的存在,而不是不一样的存在。无论如何;这在此刻并不重要

We leave you in peace and love,


The Council Of Creation



通灵:Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

翻译:Nick Chan




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