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Eclipse Energy




The Eclipse Energy started coming in a few days ago as I posted on my Facebook page. Follow me here for more immediate updates. A blissful feeling of Love has been with us for a few days now. A feeling of Strong connection to the higher realms. If you have not felt this- tune in and see if you can become ONE with this feeling. It’s a feeling of Gratitude, Love and Bliss.




The past few weeks we have had energy coming in of EXTREME insights and Ancestral clearing. You may find these memories and insights coming through at the craziest times as anything big or small it seems can trigger their arrival. We need to work to clear these out and heal all past karma in order to keep moving forward. So when they appear do these things to heal your own DNA and all Ancestral DNA.


过去的几周,极端的洞见和先祖清算的能量进入。你可能会发现这些记忆和洞见在最疯狂的时刻到来,随着任何大大小小的东西会触发它们的到来。我们需要致力于清理它们,疗愈所有过去的业力,以便继续前进。所以它们出现来疗愈你的 DNA 和所有先祖的 DNA


Acknowledge they are coming up for a purpose/unresolved karma


认识到它们的出现是有原因的 / 出于未解决的业力


Show gratitude they are there




Fully express whatever emotion is associated with them




Heal all aspects of the event




If you are around others excuse yourself and go somewhere quiet to get through this and fully deal with it. This heals your body and makes way for the LIGHT BODY to continue to build. The Light Body can not build on karma that is unresolved. This is why we need to take care of all emotions in life right away and do what we can immediately to solve any issues as they arise. In this way no more karma can build up and accumulate, having to be removed at a later time.




Energy Symptoms




Other symptoms coming in have been extreme lack of sleep and crazy dreams. You might even find yourself closing your eyes during the day for a few minutes and having many different visions coming in.




Eclipses are known for being game changers in the Ascension process. They always bring in strong energy for change. This partial solar eclipse will be no different. I advise you to go to your sacred space as the eclipse is happening and become ONE with the changes it brings. This way you are not resistant to anything that happens on that day or the following weeks coming up. Go into nature if possible and sit by trees. There are many elementals all around trees specifically to heal humans. The tree energy itself is healing, calming and nurturing. This can and should become a daily ritual in 2019.


日月食在扬升进程中被知晓为游戏改变者。它们总是会为改变带来强烈的能量。这个日偏食也会是一样的。我建议你前往你神圣的空间,随着日月食发生并与它带来的能量合一。如此,你不会抗拒在那一天发生的任何事情或者在未来的几周。到大自然中去,如果可以,坐在树旁。树周围有着许多元素可以来疗愈人类。树本身的能量就是疗愈、平静和滋养性质的。这应当成为 2019 年的一个惯例


The New Moon also comes in Jan 5/6 and this also brings in strong energy as all New moons do. New Moons are known for bringing in change so expect changes to happen in your life. It could be relationships, jobs or money. Manifest all of them to be changes for the best. Intend the best outcome in all possible scenarios.


新月会在 1 5/6 日到来,也会和所有新月一样带来强烈的能量。新月被知晓为会带来改变,所以期待改变发生在你的生活中。它可以是人际关系、工作或金钱方面的。把它们显化成有益的改变。在所有可能的情况中意图最好的结果


2019 Energy: What To Expect


2019 年的能量:该期待什么


2019 is starting with a bang as I was told by spirit it would. We are starting with in January:


2019 热热闹闹地开始了,正如我被精神告知的那样。我们从 1 月份开始:


New Energy already arriving



New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse the 5th


1 5 日,新月,日偏食


Full Moon the 21st


1 21 日,满月


Total Lunar Eclipse the 21st


1 21 日,月全食


New Earth Continues to Form




This is symbolic of how 2019 will go, it will be packed full of energies and challenges. We are not going to get a year off, if you are in the Ascension process expect to be challenged in many ways this year. We will be very busy dealing with higher energy coming in and many getting new found abilities and spiritual gifts. I will go into more detail on this in another upcoming article.


这标志着 2019 年会如何进行,它会充满能量和挑战。这一年不会令人消停,如果你处于扬升进程中,期待在这一年会有许多方面的挑战。我们会忙于处理进入的更高能量,许多人会得到新发现的能力和精神天赋。我会在另一篇文章中述说更多的细节


翻译:Nick Chan




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