Space Force is a Go as Congress Gives its Approval

Written by Dr Michael Salla on December 11, 2019.

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A major hurdle was passed in the creation of a United States Space Force when a Congressional conference committee comprising members of both branches of Congress,meeting to resolve conflicting congressional bills,agreed to the legislative language authorizing its creation.The"National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020",contains the agreed language for Space Force's creation,which will be voted on by both houses of Congress,and then signed by President Donald Trump.


成立美国太空部队的一个主要障碍是,一个由国会两个分支机构成员组成的国会会议委员会为解决国会相互冲突的法案举行会议,同意授权成立该部队的立法语言。《 2020 财政年度国防授权法案》载有关于建立太空部队的商定文字,将由国会两院投票表决,然后由唐纳德·特朗普总统签署。


The Secretary of the Air Force,Barbara Barrett,issued a statement after the Congressional conference committee gave its approval and said:


美国空军部长芭芭拉·巴雷特 (Barbara Barrett) 在国会会议委员会批准后发表了一份声明,称 :


We certainly appreciate the hard work and bipartisan support of the Congress and the administration that is bringing a separate service for space closer to reality.We are reviewing the draft legislation and look forward to moving out smartly once legislation is passed by the Congress and signed by the President.




President Trump tweeted his approval of the agreement that had been reached and said he was ready to sign the National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA)that will formally create Space Force.


特朗普总统在推特上表示赞同已经达成的协议,并表示他准备签署国防授权法案 (NDAA) ,该法案将正式成立太空部队。




The House of Representatives was scheduled to vote on the NDAA today,and will be quickly followed by the Senate before being sent to President Trump for his signature to enact it into federal law.




In the NDAA,which is nearly 3500 pages long,the agreed-upon language for Space Force appears under Title IX–Department of Defense Organization and Management.


在将近 3500 页的 NDAA 中,关于空间力量的约定语言出现在第九章——国防组织和管理部。


Subtitle D discusses how Space Force will be set up and run.It asserts that the relevant sections in the NDAA(Title IX,Subtitle D)authorizing Space Force's creation will be known in the future as the United States Space Force Act.(sec.951).


副标题 D 讨论了如何建立和运行空间力量。它声称,授权建立空间部队的《国家空间事务管理法》 ( 第九编, D 分编 ) 中的相关章节今后将称为《美国空间部队法》。 ( 951 )


The Space Force Act re-designates"Air Force Space Command"as the United States Space Force(USSF).Space Force will be located with the Department of the Air Force.This will mirror how the US Marine Corps is embedded within the Department of the Navy but remains a separate military branch to the US Navy.


空间力量法案重新指定 " 空军空间司令部 " 为美国空间力量 (USSF) 。太空部队将设在空军部。这将反映美国海军陆战队是如何嵌入海军部,但仍然是一个单独的军事分支,以美国海军。


The composition of Space Force is described as follows:


空间部队的组成情况如下 :


(b)COMPOSITION.—The Space Force shall be composed of the following:


(b) 组成ー太空部队应由下列人员组成 :


(1)The Chief of Space Operations.


(1) 空间业务主任。


(2)The space forces and such assets as may be organic therein.


(2) 空间力和其中可能有机的资产。


The Chief of Space Operations(CSO)will report directly to the Air Force Secretary and one year after the passage of the Space Force Act will become a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.




The present head of the U.S.Space Command,General John Raymond,will also be allowed to serve as the CSO of Space Force for the first year of its operations.This will enable Raymond to oversee the smooth transition of Air Force Space Command,which he also currently heads,into the new Space Force.




The reference to"assets as may be organic therein"as part of the initial composition of Space Force is intentionally vague.This will give Raymond broad authority to transfer assets from the Air Force into Space Force,and also transfer relevant space assets from the Navy,Army and Marine Corps.There is also another arguably more compelling reason why the assets language was left vague,as I will explain later.


作为空间部队最初组成的一部分, " 其中可能有组织的资产 " 的提法故意含糊不清。这将赋予雷蒙德广泛的权力,将资产从空军转移到空间部队,并从海军、陆军和海军陆战队转移相关的空间资产。还有一个可以说是更加令人信服的原因,为什么资产语言是模糊的,我将在后面解释。


The Space Act outlines the functions and duties of the Space Force as follows:


《空间法》概述了空间部队的职能和职责如下 :


(c)FUNCTIONS.—The Space Force shall be organized,trained,and equipped to provide—


(c) 功能ーー太空部队须经过组织、训练和装备,以提供ー


(1)freedom of operation for the United States in,from,and to space;and


(1) 美国在太空、从太空和到太空的行动自由 ;


(2)prompt and sustained space operations.


(2) 及时、持续的空间作战。


(d)DUTIES.—It shall be the duty of the Space Force to—


(d) 职责ーー空间部队有责任ーー


(1)protect the interests of the United States in space;


(1) 保护美国在太空的利益 ;


(2)deter aggression in,from,and to space;and


(2) 防止在太空、从太空及向太空的侵略行为 ; 以及


(3)conduct space operations.


(3) 进行航天作业。


The above functions and duties will give Space Force direct responsibility for protecting the civilian and military satellites that are the backbone of the Global Positioning Satellite(GPS)system that the Pentagon relies upon for its modern weapons.These have recently come under direct threat by China which has developed the antisatellite capacity to destroy all US satellites as part of its asymmetric military strategy called "Assassin's Mace".


上述职能和职责将使空间部队直接负责保护民用和军用卫星,这些卫星是五角大楼现代化武器所依赖的全球定位卫星系统的支柱。这些武器最近受到了中国的直接威胁,中国已经发展了摧毁所有美国卫星的反卫星能力,这是其所谓的 " 杀手锏 "(Assassin's Mace) 不对称军事战略的一部分。


Back in 2015,General Raymond warned:"Soon every satellite in every orbit will be able to be held at risk".More recently,in January 2018,a"Top Secret"report by the Pentagon Joint Staff intelligence directorate"revealed China and Russia have built anti-satellite missiles and other weapons and will soon be capable of damaging or destroying every US satellite in low earth orbit"[source].


早在 2015 年,雷蒙德将军就警告说 :" 很快,每个轨道上的每一颗卫星都将面临危险。 " 。最近, 2018 1 月,五角大楼联合参谋部的一份 " 绝密 " 报告透露, " 中国和俄罗斯已经制造了反卫星导弹和其他武器,不久将有能力破坏或摧毁低地球轨道上的每一颗美国卫星 "[ 消息来源 ]


The defense of the US military and civilian satellite infrastructure will be among the most important responsibilities of the Space Force for decades to come.But what space assets will Space Force use to achieve its functions and duties as outlined in the Space Act?




This is where the topic of a secret space program run by the Air Force for decades becomes relevant,and why the Space Force Act contained a vague reference to"assets as may be organic therein".This vague reference was intentionally used so the assets belonging to the Air Force's secret space program comprising advanced aerospace technologies using exotic propulsion systems,some of which were reverse-engineered from captured extraterrestrial spacecraft,can be'organically'incorporated into Space Force.


这就是为什么几十年来空军一直在进行的秘密太空计划的话题变得有意义,为什么《太空部队法》含糊地提到 " 其中可能存在的有机资产 " 。这一含糊的提法被有意使用,以便属于空军秘密空间计划的资产可以 " 有机地 " 并入空间部队,该计划包括使用外来推进系统的先进航空航天技术,其中一些系统是从被俘获的外星航天器逆向工程的。


In the US Air Force Secret Space Program:Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances and Space Force(2019),I described the different space assets possessed by the Air Force's secret space program.These include disk-shaped"alien reproduction vehicles";different models of the TR-3B/flying triangle craft;flying rectangle-shaped weapons platforms;and finally ring-shaped stealth space stations.


在《美国空军秘密空间计划 : 转变外星联盟和空间力量》 (2019) 中,我描述了空军秘密空间计划所拥有的不同空间资产。其中包括圆盘形的 " 外星人复制载具 " 、不同型号的 TR-3B/ 飞行三角形飞行器、飞行矩形武器平台,以及最后的环形隐形空间站。


I have previously provided photos taken of some of the classified flying triangles and rectanglesoperating out of MacDill Air Force Base,and how this had been orchestrated by leaders of the Air Force's secret space program.Indeed,the photographer identified personnel from Air Force Special Operations,as part of this covert space program.






All the assets belonging to the Air Force's secret space program will be placed under the direct authority of the incoming Chief of Space Operations,General Raymond,who will ensure these are used to protect the sensitive satellite infrastructure that China is directly threatening with its asymmetric "Assassin's Mace" military strategy.


所有属于美国空军秘密太空计划的资产将直接归属于即将上任的太空作战司令雷蒙德将军,他将确保这些资产用于保护敏感的卫星基础设施,中国的不对称 " 杀手锏 " 军事战略正直接威胁着这些设施。


The official creation and launch of Space Force in 2020 will be a momentous event.It will enable the official disclosure of many advanced aerospace technologies that use exotic propulsion and energy systems based on electromagnetic principles not thought viable or possible by conventional scientists.Some of these exotic propulsion and energy systems were recently disclosed in a series of US Navy patents showing their feasibility,and how they can be applied in ways that revolutionalize the aerospace industry.


2020 年太空部队的正式成立和发射将是一个重大事件。它将使许多先进的航空航天技术得以正式披露,这些技术使用基于电磁原理的外来推进和能源系统,而传统科学家认为这些原理是不可行或不可能。其中一些奇异的推进和能源系统最近在美国海军的一系列专利中披露,显示了它们的可行性,以及如何将它们应用于彻底改变航空航天工业的方式。


Space Force will not only open the door to the release of many highly classified technologies and the aerospace craft that have been secretly built as a result,but will also pave the way to future official disclosures about advanced subterranean civilizations and extraterrestrial life residing on,or visiting our planet.




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