As you finish up this year and move forward into the energies of 2018, many of you think about changes you’d like to make in your lives. This is a wonderful practice! But did you know that making your new year resolutions before the solstice can help you be more successful in implementing those changes?


随着今年的结束,你朝向 2018 的能量,许多人思考想要做出的生活改变。这是一个很好的练习!但你是否知道在冬至前许下你新年的愿望会帮助你更成功地实现那些改变?


The solstice is a powerful time of reflecting on how far you have come, and from this new energetic platform, what you would like to create and experience. It utilizes the power of the planets to energetically lock in the progress you have made since the last solstice, and marks the end of an old phase and the beginning of a new phase in a sacred way.




So if there are changes you would like to make in your life, if you begin to incorporate them for the solstice, even in small steps, you will support yourself by energetically anchoring those changes in a much greater and easier way than waiting until the new year.




Waiting until the new year to make new changes not only misses the energetic support of the solstice, it also involves trying to make positive changes while being challenged by shifting into the energies of a brand new year. It can take several weeks (sometimes all the way to the first equinox) to get fully comfortable and integrated into the energy of a new year, and attempting to make big changes during such a time can be quite challenging.




Wise human beings harness the universal supports to help them be successful in their next beautiful expression of self. While we applaud positive change and a desire to improve at any time of the year, we wish for you to find success with those desires with the greatest amount of grace and ease possible. Considering the December solstice as your energetic new year and the time that is ideal to to make those changes will help you do just that. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


明智的人会利用宇宙的支持来帮助他们成功到达下一个美丽的自我表达。虽然我们赞同积极的改变,对改善的渴望,在任何时刻中,我们希望你伴随着尽可能多的优雅和轻盈成功实现那些渴望。思考 12 月的冬至作为你能量的新年,理想的时间去做出会帮助你的改变。 ~ 大天使加百利


翻译:Nick Chan



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