Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, I am Mother, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of All… Mother of ALL… not merely of a handful of humans, of star beings, of hybrids, of Galatians, or Pleiadians, or Arcturians, or Andromedans.




I am Mother of the soil and Mother of the air. I am Mother of the stars and Mother of a grain of sand. I am Mother to the crustaceans and to the lions, to a galaxy, and to a newborn child.




And I also wish you to think of it this way: I am Mother of Service. I am Mother of Sacred Offerings. I am Mother of Love.




There is no energy within my or any omniverse that I do not love and cherish and honour – and yes, even the hiccups, even the what has been or can be viewed as mistakes, as missteps, as misadventures. [Chuckling] Although they are not of my creation, they are the creations of those I love.




So do I love the misalignment? Yes. Because I love the creator of that misstep. Do I love that they are creating hardship? Yes. Not for the hardship’s sake in and of itself, but I love that they feel so empowered that they feel the sense of their free will to exert choices and to attempt to create, even if it is tilting, shall we say, in the wrong direction.




Abhorrence, dislike, hatred, abuse, greed, control… the more that they are hated, the more the missteps are hated, disliked, dismissed, people are disgusted with – that only adds the energy of what is negative. And what does that do? What does that serve? It only serves to build or to reinforce that which you simply wish to eliminate or dismiss.




So when I say to thee: I am the Mother of Love, I do not simply mean that I love this or that. I mean I am love.




It is always a curious occurrence, is it not, when someone will say and meaning it in very genuine ways: “Oh, I love your eyes, but I don’t like your glasses. Oh, I love your hair, but it’s time for a trim. Oh, I love your height, but are your exercising enough?” It is backhanded and it cancels, cancels, cancels. It is the most curious incident! [Chuckling]




Love is Love.




When I have created – and you know this – there are some instances, in personal opinion, that there are some peculiar… and some would say ugly [chuckling]… creatures. But you also know that that is in the eye of the beholder. To a person walking down 5th Avenue in New York, a crocodile may appear like a ferocious, ugly, primordial creature, but to another crocodile they are delightful. So it is about choices.




Choices isn’t simply the exercise of freewill decisions. It is the diversity and it is a celebration of diversity. It is the sweetness that there are millions of different kinds of flowers, and stars by the billions, and souls infinite.




So understand this and in this see, behold, admire, honour, embrace the grandeur of the Plan – and embrace your place, your expression, in the grandeur of the Plan.




翻译:Nick Chan




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