Received Monday, March 25, 2019 - published October 22, 2019


2019 3 25 日星期一接收, 2019 10 22 日发布


After many millennia, I have decided to take back the Light from Gaia, to take back what was freely given. Now, for you as my children, this sounds like a bad thing, but I assure you dear children, it is not. It simply means that I have infused dear Gaia with my light and love and now am taking it back; taking it to a new place, a new realm or dimension as you all like to say. I am removing the former light and replacing it with a newer, more intense, more illuminated light for her bright, pristine new body. She deserves to have a new light to show off her new body as it were.




Now, many of you have noticed that your sun looks quite different. It does; it is whiter light than before, it is a different hue and it shines more brilliantly, does it not? It shimmers and gives off a lustrous rainbow hue when photographed. You all have seen this, I am sure. This has everything to do with why you cannot anchor into Gaia any longer, dear heart**. She is not beneath you anymore. She is all around you now. Yes, even though things may look the same, indeed they are not. You have all been moved--moved interdimensionally to a new place. The energies are different here, yes? You may notice that Gaia's sky looks pristine now. It is true! She has ascended into her new form and has taken you all with her! This is the best news I can give you, dear Children.




New Bodies for Gaia and My Children




Yes, I took away the 'old' sun and gave Gaia and all my children a new one, to match Gaia's beautiful new body. Now, what about you all? Do you have new bodies? Well, indeed you do! Your bodies have been under construction for the past few years and are almost completely crystalline core constructs now. My Tsunami of Love and your Starry Family's energy projects have been bombarding your new systems with intense energy that is intended to kick start your new DNA as well as jump start your entire new nervous system. At the apex of the 'Grand Flash' that many are expecting, your DNA will be automatically switched to the 'new you' and your higher dimensional abilities will be kicked into gear.


是的,我拿走了“旧的”太阳,给予盖亚和我所有的孩子们一个新的太阳,来匹配盖亚美丽的新身体。现在,那你们呢?你们会有新的身体吗?确实会有!你的身体在过去的几年一直在建造,现在几乎完全是水晶核心构造了。我的爱之海啸和你星星家人的能量投射一直在轰炸你们的新系统,伴随着强烈的能量(意在于启动你新的 DNA 和全新的神经系统)。在许多人期待的“宏大闪光”的高潮,你的 DNA 会自动切换到“新的你”,你更高维度的能力会启动


What is the Grand Flash?




The 'Grand Flash' or 'Solar Flash' is an 'event' that occurs when a certain percentage of the population has raised their frequency high enough to withstand the literal Ascension into the next higher frequency or dimension as you understand it to mean. You will see a brilliant white light and then feel the urge to lay down and rest as your body integrates the light (which is energy) and your new DNA codes are activated. Your “higher selves” will be able to guide you as the time draws near for this event—they will have been alerted that the time is close, so they may guide you to stay home, for example, or to do this or that so you are in a safe place when it occurs. We realize that anytime day or night there are always people on Gaia driving cars or flying in airplanes. These people will be protected, do not worry about that.


“宏大的闪光”或“太阳闪耀”就是当一定比例的人口将自己的频率提升地足够高能够承受扬升到下一个更高的频率或维度时会发生的一个“事件”。你会看到一道明亮的白光,然后感到躺下来和休息的敦促,随着你的身体整合光(能量)以及你新的 DNA 编码被激活。你的“更高自我”将能够指引你,随着时间接近这一事件 --- 他们会警觉到时间接近了,这样他们可以指引你处于家中,比如,或者做这个或那个,这样你会在它发生的时候处于一个安全之地。我们看到白天或夜晚的任何时候都有人在开车或乘坐飞机。这些人会被保护,不用担心


What will be different after the Grand Flash?




What does this mean? What does this look like, you say? Well, you will begin to see things differently. Literally. Colors, light, energy fields will all be visible to you, as well as the Light Beings that share your spaces. You will see your Guides, Angels, beloved family members who have passed on, etc. This will take some time to get used to, but you will love it once you get the hang of it!




Also, your “tele” abilities will be amped up and brought online. Telepathy, telekinesis, and of course, teleportation!! By the way, where do you think the “English” word “telephone” came from? (laughs). There will be technology gifted by your Galactic Family that will assist with your personal teleportation until you get that down, but shortly thereafter you will all be able to do it yourselves!


还有,你的“超”能力会上线。心灵感应、心灵遥感,当然还有瞬间移动!!顺便说一下,你认为“英语的电话( telephone )”这个词是哪里来的?(笑)。你的银河家人会给予你科技来协助你个人的瞬间移动直到你熟悉,但很快你就可以自己做到


Your Galactic Family will start showing up in your skies even more than they are now. Your human population will be much more accepting of them (vs. fearful) after the Grand Flash.


你的银河家人会开始更多地出现在天空中。人类会在宏大的闪光后更能接受他们( VS 害怕)


Arrival of your Mentors




Which leads me to another bonus or gift which will arrive shortly! Your Mentors will be arriving to assist you in integrating all this new information and adjusting to your new gifts. Of course, they also will be reminding you of who you really are; of what your mission has been and help you to decide what is next? Where would you wish to serve? Stay here on Gaia? Travel to Inner Earth (or Hollow Earth) to meet your family there? Travel to the ships of your Galactic Family to meet them and possibly travel with them? There are many, many opportunities for each one of you and you will be given the choice on your next move. You will be guided and loved along the way by your Mentors. No one can make this choice for you! Of course, families can discuss if they would like to remain together. There is no pressure for anyone to separate from loved ones! Just remember that if one of your loved ones chooses a different path than you, it doesn't mean they don't love you. Each one has their own mission, life goals and plans.




These are my and your Father's gifts to you, our children. We are ever so proud of all of you for the incredible work you've done these past millennia to assist Gaia. Many of you do not remember all the lives and effort you have put in on this project. That is fine. Your “higher selves” will be reminding you shortly!




Timing of the Grand flash?




Yes, dear heart, this event is very close. We can comfortably estimate, with the current energy growth levels that it will be in this year, 2019. Now you know that none of us are keen to give time estimates!! But in this case I will. (smiles).


是的,亲爱的,这个事件非常接近了。我们可以轻松地估计,伴随着当前的能量增长水平,它会在这一年, 2019 。现在你知道我们都不热衷于给予时间估计!但在这个情况中,我会。(微笑)


Thank you, dear Mother for coming to share this message tonight.




You are very welcome, dear heart. I am your Mother God and I send all my children my love.




通灵:Dancing Dolphin

翻译:Nick Chan




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