Dear Ones,




What an incredible day we shared yesterday. Those in attendance and those who joined via their energies from near and far, became the surrogates of transformational change for all of Planet Earth.




By osmosis you spread the Love and the Light which emanated from our day together.




Because of YOU and all those who focused their energy, and intent, change is happening more rapidly.




You are the bringers of Peace to Earth, Abundance and Well Being to all the inhabitants of your Planet, including the animal, mineral and elemental kingdoms.




Dear Ones, there is still much to be achieved but because you are ALL so willing to honour your Soul Contracts at this most auspicious time, all is unfolding ahead of a time frame originally thought possible.




You are now recognising more than ever the Galactic influence and support that is available to each and every one of you - always has been - but now your awareness is allowing glimpses of what is truly possible.




Each and everyone has guidance and protection and all you need to do is call upon us and we are with you in a heart beat. As you know we cannot interfere until you give permission, therefore many helpers sit idly by just waiting for that call to be sent out.




Dear Ones, do not waste this sacred support team - as you sit quietly call upon your own individual assistance - ask to be given a sign - you can even nominate the sign - it maybe a song you hear, a feather, a coin, a butterfly, something that for you will confirm beyond any doubt of the love and support that surrounds you every minute of every day.




Coincidences are Spirits way of getting your attention.




Have you been noticing an upswing in the amount of Coincidences happening within your sphere?




As each day unravels for you, remember to thank your angelic guides and angels for the assistance that has been offered. Watch as you focus your intention on the many miracles unfolding all around you. Some only see chaos, but you have heavenly sight and are beginning to see beyond the veil, the more you focus your attention on what it is you wish to create the more that creation will unfold before your eyes.




Time to remember you are Co-Creators of all that is unravelling. Keep your thoughts positive and only concentrate of that which you wish to see created in and around you. You are THAT powerful Dear Hearts and you are just starting to witness that.




Focus your attention and allow your creations to manifest. Manifestation is happening faster and faster as the energies are now supporting such.




You are loved beyond measure Dear Hearts.








通灵:Leslie-Anne Menzies

翻译:Nick Chan




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