•     But now,physicists have run computer simulations to show that certain types of black holes—large,rotating ones—could serve as portals for hyperspace travel.


  •     Some physicists believe that you'd arrive at a remote part of the Milky Way or perhaps in another galaxy altogether.


  •     One of the safest passageways might be the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy,called Sagittarius A*.

最安全的通道之一可能是我们银河系中心的超重黑洞星云,称为人马座  a*

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Narrator:Black holes skirt the line between science fiction and science fact.On the one hand,scientists have seen real black holes in action,consuming unsuspecting stars that pass too close.But where reality ends and fiction takes over is at the edge of a black hole—a place called the event horizon,where no spacecraft has ever gone.

旁白 : 黑洞围绕着科幻小说和科学事实之间的界限。一方面,科学家们已经观察到真正的黑洞活动,它们吞噬着靠得太近的毫无戒心的恒星。但是,现实终结,虚构接管的地方是在黑洞的边缘 —— 一个被称为 事件 视界的地方,从来没有飞船到过那里。

So,whatever happens beyond that boundary,inside of a black hole,is anyone's guess.Scientists agree that if you travel far enough into a black hole,gravity will eventually become so strong that it kills anything in its path.But sci-fi films are more optimistic,depicting black holes as portals through space and time or gateways to other dimensions.And it turns out,some scientists now think the sci-fi buffs may be onto something.Black holes might be suitable for hyperspace travel,after all;it just takes the right kind of black hole.

所以,无论在黑洞的边界之外发生了什么,都是人们的猜测。科学家们一致认为,如果你进入黑洞的距离足够远,引力最终会变得如此强大,以至于它会杀死沿途的一切东西。但科幻电影则更为乐观,将黑洞描绘成穿越时空的入口,或是通往其他维度的大门。事实证明,一些科学家现在认为科幻爱好者可能有所发现。毕竟,黑洞可能适合超空间旅行 ; 它只是需要正确类型的黑洞。

At the center of every black hole is a point of infinite density,called a singularity.It's what gives black holes their strong gravitational pull.And for decades,scientists thought singularities were all the same,so anything that passed the event horizon would be destroyed the same way:by being stretched and pulled like an infinitely long piece of spaghetti.

每个黑洞的中心都有一个密度无穷大的点,叫做奇点。这就是黑洞具有强大引力的原因。几十年来,科学家们认为奇点都是一样的,所以任何通过视界的东西都会以同样的方式被摧毁 : 像无限长的意大利面条一样被拉伸和拉扯。

But that all changed in the early 1990s when different research teams in Canada and the US discovered a second singularity called a"mass inflation singularity."It still has a strong gravitational pull,but it would only stretch you by a finite amount,and potentially NOT kill you in the process,meaning,you might survive the trip through a black hole.More specifically,through a large,rotating black hole,which is where these types of singularities exist.

但这一切都在 20 世纪 90 年代早期发生了改变,当时加拿大和美国的不同研究团队发现了第二个奇点,称为 " 质量膨胀奇点 " 它仍然有一个强大的引力,但它只会拉伸你一定数量,并可能不会杀死你在这个过程中,这意味着,你可能会生存的旅程,通过一个黑洞。更具体地说,是通过一个巨大的转动的黑洞,也就是这些奇点存在的地方。

Now,astronomers obviously can't travel through a black hole yet to test this theory.In fact,the best place to test this is at the supermassive black hole in the center of our home galaxy,the Milky Way,which is 27,000 light years away.Not conveniently close to the least.

现在,天文学家显然还不能穿越黑洞来验证这个理论。事实上,测试这一点的最佳地点是在我们所在的星系 ---- 银河系中心的超重黑洞星云,距离我们 27000 光年。一点也不方便。

Therefore,scientists instead run computer simulations to see what would happen if we did manage to reach an isolated,rotating black hole,and now,for the first time,a team of scientists at UMass Dartmouth and Georgia Gwinnett College has done exactly that.


Lior Burko:"You would feel a slight increase in temperature,but it would not be a dramatic increase.It's just that you don't have enough time to respond to the very strong forces.It would just go through you too quickly."

Lior Burko:" 你会感觉到温度略有上升,但不会是剧烈的上升。只是你没有足够的时间去应对这些强大的力量。它只会让你过得太快。 "

Narrator:He added that passing through a weak singularity is like quickly running your finger through a candle flame that's 1,000 degrees Celsius.If you hold your finger in the flame long enough,you'll get burned,but pass your finger through quickly,and you'll barely feel a thing.Similarly,if you pass through a weak singularity with the right speed and momentum,and at the right time,you may not feel much at all.

旁白 : 他补充说,穿过一个弱奇点就像是在 1000 摄氏度的蜡烛火焰中快速移动你的手指。如果你把你的手指在火焰中保持足够长的时间,你会被烧伤,但是快速地把你的手指穿过火焰,你几乎感觉不到任何东西。同样,如果你以正确的速度和动量在正确的时间通过一个弱奇点,你可能感觉不到什么。

As for what happens once you get through to the other side,no one really knows,but Burko has his own ideas.He says one possibility is that we'd arrive at some other remote part of our galaxy,potentially light years away from any planets or stars,but a second,and perhaps more intriguing,possibility is that we'd arrive in a different galaxy altogether.That's if you even make it that far.


Scientists say more research is needed before we're anywhere close to successfully traveling through a black hole.But when we are ready,one of the safest passageways might be the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy called Sagittarius A*,and it might just be our ticket out of the Milky Way.

科学家们说,在我们接近成功穿越黑洞之前,还需要进行更多的研究。但是当我们准备好的时候,最安全的通道之一可能就是位于我们银河系中心的人马座  a* 超重黑洞,它可能就是我们离开银河系的门票。


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