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Beloved Ones,




Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as realization. The true spiritual process is all about spiritual realization. Initially, it is what takes place once one has come to realize that their life is somehow divinely guided and inspired. They realize that it is the relationship between their humanness and their divinity that is their paramount reason for being. It is a direct realization, that the "I am" that is their essential self, the pure consciousness that lies behind all experience, is God. It lies behind all understanding.




They see that God is the most intimate and undeniable aspect of self, that God is the light of consciousness that shines in every mind. These insights are permanent shifts in one's sense of their reality and are the milestones by which an individual can mark their actual progress in the spiritual process. This allows one’s mind to be more expansive in seeking spiritual growth, wisdom and understanding and prepares them to be ready to move beyond their perceived limitations and cast them off as outer regimented principles that no longer serve the greater path that the individual is on.




Spiritual realizations flow into the individual’s awareness and they want to be as free of resistance and open to spiritual truth as is humanly possible for that spiritual downpour to occur.God is the creator. Everything in the world, everything one sees, hears, tastes, smells, and touches, every thought, feeling, fantasy, hope, and fear, it is all a form that consciousness has taken on. God is omniscient and all knowing. Whatever one’s experience, consciousness is always there. It is eternal and everlasting. It is the essence and source of all of one’s knowledge.




It is a whole new world of understanding as these realizations are deeply understood beyond just the mind. One of the most important aspects about spiritual realization is that they help each individual to truly see oneself. The more they truly see of oneself, the easier it is to truly see life and everyone else around them. These inner discoveries are the key to the spiritual growth process. As someone learns more about oneself, there is a natural tendency to heal and grow.Therefore, these kinds of spiritual understandings are permeating into every aspect and pore of one’s being, not just their mind.




The three dimensions of realization represent the perfect, mutually dependent structure of one’s complete self.This awareness requires courage to seize the moment and plunge headlong into the deep, yet unknown waters of infinite possibility. Gaining a new insight into life, there appears before the individual a kaleidoscope of new choices that will suddenly be available to them. There will be many new identities that could be adopted by the individual but the truth is, that just as they are as their Divine Self is more than they ever imagined themselves to be. Realization is a state of wholeness that manifests through the awareness of the three levels of one’s existence, personal, individual and universal.




The individual will come to realize that they are not simply infinitely diverse beings, but are infinitely diverse within a unified field of consciousness. They are the One and the many. The greater unified intelligence that all individuals embody is only realized once they have given up their limited sense of self. This is when their ultimate spiritual adventure begins! The individual reclaims their right to live fully in alignment with their higher nature. Their path begins by reclaiming and inwardly surrendering into the keeping and guidance of their unified presence, their Divine Self.




The Divine Self is a fullness that speaks of a Self that is in its unlimited nature also able to be everything.This path begins with a process of learning to let go while experiencing an ever expanding consciousness. It requires one to be still and to allow the sweetness and purity of one’s Divine Self to reveal its luminous nature through their unobstructed mind. They realize it is purely the ability to see, feel and hear from the Divine presence that exists at the essential core of one’s being that it is the presence that lives above the mundane actions and limits of the human psyche.




May you tap into the light of consciousness shining in every one. Let us honor God by honoring each other –for each and everyone is holy.




I AM Archangel Gabriel.





通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan



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