greetings great beings of light,




you may have detected a major 3-hour dimensional rift that occurred overnight night in the energetic grid that surrounds planet earth!


你可能注意到了一个重大的持续 3 小时的空间裂缝在地球的能量网格中一夜之间发生。


earth alliance chatter and intel reports that pleiadian light forces rebooted and reset the vibrational grid around the earth last night as pleiadian operation ‘andara’moves into high gear!


地球联盟喋喋不休以及情报报告,昴宿星光之力量昨晚重启和重置了地球的振动网格,随着昴宿星‘ andara’ 行动进入高速挡


light forces are deployed all around the earth at this hour from the sky to the ground to strengthen and finalize the new 5d-earth crystal light grid!


此时此刻光之力量正被部署到世界各地,从天上到地表,来加强和完成新的 5D 地球水晶光之网格


the grid is being re-coded and upgraded by benevolent, intelligent, pleiadian crystalline grid technicians of the atlantis command using advanced andara multi-dimensional energy technology, derived from ancient atlantis!


网格正被仁慈的、聪慧的、昴宿星水晶网格技术员(亚特兰蒂斯指挥部的)使用先进的 andara 多维度能量技术(来自远古的亚特兰蒂斯)重新编码和升级


the new 5d crystalline holographic operating system is being applied on the surface of the planet!


新的 5D 水晶全息操作系统被应用于地表


benevolent celestial forces have been working overtime, overlaying the new 5d-earth crystalline light matrix on top of the old 3d matrix for the last 2 earth weeks!


仁慈的天堂力量一直在加班加点,在旧的 3D 矩阵上叠加新的 5D 地球水晶光之矩阵,在过去的两周里!


this is a literal merging of two dimensions in regards to the energetic space-time field that surrounds the planet!


毫不夸张地说,这是两个维度的融合,关于围绕地球的能量空间 - 时间场域


this new 5d vibrational diamond-light matrix is the framework for the new earth civilization!


这个新的 5D 振动钻石之光矩阵是新地球文明的框架


another key purpose for this type of energetic blackout is to merge the remaining artifical timelines all back onto the one true new earth crystalline grid timeline so humanity can fully ascend to the 5th dimension!




the black line on the schumann resonance is a skip in time and space and is a literal black hole or an anti-matter field in earth’s energetic grid!




when a grid blackout like this occurs, the energy field around the earth is literally switched into the ‘off’position for a duration.




dear ones,




standby as the earth matrix is fully re-reprogrammed to the 5d frequency level of 40-100-hertz!


做好准备,随着地球矩阵完全被重新编码到 40-100 赫兹的 5D 频率水平


let us know if you detected this dimensional rift and timeline shift last night and update us on ascension symptoms you may be experiencing!




the new earth is truly dawning as the vibration of earth is lifted higher and higher! soon dear ones, all beings of earth will be free forevermore!









翻译:Nick Chan




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