A common theme that is coming up for healing for a great many of you is the belief that you are not good enough. This belief sits at the bottom of all self imposed limitations. It is impossible to step into your highest life expression and still carry this false belief. It would amount to trying to leap with an anvil tied around your neck.




It is time for you to embrace this truth – you are enough. You are more than enough. You are good. You are innately good. The fact that you are reading this post and interested in self improvement proves that point.




Your ascension process is about the rediscovery of your own unique goodness – your true divine essence. There has never, ever been a time that you have not been good enough. You are all individuated aspects of God. As such, how could you be anything other than good enough? In fact, how could you be anything less than spectacular?




Release that old belief that was only designed to make you obey someone else’s desires who had no ability to see you in your own truth and beauty. Commit to never re-wounding yourself with that old judgment with your own self talk. Let your essence shine, beautifully and brightly for that is exactly how we see you – as beautiful, bright, courageous souls, driving the shift on your planet as tender, sensitive beings of love. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan





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