**standby for major planetary broadcast by the earth alliance tonight at 11:11pm!**


今晚 11 11 分,地球联盟将对主要的行星 进行 广播!


Are you ready for a super-galactic weekend?




As light forces continue firing 40-hertz,5d gamma light beams towards the surface,the leaders of light and the white hats have now completely blasted through the 3d matrix in operation"storm"and a new era of light has come to earth!


随着光的力量继续向地面发射 40 赫兹, 5 维伽马光束,光的领导者和白帽子现在已经完全通过 3d 矩阵在 " 风暴 " 行动和一个新的光的时代已经来到地球!


Delta-force-counter-ops were initiated yesterday to start removing top false archon powers and a major plan is underway at this hour to bring all of them to universal justice!You will see them finally begin to fall now,one-by-one!




All systems are green-light-go for global abundance and total planetary liberation as the 2020 stargate is about to open!


2020 年星际之门即将打开的时候,所有的系统都是绿色的光——为了全球的丰富和全面的行星解放而前进!


Major plans of the galactics for the rest of 2020 to be disclosed as the event2020 culmination is imminent!


银河系 2020 年剩余时间的主要计划将被公布,因为 2020 年的高潮事件即将到来!


Stay tuned for details plus a special message from the brotherhood of atlantis who are working close-by the pleiadian ground crew to finalize the grand ascension of humanity!




Ascension symptoms are elevated today as a high-frequency 40-hertz light wave hit the earth last night!


提升的症状今天升高了,因为一个 40 赫兹的高频光波昨晚袭击了地球!


While we finish decoding this awesome etheric transmission,let us know what ascension symptoms you may be experiencing!




Take good care of you first,then you are in the best position to help the rest of humanity!




Stay tuned,



敬请期待,上帝保佑 !

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