Dear Ones,




This channel is dedicated to those of you who have completed your transition beyond 3D.


这则信息送给你们那些完成了超越 3D 的转变之人


Perhaps you wonder if you are among those we salute. You are if you are reading this piece for not everyone will peak or display their light in the same way. Even though you might believe you have not done enough or jumped through enough hoops, as it were, you are beyond 3D.


也许你想知道你是否是我们所说的人。你是,如果你在阅读这则信息,因为不是每个人都会在相同的方式中高亮或展示他们的光。尽管你可能相信你做的还不够多或者还未做出足够多的跨越,看似如此,但你已经超越 3D


Such will become more and more evident as the year continues for you will discover how little interest you have in the 3D trials and tribulations. Much as you felt when your younger siblings or friends could not grasp a concept with which you were quite comfortable.


这会变得越来越明显,随着时间的推移,因为你会发现你对 3D 的痛苦与磨难一点兴趣都没有。就像当你的弟弟妹妹或朋友无法领会你感到很舒适的概念时你会有的感受


So it is you will not be as upset with the news of the day because you will know that such are displays of those not as mature as you, even though they will be soon. Just as you once counseled your younger siblings that they would eventually do many of the activities of which you were capable.




Of course, those following you want instant gratification just as you have throughout this transition. Such is part of being human in these rapid gratification times. Those following, just as was true for you, want their transition beyond 3D to be complete almost before they start.


当然,那些跟随你的人想要立竿见影的东西,就像你在这个过渡期间所有过的。这是作为人的一部分,在这些快速立竿见影的时期。那些跟随者,就像曾经的你,想要他们超越 3D 的转变可以在开始前就完成


Many will look to you for a quick answer wanting you to fix them instead of fixing themselves.




Such will seem almost overwhelming at times for you cannot change them – only they can do so. Something many followers will not be interested in at first. So it is they will put you on a pedestal of an all-knowing, all-wonderful guru much as you once did to those of us of the Universes.


有时候这会看似是压倒性的,因为你无法改变他们 --- 只有他们可以这么做。这是许多跟随者在一开始不感兴趣的东西。所以他们会把你捧上无所不知的高度,一个非常奇妙的大师,就像你曾经如此看待我们的


And just as we informed you during your initial transition phases, you will eventually direct them to look within. An activity that seems counter-intuitive in 3D, but is a beyond 3D learned behavior.


就像我们在你最初的转变阶段告诉过你的,你会最终引领他们去向内看。一个在 3D 中看似违反直觉的活动,但是一个超越 3D 的学习行为


You will likely feel elated initially that others think of you as special, as a wonderful teacher only to discover that such adoration becomes tiresome when they are unwilling to look beyond you.




So it is you will discover such adoration stifling and unproductive for them and for you. You cannot help them other than repeating to look within, just as you were taught to do by the Universes.




This new you is not about looking outside of yourself as you have learned throughout these many months or years of shifting. All of your answers are within. And the same is true for those now awakening.




Their whining or fear antics might initially pressure you into playing big brother or sister guiding them through the rough spots just as you wanted us to do for you. But as you learned through trial and error, we were wise enough to allow you to find your way.




Such is so for you now, and for those, you wish to help. You can only provide broad guidelines of, “if you do this, this will happen” just as we did for you. This transition is from the inside out, instead of the outside in as has been true of the earth lessons for eons.




There are no leaders. There are no followers. There are only unique individuals focussed on their role and by so focusing on creating the greater whole that many label as one.




For even though you seemed to function as one in 3D favoring a country, political party, community, or family, you were doing so because of information gathered outside yourself.


因为尽管你看似作为一个 3D 的人在运行,支持一个国家、政党、社区或家庭,你这么做是因为外在收集起来的信息


Through your wondrous efforts the past few months or years, your actions now are based on your inner voice, not because you have to but because doing such has created your new you freedom. Those following you have not yet achieved that freedom and so will be frightened to make that leap.




Your role is not to walk with them to the other side or beyond 3D, but instead to inform them that they have the skills to do so on their own.


你的角色不是和他们一起进入另一边或超越 3D ,而是告诉他们他们有能力去自己这么做


So it is you have shifted your role from a big brother or sister to a wise woman or man allowing those following you to create their path – which has nothing to do with your path. So be it. Amen.


所以你已经从哥哥或姐姐的角色转变成了明智的男人或女人,让那些跟随你的人去创造他们的道路 --- 和你的道路一点关系都没有。就是如此。阿门


通灵:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan



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