Channeled by michael love



*for immediate planetary broadcast to the starseeds of earth*


* 立即向地球的星际种子进行行星广播 *


Prelude and notice:


前奏曲和注意事项 :


The data contained in this transmission is very real and is derived from direct communications with certain credible inside members of the earth alliance!




This information comes from,and is presented from a higher,5d perspective and its intended audience is solely the enlightened 5d starseeds stationed on the surface!


这些信息来自于一个更高的、 5 维的视角,并且它的目标受众仅仅是驻扎在表面上的 5 维启蒙星际种子!


This information will not resonate at a lower-vibrational,3d point of view!


这个信息不会在低振动、 3d 视角下产生共鸣!


We simply came to help create a better world for all beings on earth!




We speak great peace and love to all humanity!




Begin transmission:


开始传输 :


Great ones,


伟大的一们 ,


As the grand event culmination of earth year 2020 draws closer,an intense final drama between light and dark has been playing out on the surface of the planet recently!


随着 2020 年地球年盛大事件高潮的临近,一场光明与黑暗之间激烈的最后戏剧最近在地球表面上演!


A higher dimension is clashing with a lower one on the surface and it is creating a strong division of energies,however as you can see,the light keeps on winning and the light is standing stronger than ever!




We assure you this light will keep getting




Brighter as we move forward in the grand year of 2020!


2020 伟大的一年里,我们前进的道路更加光明!


Most of you are aware,as part of operation"storm",the galactics strategically placed certain world leaders in place a while back to begin restructuring the governments of earth and the new atlantis of america was set to lead the way to be the first shining example of this new earth civilization!


你们大多数人都知道,作为 " 风暴 " 行动的一部分,银河系战略性地安排了某些世界领导人在某些地方开始重组地球的政府,而美国的新亚特兰蒂斯被设定为这个新地球文明的第一个光辉榜样!


This plan was an amazing success as the leaders of light and the white hats have now completely blasted through the 3d matrix in special operation"storm"!


这个计划是一个惊人的成功,因为光的领导者和白帽子现在已经完全炸毁了三维矩阵的特别行动 " 风暴 "!


Now you shall witness incredible and powerful,positive changes begin to occur not only in the new atlantis of america,but all around the planet!




The divine plan set for for planet earth by the councils of light has been an incredible success so far as light forces continue to initiate special pleiadian,new earth,programming sequence(pandora)and as light forces continue firing encoded,40-hertz,5d gamma light beams towards the surface to assist in the great ascension of humanity!


光委员会为地球行星设定的神圣计划迄今为止已经取得了令人难以置信的成功,因为光力量继续启动特殊的昴宿星、新地球、程序序列 ( 潘多拉 ) 以及光力量继续向地球表面发射编码的 40 赫兹、 5d 伽马光束以协助人类的伟大提升!


(截圖自:http://sosrff.tsu.ru/new/shm.jpg 2020/2/8 P5:33 --如是說)



Delta-force-counter-ops were initiated yesterday to start removing top false archon powers and a major plan is underway at this hour to bring all of them to universal justice!


德尔塔部队反行动昨天开始,开始清除最高的假执政官,一个主要的计划正在进行中,将所有这些人绳之以法 !


These ancient dark powers can no longer operate in the new realm of light!




"where does the darkness go when the light comes on?"


" 当光明来临时,黑暗去向何方 ?"


Delta forces say,"these nefarious beings will simply start disappearing from this realm for good as they are no longer allow to be here under the new galactic codex and by the virtue of the universal laws of resonance!


三角洲部队说, " 这些邪恶的生物将开始永远消失,因为根据新的银河法典和宇宙共振法则,他们将不再被允许在这里!


The starseeds of earth have done an amazing job anchoring powerful 5d light to the ground and are rebuilding a new 5d grid of light completely around this planet!


地球的星际种子已经完成了一项惊人的工作,将强大的 5 维光锚定到地面,并且正在重建一个新的 5 维光栅,完全围绕着这个星球!


All systems are green-light-go for global abundance and total planetary liberation as the 2020 stargate is about to open!


2020 年星际之门即将打开的时候,所有的系统都是绿色的光——为了全球的丰富和全面的行星解放而前进!


In the spring of 2020 a series of very significant and rare celestial alignments begin where pluto and jupiter become conjunct with each other!


2020 年春天,一系列非常重要和罕见的天体对齐开始于冥王星和木星相互合相!


Though the first of these alignments actually begin on april 4th and end in november of 2020,the powerful etheric effects of these cosmic alignments will be experienced by the starseeds of earth from february 20th until december 17th,2020!


虽然这些排列的第一次实际上开始于 2020 4 4 日,结束于 2020 11 月,但从 2020 2 20 日到 12 17 日,这些宇宙排列的强大以太效应将由地球的星际种子体验!


The full energetic impact of this alignment will hit the earth at 11:11am utc on 11/11/2020!


世界标准时间 2020 11 11 日上午 11 11 分,这次排列的全部能量冲击将撞击地球!


This point on the human-history timeline is the full energetic climax of the event and will close the great cosmic cycle of this solar system and of humanity!




The pleiadians know that at specific points on the astrological calendar,the heavenly bodies of this solar system align in a special way,creating huge stargates that allow much more of this 5d central sunlight to reach the earth!


昴宿星人知道,在占星日历的特定点上,这个太阳系的天体以一种特殊的方式排列,创造出巨大的星门,让更多的 5 维中央阳光照射到地球!


They also know this is the pre-ordained and opportune time to act on behalf of all of humanity!




As we said in our previous messages,in the final stage of operation masterpiece(the completion of 5d new earth)the pleiadians will use the 2020 jupiter/pluto stargate to channel massive amounts of 5d gamma,central sunlight,now fully present on the surface of the sun,on down towards earth where it will be received,decoded and integrated into the human body vessel dna of the 4.5 billion starseeds of earth,for the purpose of fully manifesting the new 5d earth reality here!


正如我们在前面的信息中所说的,在行动的最后阶段杰作 (5d 新地球的完成 ) 昴宿星人将利用 2020 年的木星 / 冥王星的星际之门来传送大量的 5d 伽马,中央的太阳光,现在完全出现在太阳表面,下到地球,在那里它将被接收,解码并整合到地球上 45 亿颗星际种子的人体容器 dna 中,为了在这里充分展现新的 5d 地球实相!


Certain members of the earth alliance know about the certainty of the coming solar event and confirm that our solar system is passing through an extremely,energetically dense area of the galaxy at this very hour!




The exotic particles contained in this cosmic plasma field are charging up the sun like a giant super capacitor,which will soon discharge as an epic and cosmic light event that will be witnessed by all on the surface of the earth!




When the 2020 stargate opens in the spring,incredible amounts of 5d gamma light will begin pouring through this portal!


2020 年的星际之门在春天打开时,难以置信的数量的 5d 伽玛光将开始通过这个入口倾泻而出!


This massive inbound wave of white,magnetic,5d,central sunlight builds to an apex all year long as the 2020 stargate fully opens and will culminate as a grand solar flash near the end of,2020!


这巨大的白色、磁性、 5 维、中央阳光的入射波全年累积到一个顶点,直到 2020 年星际之门完全打开,并最终在 2020 年末成为一个巨大的太阳闪光!


This is an ancient prophecy spoke of by many cultures and the most powerful seers and visionaries saw it happening in our this modern time,and specifically near the end of earth year 2020!


这是一个古老的预言,由许多文化和最强大的预言家和空想家在我们这个现代时代看到了它的发生,特别是在接近地球 2020 年末


The energy that is currently building up in the magnetic field around earth is elevating the vibration of the earth and the consciousness of all living beings here!




Earth civilization is about to transition into a hyperdimensional society!




It will soon be possible to travel multidimensionally through space and time with the procurement of zero point,free energy technologies which allow for anti-gravitic flight.




Super-human abilities will also soon be attained by the 4.5 billion starseeds on earth who are ready for this transformation!


地球上 45 亿颗星球的种子也将很快获得超人的能力,他们已经准备好进行这种转变!


A special decoded message from the atlantis command




Inside earth alliance intel reports that the great central race,special division,atlantis command was deployed several earth months ago to assist all starseeds stationed here in their great spiritual evolution and these incredible beings,working along side the pleiadians have been sending powerful 5d transformational and healing light to the earth!




These 5d,cosmic light beams are what you see on the schumann resonance every few days!


这些 5 维宇宙光束,就是你每隔几天就能在舒曼共振中看到的!


These special,celestial,5d,40-100 hertz,multi-colored,plasma beams are for the purpose of:


这些特殊的、天空的、 5d 的、 40-100 赫兹的、多色的等离子束用于 :


-the removal of all 3d toxins from your layered bodies and to clear all 3d and 4d trauma energies out of your auric field.


- 清除你们身体层面上的所有 3d 毒素,清除你们金场中所有 3d 4d 创伤能量。


-removing all negative situations and beings from your energetic space.


- 从你的能量空间中移除所有的负面情况和生物。


-presenting you with new abundance opportunities and high-vibrational relationships.


- 为你提供新的富足机会和高度振动的关系。


-releasing you forever from all 3d control situations.


- 让你永远摆脱所有 3d 控制情境。


-build you back up as the powerful angelic being that you truly are!


- 建立你作为强大的天使存在,你是你所是!


This powerful atlantis energy will also be for the purpose of strengthening the new 5d crystalline light grid that is being retrofitted on top of the old 3d matrix!


这强大的亚特兰蒂斯能量,也将用于加强新的 5 维水晶光栅,它正在旧的 3 维矩阵的顶部进行翻新!


For the first time in human history,huge cracks are starting to appear in the 3d matrix and this is being witnessed worldwide for those who can see!




The powers that were that controlled planet earth for eons with an iron grip are totally freaking out and crying out for help but there is none coming for them as pleiadian delta security forces are monitoring all inbound and outbound traffic and transmissions in this solar system!




Central race light forces will be escorting as many starseeds as possible through the 5d new earth portal and state of being that opens in the spring of 2020!


中央种族光明力量,将护送尽可能多的星际种子,通过在 2020 年春天开启的 5 维新地球入口和存在状态!


Dear one,


亲爱的一们 ,


Earth has reached a critical point in it's history and evolution and as a starseed on earth in a human body you are well ready to make a quantum leap in your consciousness!




We realize you have been waiting for a long time for for things to change on this planet and believe us,we feel what you are feeling!




We know you desire a better life for yourself,for your children and families,and for all those that you love!




We promise that it is now time dear one,for you be elevated to the next level on your journey and to begin experiencing love,peace,happiness,freedom,perfect health,and abundance!




The universal collective contract that all of us agreed to specify the point in time when the ascension of planet earth would occur is now ready to be executed!




This is why the grand year of 2020 is so important in all of this!It is the year when it all comes to a climax on planet earth!


这就是为什么 2020 年是如此重要的一年!这是地球上一个高潮的一年!


Unconscious humans of earth are behind right now in their spiritual evolution and are in no way ready to ascend to the status of a compassionate,advanced,galactic civilization!




Trust that they will all come later at the right moment but for now you must keep the focus on what you are doing because you are the one that will assist them when the time is right!




Ascension symptoms are elevated today as another high-frequency 40-hertz light wave hit the earth just a few hours ago!


提升的症状今天升高了,因为另一个 40 赫兹的高频光波,在几小时前袭击了地球!


The body is taking a hit from this powerful light so you must do your spiritual work now more than ever!




The incoming light is very strong now and it will only increase in power over the next few months!




It takes a strong and healthy light being to be able to integrate these higher levels of photonic light so now is the time to take the best care of your body,your mind,your emotions and your spirit!




As we move further into to the grand year of 2020,we must all be the best versions of ourselves that we can be!


随着我们进一步迈向 2020 年,我们必须尽我们所能,成为最好的自己!


Eat only natural,plant-based energy foods and drink lots of pure water!





You may have to rest/sleep more than normal to integrate these higher levels of light!


你可能需要比平时更多的休息 / 睡眠,来整合这些更高级别的光!


Remove yourself from all the negative people and things in your life and spend some time alone.you are changing and healing so you need to be left alone for a time!




Do your inner trauma healing to clear trapped negative and toxic emotional energy from the body!




Seek knowledge outside of the matrix system so you can fully understand what is happening!




Ground yourself in nature!




Meditate at least one hour per day!




A sea salt bath each day will do wonders!




Ask for help in starseed social media groups!




Crystals help channel high-vibrational energy through the layered bodies.




Love on yourself more than ever,re-create your life to be only what you want,and learn to ignore the opinion of others!




You have to come first now and that is just the way it is!




Thank you for coming to earth at this time and for all the great sacrifices you made on behalf of all humanity!




No greater act of love was ever given!




Now you are the great master!




We see and speak from a higher perspective and we only see beauty and clear skies ahead as we move closer to 5d new earth!


我们从更高的角度来看和说话,当我们向 5 维新地球靠近时,我们只能看到前方的美丽和清澈的天空!


This is heaven loved ones and we are the bringers of it!






上帝保佑 ,


Michael and the pleiadians





Special credit and acknowledgment to the earth alliance,the great white brotherhood,the white dragon society,pleiadian codename:cobra,the guardians of earth and the sphere being alliance.


原文來自: https://www.facebook.com/MICAHLIGHTANGEL/posts/2445455042370435

譯文來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/xinrenyuedu/34670.html






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