I come on the wings of love! Your planet and all the inhabitants are entering a new world. It is a world of love; it is a world of Light and many wonders and magic that you are now entering. We, the Archangelic realms, wish for you to know so that you are prepared. The happenings upon the planet at this time are opening the opportunities for humanity to see those areas of their lives that have not been working, that have not been successful, so they can become conscious of all those areas of their lives where changes need to be made. It is a time where these changes are being enabled to take place in a more conducive manner, for as the world has entered the new year, there is a greater increase in the frequency and energy of love – the Divine Mother frequency.






Divine Mother now comes forth to bring her Presence more deeply and profoundly into this planet. It is time the Divine Feminine steps forward to bring through the love, compassion and nurturing energy that the entire planet is crying out for. This is a gentle loving energy, and it is permeating your world in greater intensity. Planet-wide, we see the energies of purification working within every human being. At the moment, what is occurring is an uncomfortable experience of this cleansing, purging and purifying process but in its wake comes greater peace, harmony and stability for each individual who is incarnate upon the planet and for your planet.






Hard as it may be to experience the ups and downs of the energy waves as they occur, know that it is a necessary part of the process of ascension in order to bring you to the end result - which is to experience living on a peaceful planet in cooperation and harmony with all of her inhabitants and with the planet herself. On the wings of wisdom, I say to you beloved Lightworkers, the time is at hand, the time that you have been preparing for many, many lifetimes is now at hand! Bring out your swords of truth and Light and hold them high before you and allow truth to prevail upon your planet and within every human operating system.






Make truth the underlying motivation in all that you do, for it is the truth that will lead you in the direction that you must go. Be ever faithful to the promptings of your own heart, for this is where your truth lies! Let your prayers rise up to the Divine, the Creator of All That Is and align, align, align, with this great force! As has been said many times before, seek the kingdom of the Creator first and foremost as your most primary motivation, especially during these ending times which is happening at the very same moment as the new beginning time. Stay aligned to the Divine!






Let all of the distractions that no longer serve you be cast away and cleansed by the Light that is now permeating the planet. You who read this message are of a higher order of beings. You it is who are the emissaries and ambassadors of the Light. You represent truth. You are emissaries of love. Remember this and hold your sword high in the coming days! Your presence upon the planet is most appreciated! We from the higher realms endeavor to always protect and support each one of you. Know this and know that all is well from the higher perspective! Be blessed, Dear Ones!






I AM Archangel Michael






通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

 翻译:Nick Chan





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