If you are trying to create or move into something and it feels completely stuck, it is because there is a missing energetic ingredient that is required for its manifestation. This could be the energy of a certain person, an additional element, an energetic shift that is required for you to move into full resonance with it, or simply an alignment that comes with divine timing.




So if something feels stalled, how can you expand it? What can you add to it? What new energy can you infuse it with? There is great power in setting a broader intention or to expand what you are willing to receive, and surrendering into casting that wider net.




Check in with your body. Are you feeling contracted? You cannot create from a space of constriction. Feel into what you can add or loosen up for your creation until your own energy feels expansive. That is when you know you have shifted out of fear, doubt, and control and back into your heart, the space you always wish to create from.




If you have done all of those things and still nothing is happening, it is a matter of the universe pulling the elements for you that will all come together in the best timing to assure your success. Use the time you have to continue to grow and evolve in other ways, or to simply rest in faith and trust and engage in activities that bring you joy. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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