原创: 荷光  新纪元扬升之光 今天


 Channel: Celia Fenn




How to Embody theIncoming Angelic Frequencies for the New Earth




Beloved EarthFamily, we know that this has been a tumultuous time on your Earth, and thatmany of you have found it difficult to keep moving forward.




As you move towards the completion of theyear 2018, you will find that there will be a completion of many thingsthat you no longer require in your lives moving forward to the New Earth.



These may bethings such as people and relationships, jobs, homes or even places that youwere once drawn to. But be assured, beloved ones, that new light and newblessings are moving in to take their place as you move to enter into 2019.


You are nowapproaching the powerful 11/11 Time Gate and Galactic Portal of Initiation thatoccurs on the 11th of November. And this year, the portal resonates with thenumber 11/11/11, which makes it a Triple Energy Master Portal. Which of coursemeans that the energies that will be moving through will be very intense andpowerful and will give you that extra lift that you need to move your TimeSpiral into the New Earth Frequencies.


On this TripleEnergy Master Portal you will be upgrading your Light Body/Physical Body sothat you may receive more clearly the incoming Angelic Frequencies of Lightthat will be manifesting the New Earth Reality.


The Angelic Frequenciesof Light and how to Embody Them in your Daily Life




In the lastyear, the intensity and frequency of the incoming Light Codes has intensified.


You are now in atime of Solar Minimum where Solar Flares have been all but absent in yourPlanets Solar weather system. This has allowed for deep Galactic transmissionssuch as the Diamond Light Codes to take the main role in establishing the NewEarth and guiding the ascension process through changes in the Light Body andthe Physical Body.


Now, the veryHigh Frequency Angelic Light Frequencies are coming through from the GalacticCenter and are assisting you to raise your consciousness to that level whereyou can manifest New Earth in your reality.


These AngelicLight Frequencies are Waves of soft and luminescent plasma energy thatexpresses itself as waves of beautiful color that encodes Divine Love as wellas information for Transformation and Ascension.


The AngelicLight Frequencies can be experienced as color, but also as sound harmonics andas waves or symbols or hieroglyphs known as the language of light or theoriginal Angelic Fire Codes of Creation.


Beloved Ones, asyou spiral higher into the New Earth frequencies, you will embody these AngelicFrequencies and you will become transmitters of the Codes that they carry. Youwill also learn that these Frequencies carry Healing Energies, and you willbecome aware of how to work with these energies and codes to bring healing andbalance for yourself and those around you.


The way toembody these frequencies in your daily life is to become aware of these wavesof Divine Light and then to be able to intuit the colors and the sounds and thesymbols so that you can bring balance where it is lost and healing where it isneeded.


Soon you willalso begin to see them with your physical eyes, and will become aware of theshimmer of Angelic Frequency when the waves move through the various portalsand gates. If you are more attuned to the sound levels, you may begin to hearsounds and music, and if you are more attuned to light language you may beginto see symbols or hear languages or be moved to begin to express them throughyour body in dance movements.


It is importantto embody the heart and soul of these frequencies because in the lower levelsthey create disruption and chaos. That is their purpose, to disrupt what is oldand no longer needed and to create space for the New. So, in your life you caneither be disrupted and swirl in the chaos, or you can step into your Masteryand be the New Light Codes and express the Energy of the New Earth and of theNew Creations.


At this time onyour Earth there are no neutral spaces, for the changes and transformationsare too intense. It is time to take your place and make your choices and toembody the incoming Angelic Frequencies as a Master of Embodied Light!


The Physical and LightBody Transformations




Beloved Family,in order to better accommodate the flow and integration of the new AngelicLight Frequencies, the Light Body and Physical Body have had to undergo certainadaptations.


Firstly, thePineal gland has been enlarged and restructured on the energy level to enablemore light and frequency to be shared between the Physical Body and the LightBody.


Theseadaptations to the Pineal Gland also allow for the establishment of anenergetic structure around the head that is known as the Crown of Gold. Thisstructure carries the Gold Light of the Christ Consciousness and holds it inplace from the Soul Star Chakra and into the Crown Chakra, forming a Bridge ofLight between the Soul and the Physical aspects of Self.


While you areundergoing this transformation you may feel symptoms in the head area,especially at the Pineal area at the base of the skull, and in the head andsinus and even down to the jaw and teeth. This can range from pressure tointense pain as the body adapts to this new flow of light energy.


The increasedPineal flow also affects the Pituitary and the Thymus and Thyroid glands. Theincrease of energy at these areas will also possibly increase symptoms anddiscomfort in the throat and in the spine at the upper back.


But know, Belovedones, that as these energies are integrate and as the body becomes morecomfortable with the new flows, your creativity and your ability to manifestwill greatly increase.


Now is truly thetime to begin creating your New Earth!


The Colors of Love




Each of thesewaves of Energy Plasma light that comes through the portals of Earth carriesits own message of Love, Compassion and Creativity. Each of these waves has itsown color and sound frequencies and its own set of Codes in the AngelicLanguage of Light.


Developing theintuitive ability to see and hear these waves of color, sound and code willgreatly enhance our ability to integrate the waves of energy and to share theAngelic Frequencies with others as a healing and balancing modality.


We will be ableto ride the waves in a conscious way, working with the frequency and messageof the wave rather than just being tossed around in the chaos and suffering inthe disintegration and disruption of the waves passage.


Beloved Ones, weinvite you to celebrate the incoming waves of light, color and sound and towork with the Codes and the Language of Light as you Master the flows of DivineConsciousness that are building the New Earth in your Reality.


We wish you ajoyous passage through the 11/11/11 Portal and a creative time of Manifestationand Love.





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