Godess Isis via Debora Faith, May 16th, 2017






The Goddess ISIS steps forward today for this Energy Reading and heroverall message is this: “There is no holding yourself back anymore!”



You have such strength withinyou. It is time to trust in your old boldness and courage and take risks thatfeel true to your heart. Engage in practices that make you feel truly andgenuinely alive, embodied and more of yourself, even if not always comfortableso that you begin to live the life you were born to live. There is no room forprocrastination, self-doubt or turning back. Isis urges you onto your highdestiny, calling you to believe, to keep going, to reach higher and expandwider.  You can do so knowing that the Temple of Carnelian will bring youwarm strength, encouragement and deep trust in your own wisdom to guide youthrough any situation or relationship that may arise so you can grow into moreof your magnificent being. Have courage and faith. Be fearless as you areassured victory!



The Key ofLife portends new life being born through you at this time. See it through,Beloved. Don’t let it struggle from lack of attention or care, or a belief thatit will not be enough, or too hard to handle. The Ankhsays that your creation will come to life and your creation will come to pass.Do not give up!  Stay with it, you are flowing in the right direction andyou have all the spiritual support you need from the unseen worlds.






The dark phase of struggleis over Beloved and a new phase is upon you. One of hope, glory, light andtriumph. It is won through boldness and persistence. Even if you have felt likegiving up sometimes, you always choose to stay, to surrender the Divine andcontinue along your path. You have been through much and now victory is uponyou. For the Divine Solar Child, a new consciousness within you, is born.


I love you.

来源: 新纪元扬升之光



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