2018-04-11 OSHO 奥修每日分享


Always listen to your body. It whispers, it never shouts.




Only in whispering does the body give you messages. If you are alert, you will be able to understand it. And the body has a wisdom of its own, which is very much deeper than the mind. The mind is just immature. The body has remained without the mind for millennia. The mind is a late arrival. It does not know much yet. All the basic things the body still keeps in its control. Only useless things have been given to the mind - to think about philosophy and God and hell and politics.




So listen to the body, and never compare yourself to anyone else. Never before has there been a person like you , and never will there be. You are absolutely unique - in the past, present,and future.So you cannot compare notes with anybody, and you cannot imitate anybody.




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