I AMAshtar!

I come to be with you at this time, in this moment, to bring youcertain news. News that is forthcoming across the planet. News that we, thoseof us in the ships, have been aware of for some time.

We havebeen expecting, working toward this moment: This moment of freedom. This momentof freedom for the planet, for all of those of you on the planet.





Yes thereare those moments where strife still continues, where fear still arises, justas it did recently. But also just as we have been saying for some time nowthere is no reason to fear for fear is not real. Fear is only a part of this illusionaryprocess. It is only as real as you make it, as real as your programming hasmade it over the many lifetimes.



But knowthat everything is in control. Those of us, those of the Pleiadian fleets, weall have control over this situation at this point. Not to the point where weinterfere with your free will but to the point where we can intercept anythingthat comes to the planet from outside or even that is sent from another part ofthe planet that has fearful ramifications with it. For this will not be allowedjust as it is not being allowed at this time.



And thosethat still attempt to work with these old ways, these old paradigm ways ofbringing fear, of bringing catastrophes, of bringing chaos, they now arebeginning to realize more and more that their time is over, their days arenumbered. Many of them at this point are beginning to turn back toward theLight. Because when faced with the choice of coming back to the light or beingconsumed by the light you can imagine what they would mostly choose. But thereare those, those that are yet stubborn that hold off. That is their choice.That is their free will. And we will not interfere with their free will just aswe will not interfere with yours.



But knowthis, that all is coming together, all is in the process now of completion. Youwill begin to see more and more evidence of this. Those of you that requireproof, those of the planet’s population that require proof will be receiving itmore and more now.



Those ofyou that already believe will now begin to see more and more of all that youhave been creating up until this time. For you, each one of you are creatingthe New Golden Age every moment in front of you. With every single thought thatyou have you are creating the New Earth; you are creating your new existencehere on and in this planet.

你们当中那些已经相信的人,现在将开始看到你们创造的越来越多的东西。对你来说,每一个人都正在你的眼前创造出一个新的黄金时代。你正用你的每一个想法创造新的地球;在这个星球上, 你正在这里和这个星球上创造你的新生活。


Many ofyou long for those times when you can find yourselves here with us in theseships and will reunite once again with those of your families, of your brothersand sisters. For all is a part of the Oneness and you are all the Oneness.



I AMAshtar. I leave you now but will be back shortly for there are many things thatare about to transpose. All of my peace be with you.




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