You think you have much to learn, but what you need now is to unlearn. That which you needed to know to survive in 3d does not apply in 5d. 3d logic and knowledge does not serve you in the new reality that is unfolding now. There are new laws and paradigms (physical, natural, social, economic, supernatural, sensory, etc) to embrace where you are headed and these are coming on-line for you now. All that is, including all beings, are subject to the law of limitlessness, unconditional love, boundlessness, freedom, bliss-charged joy, potency, ease and abundance. Begin to observe the changing paradigms. Notice as your world shifts and your gifts open with certainty, clarity and grace.




You will observe that those that you have been “carrying” now must be set down so that they learn how to “walk” on their own two feet and with practice, trust that the will walk well. You have shown them how. Each journey is individual, but no one is traveling alone.




Most light workers have been through “times of tribulation” in recent years. This had to be in order to temper the ego in a way that develops higher levels of consciousness. You must “walk through the fire” before entering through the doorway. Precious metals are purified by the fire, and you are precious beings of light. Light workers have experienced their tribulations first and most dramatically because they will share their experiences to show to those around them that they too can survive the fire and emerge more awake, enlivened and radiant than ever. You lead the way through the gates, through transformation and forward into the golden age. No need to glance back as former constructs crumble, fall and decay. Wipe the dust from your feet. You no longer belong there. The way forward is yours. Welcome to the light.




天使 20180409 苦难的时期

通灵:Elise Cantrell

翻译:Nick Chan






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