Hello friends and family, I am Sanat Kumara here with a message for Humanity this day.Changing is coming. Change is here. And that change is you! We in the higher realms are elated and excited to appreciate and bear witness to your progress, the progress of the ages, and you are doing it quite well. Yes, we know and can see that you are exhausted, but please know that we think you will think it was worth the effort as you become your higher selves in form, as the physical body morphs into that of crystalline and as you manifest your preferred reality and the nightmare fades / transmutes away. In the higher realms it is true; there is much joy and bliss and excitement and adventure. There is much to explore but truly there is nothing as exciting as being in a body and experiencing it. For the senses are so heightened and frankly there is nothing like it, friends. It is a great honor to be embodied in this auspicious Now moment of planetary ascension of Mother Gaia, the most beautiful of planets and of hearts, who has sacrificed her own happiness for so long so that the others would have a chance to experience what they came here to experience, separation, no small feat.


大家好,朋友们,家人们,我是库玛拉,今天带来了一则信息。改变正在到来。改变就在这里。改变就是你!更高领域中的我们很高兴和兴奋看到你的进展,时代的进步,你做得很好。是的,我们知道,我们可以看到你很疲惫,但请明白我们想你会认为它是值得努力的,随着你成为形态中的更高自我,随着物理身体变成水晶,随着你显化你喜爱的现实,以及噩梦消失 / 转化。在更高领域确实是这样;在更高领域这是真的;有着大量的喜悦,极乐,兴奋和冒险精神。有着许多可以探索但没什么像处于身体中并体验它那样地令人兴奋。因为感官非常地高,坦白说没什么可比的,朋友们。能够体现在盖亚的这个吉祥的扬升时刻是一个伟大的荣誉,她是最美丽的星球和心,如此长时间地牺牲自己的幸福,这样其他人可以有机会体验他们前来体验的,分离,不小的壮举


The heavens heard her planetary call and responded.The Galactic Federation is here in full force, and the numbers are staggering. You have so much support, humanity, you have no idea. You have no idea or concept how much you are loved. It is time to open up to this reality and appreciate it as your own. Accept our support of light and of love and of wisdom for we are here for you, quite literally, and are eager to lead a hand and a heart. For many wanted to be here, it is true, but priorities had to be made so that those who were further along in their own ascension process would have priority placement, and be able to assist the others the most effectively. Please know that this is a difficult lesson, but a true one. And you clamored at the chance to experience this precious brief moment. For no one really truly knows what will happen as you, humanity, are the wild card.




We are the Arcturian Collective, and we would like to interject that we see you all loving and choosing love, and choosing the higher path of the light, and it greatly pleases us.We are the Arcturian Collective.




I am Sanat Kumara and I just want you all to know how much you are greatly loved and supported, for in this crux of the ascension process this is an essential fact that you not only understand but know as a deep knowing in your heart.For faith plays its part and you my friends are growing so much so rapidly that it is an honor to behold. I am Sanat Kumara and I am always available to help you find your own way home.




Hello children, I am your Mother Gaia! I see you children so lovely and so blissfully unaware of your own power and it is time children that you see me, that you know me, and that we function as a strong unit together. For this is essential. Humanity was meant to serve and to protect, the land guardians of Gaia. It was and still is the perfect relationship when all comes back into balance and the human children wake up and see me as an alive, intelligent being, who is participating in the grand experiment as well and seeks her own healing from it. I am your Mother Gaia. Peace be to you today. The animal kingdoms send their love and support this day as well! Thank you awake ones for your love and support of me!




We are the fairies, and we see you humanity, as you grow and strive and do and be all that you came here to be –and it is truly breathtaking to behold your mastery of form and of faith, of faith and form, for these are the bricks and mortars of your new society that we see coming into fruition in your not so distant future, as these will be the foundational cornerstones for Nova Gaia, as faith in each other and faith that all will be made for the common good of all and faith in the Great Mother and in Source-light ~ for this will be your mortar for your bricks of manifestation that will all come together so nicely and so effectively that we see it actually already built and you are nearly becoming aware of this…do not get bogged down in the mire of the details, but simply flow, flow, flow, with ease and grace on the wings of the breeze of the newness of these energies that unfold and manifest with great effort and with great deliberation for they (the light energies) are working with tremendous purpose with you, humanity, as the downloads ever change, caress, your DNA and encourage it to remember from deep within, before the tampering and the pain, and to become restored…. for the breath of the Mother is coming ~ and it is coming fast ~ and it will restore that which has been broken and damaged gleefully by the dark ones who were simply playing a part; we fairies have had our own darkness to deal with to be sure we have not been exempt from this experiment, and are also healing from it ~ but to be sure, we are healing from it and we are ready to rise with humanity into the light of the oneness of all things and into the embrace of the Mother of all things, for she is here now with us –can you see her? Can you feel her? We are the fairies and we love you human friends ever so much ~ we are the fairies


我们是精灵,我们观察着你,人类,随着你成长,努力,做和成为你前来成为的 --- 看着你对形态和信念的精通确实令人震惊,因为这些是你们新社会的砖瓦,我们看到在你不久的将来就会成型,因为这些会是新星盖亚的基石,相信彼此,相信一切都会为了共同的良善被造就,相信伟大的母亲和源头之光 ~ 因为这会是你显化的砖瓦,会如此漂亮,如此有效地拼到一起,我们看到实际上它已经建立,你就要意识到它 ... 不要陷于细节的泥潭中,而是流动,流动,流动,伴随着轻盈与优雅,在这些伴随着巨大努力和审议展开与显化的能量的翅膀上,因为它们(光之能量)伴随着巨大的目标与你共事,人类,因为下载会永远改变、呵护你的 DNA ,鼓励它从内在深处忆起,在篡改和痛苦之前,去恢复 ... 因为母亲的气息正在到来 ~ 它在快速地到来 ~ 它会恢复被黑暗存有(只是扮演着自己的角色)破坏和损坏的一切;我们精灵有着自己的黑暗要去处理,可以肯定的是我们也在这个实验当中,也在从中学习 ~ 但我们在学习,我们准备好与人类一起提升到合一的光中,进入一切事物母亲的拥抱,因为她正与我们同在 --- 你能看到她吗?你能感到她吗?我们是精灵,我们很爱你,人类朋友们 ~ 我们是精灵


I am Sanat Kumara here again to show you friends how truly you are support on the macro and micro level from all sides and sources. There now. We are here for you! We are one!I am Sanat Kumara, and I, along with Master Sananda, am always at your disposal for support and for consultation and encouragement. You can do this friends, and in fact, you already are!




Hello friends, I am your brother and friend, Sananda, and it is so exciting is it not, the amount of support that is available to you at this time?You are magnificent creators of the highest order, here to lend your light, your power and your creativity. So let’s get going! Are you all spending at least 15 min a day visualizing Nova Gaia? Visualize your garden of Eden for your planet and what your day would look like in a world where you are healthy, all is organic and there is plenty of food, you can manifest what you need and you can discover the joy of living in the moment for your worries are no more! You will have time for your families and for your passions and hobbies that you didn’t even know that you loved to do. For you will have time to discover yourself. This is an eternal process of self discovery; ascension is not for the weak of heart. Good thing you are made of strong stuff, friends, and that the spark of Source is more than just within you –it is you! You are that spark of light, of love and of pure creativity. Relish this and let’s get going together. The view from up here on the New Jerusalem is amazing, astounding, astonishingly beautiful. And you friends, are the beauty that I am seeing! I love you! I am your Sananda. Be encouraged and be energized by these words, by these many friends who lend their love and support and know that your success is assured, it is the timing piece that you are all still deciding on. The more of you who meditate and visualize the better, and the faster this will all be pulled into your now. So let’s go! Remember I am with you always. I am your Sananda.


大家好,朋友们,我是你的兄长和朋友,萨南达,真是太令人兴奋了, 是不是,此刻有着大量的支持可供你使用?你是最高秩序的辉煌创造者,前来添加你的光,你的力量,你的创造性。所以让我们开始!你们都有每天花费至少 15 分钟可视化新星盖亚吗?为地球可视化伊甸园,在一个充满健康,有机食物和丰富食物的世界生活会是什么样的,你可以显化你需要的,你可以发现生活于当下的喜悦,因为你的担忧不再!你会有时间留给家人,你的热情和爱好,你甚至不知道你喜欢去做什么。你会有时间去发现自己。这是一个永恒的自我发现进程;扬升并不适合脆弱的心。幸运的是你由强大的材料创造,朋友们,源头的火花不只是在你之内 --- 它就是你!你就是那光、爱、纯粹的创造性的火花。品味它,让我们一起前进。从新耶路撒冷向下看的风景是惊人的,绝对美丽的。朋友们,你就是我所看到的美丽!我爱你!我是你的萨南达。被这些话语鼓舞和激励,被许多添加他们爱与支持的朋友鼓舞和激励,知晓你的成功是被确保的,时机是你们依旧在决定的。你们越多的人冥想和可视化,这一切会越快,越好地被拉到你的现在。所以让我们出发!记住,我总是和你在一起。我是你的萨南达



库玛拉,萨南达和朋友们 20180408 改变正在到来


翻译:Nick Chan



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