原创 2018-03-27 萨纳特•库马拉 新纪元扬升之光

Sanat Kumaravia Galaxygirl, March 17th, 2018




Greetingschildren of Earth. I am your Sanat Kumara, planetary logos. Many of you wonderwhat that might mean. Well, we are all always on the process of expandingcontinuously.. are we not? I like to think of the planetary logos as one whohas achieved total balance and has achieved the embodiment of planetary energies,of balance, of pure joy that is uncontainable and continually expanding.




We allhave jobs, we all have roles. These jobs and roles change as we change. And weare always changing, as are you. Planetary logos becomes larger as we expand,and so our realms expand with them. Many of you dear souls are trying outplanetary consciousness at this time, when you connect to Mother Gaia and sendher your unconditional love and send it deep into the ley lines and out and upto her sky and land and water kingdoms you are doing this well.




But first,before you can achieve planetary balance, you must balance your own swirling energiesthat churn within you. For did you know you are your own little galaxy? Do youknow how many trillions of cells you have? Of DNA combinations? The human bodyis staggeringly beautiful and complex. You are not only trying to achievebalance of all of these.. so that total perfect health is yours for all time,but incorporated into this are all of your past lives and their woundings thatyou have been processing and clearing for some time now. Send the violet fireto these and to your body so that nothing is blocking your progress ofascension.




Just as Iam your planetary logos.. so can you be your own ‘Bob’ or ‘Susie’ logos,right? For this is how to begin your mastery. And I’m delighted to say thatmany of you have already done this, have been continually using St. Germain’sviolet fire with ease and strength and that serves you well!




Pleasecontinue. And for those that are just beginning, please know that the violetfire is one of the great gifts of the Mother, of the cosmos, to you, Humanity.It is the ultimate purifier, cleansing power unmatched. And so you send iteverywhere as a common meditative practice.




Blaze,blaze, blaze, violet flame.

Transmuteall darkness into light, light, light.





It’s quiterefreshing in so many ways. Use it well.




Many ofyou want more information on the Global Currency Reset, and I tell you yes, itis real, and yes it is very close. But please understand many great andwonderful things are coming your way and the GCR is truly just one of thosemany things. Yes! Agelessness, total health, replicators, time freedom, worldpeace and inner peace and the love-wave blast of the Mother of all things;please be attuned and looking forward to all of these things, and energeticallyyou will be drawing them closer to yourself. It is real and it is happening!





And sochildren are you! You are evolving and expanding and growing and discovering.Cherish these intense times of soul expansion. Rest when you are able, to helpincorporate and rebalance your own energies. Stay centered. Many of you havebeen well practiced in other lifetimes in the art of meditation. Many – most ofyou have been monks and nuns of various religious and I assure you – you are upto this – for you are ready and you have already had your training.




Now ..goand lead the others, balanced within your own self so that you may lead byexample. Spread happiness wherever you go! Be the light for the light alwaysfinds itself and good things will ricochet back to you quickly and thus expandyour joy.




I am yourSanat Kumara. I am love, as are you! Please remember this and be the love tothe others.