Greetings, Family!




It’s good to be here one more time. The year has unfolded like a parchment and always bringing the best experiences so that you can achieve everything you have desired.




It is great that you have longed for, it is inspiring, it is refreshing. You made a promise to yourselves saying, “I will do it, I will, I will change,” and that is what you have done.




That is what, although sometimes with suffering, you have done, because you are you! – As I always say.




Suffering should not be here. You already have the necessary tools so that you can transcend it, so that it will no longer delay and/or decrease the intensity of your Light as you walk on this planet carrying the message that the Heavens requested.




But sometimes the attempt to change The Order of Things tends to bring suffering because everything that is against a natural flow, a pre-established order, brings suffering.




You planned your incarnations very well in such a way that there were no flaws, that there was no delay in the development of what you planned. And here is the interesting point of my message today: The Order of Things.




You have asked us to guide you, to guide you to the recognition of your own innate Light in order to be your own guides and mentors. You asked us not to let you fall, regardless of the circumstances.




You wanted to follow what you needed to follow. You wanted a Plan before you incarnated. They had the Plan. They wanted support for the Consciousness of this Plan, they had (and have), and asked for help in their Development – again, you have it.




And these are the three points that I will basically deal with at this moment: the Plan, the Plan Consciousness and the Plan Development. First point:




In this first point, you draw up a Plan for its development. You articulate with your mentors, friends, and all of us the best way to get them to make the important advances and drives they want. These impulses will not only help you personally, but will trigger a series of changes around you, for your vibrations following the outlined Plan will move many things, from raising the consciousness of close people like the acceleration of Events, also planned by the Heavens to the Celestial expansion. The elaboration of these Plans happens here, aboard our ships. You know that you will often have some problems in order to fulfill the Plans when they reach a higher density. You are aware of this, but you also know of your ability and impetus to move forward, without retreating or fading. This is you, the Warrior of Light who has determinedly, has acted in this Solar System, and extensively to the galaxy, for eons of time. You receive protocols that need to be followed, a determined order of things that need to be performed at appropriate times, that will come to your eyes through a series of clear synchronicities that will drag you, one way or another, to the execution of the plan.




Second point:When you incarnated, you obviously lost all awareness of this Plan, forgetting about it. They may even have some glimpses, but they certainly do not completely remember what had been planned. The synchronicities and insights that begin to give you signals for your awakenings arrive. There are warnings from all sides, from dreams to friends to NEW IDEAS. Sites jump ahead of you with “interesting” information that catches your eye. The old man no longer attracts them – irritates them, sometimes even. You know you have something more, you know there is something great, something inside you calls for a greater dive into yourself. You begin to observe everything around you, people, life as a whole and feel, know that there is something in all this, much more than just “normal everyday life.” And the “plug starts to fall. “You take Consciousness of the Plan. Although not completely, you feel. They still can not linearize, but they feel and know. The guidelines are very clear.The Plan is to bring Light to the Planet. It is helping other people awaken to SOMETHING BEYOND the “normal.” The PLAN is SEREM, ON THE PLANET, THE LIGHT THAT IS. And you are aware of it now.




Third point:It is the Development of the Plan. You begin your journeys to develop the Plans traced. A number of inspirations are cognized. You assimilate a lot of information delivered by your mentors, your Higher Selves and a myriad of beings supporting you at every step, and you begin to practice. They begin by following the protocols, knowing their seriousness and the need to put them into practice, even if the old world continually tries to drag them into the “everlasting.” Protocols need to be followed, and you will do this, no matter what it costs. You are irreducible to yield to the old, because you know the Plan, are aware of it and the need for its development.It’s all so clear inside of you! Even at this stage, they may not yet be able to have everything linearized, but internally, are fully aware of what they have to do, how to do, who to do, where to go and how to go. It’s as clear as a bright blue sky morning!There is no doubt about everything you have to do. It’s all so obvious … At least it’s meant to be.




The question, my dear ones, is when you are aware of all this, when you have already gone through the three phases that I have quoted and yet are resistant. Resisting what you represent, what you are on this Planet. Sometimes, because of the more personal choices, you want to change the order of things, of events. Sometimes they want “our hand” in what is not very “lawful.” How many times have we heard some of you asking for help not to have to go through a certain situation, or to prevent something from coming to you, or to delay something when, in the ORDER OF THINGS, you have to go through those experiences so that you can assimilate and grow, expanding your Light through the experiences you have planned yourself. I, your brother as always, know the difficulties of being in a world in deep transformation, where the “old” waves constantly try to drag them. I know, but as I always say, You are you! And being who they are, is there really something that can bar them from following the Plans that will bring nothing but their own expansion? Oh! I do not believe there is anything capable of this! At least not externally! The only thing that can stop them from expanding is … guess what ?! You are yourselves! With your self-sabotages.




Often I hear from some of you phrases like “I’m not good enough”, “this is not for me”, “I’m not ready for it now; I need time “… Oh, really? No, dear Worker and Warrior of Light, you do not “need more time”. You’ve had all the time you could have! This is your hour, the hour of your expansion, and everyone knows one thing, my dears: we will spare no effort to enforce a protocol “signed” by yourselves: “Let it be done!Whatever happens, do it yourself! “Oh … and we will!




The more you resist being who you are, the signs being sent to you, the “trumpets” that constantly ring your ears for your awakenings and the need to follow an order of natural events in your life, more suffering, more anguish, more despair. My dear ones, do not beg for things to happen the way you want them to happen! We are not here to ensure that your egos are satisfied; we are here to ensure that you know that a Plan has been drawn, and that you are part of this Plan on Earth, and as a consequence, an expansion will occur and a consciousness of Unity will be established. Do not fear nuclear weapons, for sometimes these fears are obstacles in the minds of some.Sometimes you use these fears as a support not to follow the natural flow of things, such as: “Oh, I can not meditate today, because I need to watch the news. I learned that country ‘A’ could send a missile against country ‘B’ “. “Oh, Ashtar, so meditating is a natural flow?” Oh, yes, it is! Being in touch with yourself is a natural flow. This is where they will assimilate more information and have access to more protocols and their sequences of executions.




The ideas and orders will be as clear as a Blue Sky day, and sometimes you refuse to go to that inner sanctuary simply because you know that you will find there a responsibility that you believe you can not assume now. Oh, again I tell you: CAN, YES, YOU ARE YOU.




My dearest, THE ORDER OF THINGS is that you “Know the Plan“, have “Deep Consciousness” of it and start for your “Development“And, nothing, no spark of the old energy will prevent them from following that order. There are groups of souls that depend on your awakening. Yes, I know that this information to some may be too much to the point of thinking that they really are not ready for it. But again, let me tell you: anyone who reads this message is one of those who directly begged to be awakened, shaken up, bombarded with information and synchronicities that would make them recognize their importance on this planet. They asked that in no way should we allow you to deviate from the Plan and its order of execution. And here we are. There are souls and more souls belonging to their monadic groupings, souls who came to Earth many thousands of years ago with you, and ended up losing themselves in their own anguish and fears. And there you are, ready to be the headlights that will point the way again. Know, dear ones, you are obviously not responsible for them or where they are, but they are RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING YOUR OWN LIGHT SHINE, that is! And through this, these other souls will be helped. Do you see your responsibility? Keep in mind: you are a Sun illuminating the Day of the souls that leave the night.




Dear ones, stop stalling, stop denying, stop hiding from yourself, stop hiding from the world, stop denying who you are. You have gone to Shine as a Sun, and though there are storms, even though there is night, the Sun always shines no matter what happens.It always shines! Make that Light Shine wherever you go. New cycles start, old cycles end! Assume your positions. Assume your Truths. Follow THE ORDER OF THINGS.One of the greatest proofs they may have of following a flow is a following of their inner Truth, which will never, by any means, be tied to outer truth, which is connected to the old patterns. His Inner Truth is intrinsically connected to THE ORDER OF THINGS.




And so it is. Blessings! Your brother, Ashtar.




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通灵:Gabriel RL

翻译:Nick Chan




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