You have only but to think of us and we are here!Your mind is a very powerful tool when used well, and a potentially dangerous waste when not, like a violently snaking hose as water races from it. Harness that power, and great things are accomplished. Remember to use this gift wisely, for it dictates your entire life and value within it. When intensity from any source causes it to surge with energy, direct it to good use. Focus, affirmations, prayer, song, poetry, building, creating…this is exciting use of the power generated by the extraordinary human mind, derivative of God’s.


你惦记着我们,我们在这里!你的头脑是一个非常强大的工具,当被妥善地使用,也是一个潜在的危险,当并不妥善地使用,就像一根接着水龙头的水管,当把水龙头开到最大会猛烈地扭动。驾驭那个力量,伟大的事情就可以完成。记得去明智地使用这个礼物,因为它命令着你的整个人生以及规定着其中的价值。当来自任何源头的强度导致它能量激增,好好利用它。专注、肯定语、祈祷、歌曲、诗歌、建造、创造 .... 这是非凡的人类头脑所产生的力量被振奋人心地使用,这也是神的衍生物


The wayward, misused mind gets in all kinds of trouble when left untethered by fretting, ruminating, distracting, conjuring, defeating, resisting, awfulizing, numbing, etc., as well as much dangerous interference and manipulation inspired by fear.While it is easy to see the difference here, it is critical to take charge of it for positive outcomes in every moment. You are learning how powerful you are; remember the subject of your power is not discerning.The combination of your good heart and directed mind moves mountains. You are the cause in each case;keep choosing what team you play for in each moment until it becomes true by taking dominion of your well-trained mind.




A sign that your mind is out of control is the presence of suffering.All pain and discomfort is caused by your mind, so when you are in any form of it, redirect your mind to what feels good: freedom, possibility, expansion, joy, gratitude, flexibility, rejuvenation, excitement, play, lightheartedness. The plane of duality means the choice is present in everything. Choose wisely and your life will change with it. If there is no hope, there is no life. You are wired to rebirth, heal, expand…make it so!


你的头脑失控的一个迹象就是痛苦的存在。所有的痛苦和不适都由你的头脑创造,所以当你拥有某种形式的痛苦,让你的头脑重新定向到感觉美好的东西上面:自由、可能性、扩张、喜悦、感恩、灵活性、复兴、兴奋、玩耍、无忧无虑。二元性的平面意味着一切之中都有选择。明智地选择,你的生活会因此改变。如果没有希望,就没有生命。你被连接到重生、疗愈、扩张 ... 让它如此!


This is a simple and profound message, for when this is true by the majority, despair will be lifted. The nature of your soul is to continually grow and expand; your physical experience can either mirror that with the participation of the mind, or decay in spite of it. It is your constant choice.




Together we join you in this extraordinary expedition! Keep on keeping on in mindful deliberation.




We are The Council of Light Within.




光之委员会 20180409 正念的审议

通灵:Rebecca Couch

翻译:Nick Chan


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