原创 2018-01-24 圣母玛利亚 新纪元扬升之光

Mother Mary viaAnn Dahlberg, January 23d, 2018




I amMother Mary and I turn today to all of you children of Earth. There is muchgoing on on your Earth and in your bodies. There is much confusion among you.There is much talk going on, but only little truth comes through. Of course,work is done for peace on Earth and they have achieved great progress. However,there are some who have a hard time letting go of the power that belongs to thepeople. In a true democracy decisions are by the majority of the people, buttoday the decisions are made by a few and the people get to know afterwardswhich decisions that have been made. It can then be hard to change them, whenone has not been part of the whole process. The construction of larger andlarger units today make it more difficult for every day man/woman to have aview over the policies that are carried out. The money that is brought indisappears into a large apparatus. A completely different construction of thesociety is needed in order for people to express their wishes. However, thiscannot be done with force. This must be done with a higher spiritualconsciousness and love. Many spiritually conscious people are needed in orderto reform a society to one where everybody can do well and are allowed todevelop and feel part of the society they belong to.





It is alarge task that you have ahead of you on Earth and it requires a whole new wayof thinking. You cannot continue in the same old tracks because then you aresoon back in the old again. New tracks must be laid that have not been therebefore of a completely new kind. People must see that something new and betteris on its way into their lives. The new is not for just a few – it is for thewhole Earth. The larger vision must be held in your hearts. When it has reachedits completion in your heart it is also fulfilled in your reality as well. Betrue to yourselves. Be honest and sincere towards yourselves and you will gainconfidence in your fellow man as well.





Within youreside a beautiful soul that wants to shine out into the world. It can do thisonly if you live in truth within yourselves. Have you searched sufficiently farinside to get to know your own truth? It can be high time to do so now, sinceEarth is shaking off its chains and enjoys the truth and sincerity within herself. Your Mother Earth wants you to bring forth the truth and sincerity withinyourselves. It is only then that you can yield the sword in your hand. Thesword stands only for truth, it splits off the lies until only the truthtriumphantly remains. So, be careful with what you say and write, as the truthwill catch up with you in the end. Courage is needed in order to stand in one’struth, but this truth will give you access to the sword of truth. It is thissword that resounds through Earth today. It pushes the lies into retreat untilthe truth stands there naked and revealed. Be not afraid of the truth it onlywants to bring forth the good and the sincere within you. Without being honestand true you cannot build up a new world of love and beauty, since they gotogether.





It is timeto bring forward all the good abilities that are within you. The new Earthstands ready to be used by each and everyone that long for the light and thelove that resides there. Your Gaia is overjoyed. She laughs and smiles andwinks to you to take the small steps that are needed to be in the new dimensionthat you wishes to enter. Gaia is spreading many rose petals around you now sothat you may feel the love in your heart.







I love youso much,



倾听你的心….. 亲爱的孩子们,倾听你们内心的声音





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