Crossing the Threshold


作者:Karen Downing




For over a week now, I have been receiving clear visuals aboutbringing our new “baby” Earth home. Like any newborn, our baby Earth is filledwith the new energy of possibility, spiritual strength, and fullness of life.This baby Earth really isn’t a baby at all, but represents a world of new energyand possibilities to us. As I write this, the visual shown to me is new parents(humanity) waiting to step across the threshold, bringing baby Earth home. Thefront door had many locks to disengage, but those have all been unlocked. Thedoor opened fully and fairly effortlessly, and now we are waiting to stepthrough our front door.




As we wait, we notice that the light from inside the homeappears almost blinding, and is a bit disorienting. So, here we are waiting tocross the threshold. Waiting for our eyes to adjust to the new frequency thathas been here all along, but now can be anchored as our baby Earth is broughthome. How long we will be waiting to cross the threshold is not clear, but itis the next and only step left.




How you experience that process will be unique to you. Some arefeeling these energy changes intensely in the body, others feel calm and peace.Some won’t feel anything at all. Everyone’s body will attune to the shift inenergy differently. Many will experience a bright light, but one not too muchdifferent than intense lightening (without the thunder). The light will bathethe entire planet, and will come and go quickly. Others will see theirsurroundings go through what feels like “A glitch in the Matrix,” very muchlike what Neo experiences in The Matrix when he has déjà vu. Many will talkthemselves out of what they see or experience. Most are feeling hopeless thatthis Shift will even happen at all.




How will we know without a doubt when we have crossed thatthreshold? We will wake up to broadcasts of big truths being revealed. Therewill be day after day of different truths being shared, full disclosure leadingfrom one topic to the next, until everyone is aware of the truths abouthumanity’s history, origins, politics, galactic assistance, and how we havebeen manipulated for so long. There will not be one area that is leftuntouched. These truths will be shared in such a way that is both complete andcompelling, healing and revealing.




At this same time, we will experience abundance in healing,finance, opportunity, education, and many areas of life. It will feel as if anyperceived limitations of the past have been lifted. We will feel expansive andfree to live our soul mission, to trust and know that we will have all we need,and even more to share.




Practice what it feels like to be in that expansiveness, in aworld full of possibilities, in a world where competition for resources givesway to cooperation, a world where fear of lack gives way to love of sharing. Weare crossing the threshold; it is a moment of celebration, a moment of truevictory for all, a moment of living history. Even as we get closer to thismoment, you can feel the shifts in your own life occur, whether spiritualshifts, physical ones, or even shifts in your perception of life. Everyone willbe provided for, despite whatever you are seeing in your life at this moment.Think about how you would like to manifest your soul mission, what does itentail? Who/how would you help if money and health were no objects? What doesyour ideal life look like? How will you share your mission with others? Howwill you feel upon carrying baby Earth across the threshold home? We are poisedto step through.







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