Many of you are in the in-between phase where you have left the old behind but have yet to connect with the new. You may be wondering what is taking so long or feel like no progress is being made.




What we wish for you to understand is the energetic processes that occurring are vast. A shift of this magnitude takes time in order for it to be sustainable in your body. Many of you are already feeling taxed by the energies at the rate you are receiving them.




Energetic shifts cannot be rushed. They are an unfoldment, and they take as long as they take to be integrated. It is a process that will move at the exact speed that is best for you. Just like any other growth it will move at a pace that is divinely perfect.




There are three core elements that need to come together in order for the huge forward movement you are waiting for to occur. One is your willingness to surrender and flow and move into the next phase of your incarnation. The next is the creation of your ascension vehicle, which is the energetic process of review, release, and the integration of the downloads you are experiencing that is creating your personal shift and preparing you to thrive in the new energies. And the last is the wave of energy that will propel you forward into the new.




Please know there is much going on behind the scenes, even if it seems to you there is not much going on at all. Remember what you know, use your wisdom and intuition to give yourself what you need, and trust that these are the pivotal times you couldn’t wait to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan




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