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Lord Ashtar

To Begin Monday, September 18, 2017

三位一体冥想 No. 774





Greetings, Groundcrew! Again, well done. Now, are you ready for the crescendo to this big Shift you have been undergoing for your past few weeks? And by crescendo I mean, of course, your upcoming Equinox Energies. So before you begin, I remind you to do the Protocol you have been given.




You are to start your meditation by connecting with the core of the Earth and, by your command and intent, you are asked to call forth the Violet Flame from her core. You are asked to visualize it rising up from the core, through your body, out your crown chakra and then project it into the ethereal level of the astral plane that surrounds the planet.




Next, you are to connect, again through your conscious intent, to the Equinox Energies coming to Earth, visualizing them entering through your crown chakra, down through your body and out your base chakra and down to the core of the planet. It is an ‘up’/’down’ sending of energies, you see.




Lastly, you are to send Love to not only the planet herself but to every lifeform upon her. You might visualize the Earth as being cocooned in a Blue ball of Grace, encompassing the whole of the planet.




That’s it, my brothers and sisters. Be diligent, be ready, and be in Gratitude for this auspicious time in your history and that of Earth. All are now ready to receive the photonic particles that are permeating everything on your planet! This is a momentous occasion and we trust you, as our Groundcrew, to anchor these rarefied energies. And so be it! I am Ashtar, working with you and surrounding you in my love. Salute!



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