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First scene: Like St. Francis of Assisi, I live among the poor. I live in the streets with nothing more than the robe I am wearing, and every now and then I talk to some people to encourage them and point out paths to awareness. It is an absolutely familiar situation for me, and I am at absolute peace and harmony with myself.




Even though I dont own anything, I dont lack anything, and I live in pure abundance. My robe is remarkably light, clean and comfortable to wear quite the opposite to some homeless people who generally display an image of neglect. I dont have any contact with these people either, even though I perceive them clearly.




Second scene: I have an encounter with a man who knows me from my previous life, when I was still a part of the professional world. He is in the media business. He recognizes me and is completely fascinated by my transformation, my appearance and my work.




He immediately proposes a big TV broadcast, ideally a TV-show with several episodes. Everybody should know what I am doing and should be given the possibility to witness my speeches and messages.




I respond to him: Even if you gave me a microphone and everyone on the entire planet could have reception at the same time and listen to me, not even one more person would turn around or awaken than now, with me speaking only to a small group of people. And I continue: Whether I speak to a few people here or to many somewhere else doesnt make a difference. Therefore this project is futile and would only keep me from my tasks. (End of dream)




Hindsight: During the day, the idea solidifies in me that this life I dreamt about is a life that I am actually leading and living in a different hologram of the earth. So it wasnt a dream, it was the direct view of a parallel life that I am living on a different earth / plane / world.




Every time I recapitulate this dream, this feeling increases and the proximity to this life gets more intense as if it was actually taking place right now, only somewhere else. (End of hindsight)




JJK: The question that keeps running in my mind since this self-explanatory dream is whether words and speeches really do have so little influence on the awakening of people. Does change really only come from the individual progression of awareness, and are sermons only smoke and mirrors? Why am I in this position/role? Is my feeling of living this life somewhere else NOW true?


JJK: 自从这个不言而喻的梦境起一直在我头脑中存在的问题就是话语和演讲是否对人们的觉醒有着微小的影响。改变真的只来自个体的意识发展,布道只是镜中迷雾吗?为什么我会处于这个位置/角色?我感到这个生世正在别处生活是真的吗?






The truth is: Awakening is a matter of mental and spiritual maturity and the human longing for god; only exceedingly few individuals really want to awaken in the world of the third dimension. Enlightenment is only attractive to a few, because the majority prefers succumbing to the appeals of this matrix.








I am the light of transformation, and even though this light can heal everything and can bring complete awareness to every human being, relatively few take the opportunity. Even though I am omnipresent, only few people seek to be close to me, and even though I am expecting to be called by all humans, only very few are asking for me.




It is as you saw and experienced in your dream which wasnt a dream but a vision of another life of yours.




Few follow the light, and many avoid it for a long time, until out of frustration or because of recurrent experiences of suffering they get to the point where they want to leave the entire route of error behind and want to overcome the world of illusion of their own accord.




The prerequisites for enlightenment are inner maturity and the realization that the outer world doesnt offer anything anymore that is worth knowing or experiencing. Someone who doesnt find anything worthwhile in this matrix anymore, and whose ego has experienced everything imaginable, is ready.




At all times there are only a few who embark on the path to god and who are open and ready for the messages of the prophets.




You, like every other human being and many beings in the universe, are living on many planes at the same time. This vision was given to you so that this inner image can assert itself, because it is related to your (this) existence and your (these) tasks. It is specified that you are supposed to fully concentrate on your work and tasks, and that you should not allow anyone or anything to you keep from doing what you are doing. Because major requests will be brought to you and the Lichtwelt Verlag, and they need to be examined closely.


你,就像其他人类和宇宙中的许多存在,同时生活于许多的平面。这个景象被给予了你,这样这个内在的画面可以宣称自己,因为它与你的(这个)存在和你的(这些)任务有关。这是指定的,你应该完全专注于你的工作和任务,你不应该让任何人或任何东西阻止你做你正在做的。因为大量的请求会被带给你和“Lichtwelt Verlag博客”,它们需要被仔细地审查


This vision is also important for all people who draw strength and guidance from the messages that you receive. This message is for everyone:




Turn inwards and never seek happiness on the outside. Pay attention to quality, and know that nobody can be converted whose soul isnt ready and whose consciousness isnt open to it.




Be ready to lead a happy and inconspicuous life, and only go public if this is directly linked to your missions. Dont let yourself be deceived by the temptations of this matrix, because the light will be found by those who seek it it doesnt need to be revealed to anyone.




Grow with your missions, integrate each step, dont force anything, dont will anything just remain diligent workers in gods vineyard and hand every achievement and success of a venture over to god.




Certainly, every person is the master of their own destiny, and someone who is lazy has nothing to reap.




However, even the diligent ones dont hold all the strings for their happiness in their own hands, because in the end it is god who decides what, how and when it comes true.




So have faith in the abundance of a simple life and realize that there is abundance far beyond mundane wealth. Walk your path and walk it consistently and once you have found it, stay devoted to it.




Those who havent tamed the ego and havent seen right through the illusion of this matrix yet, succumb to its temptation.




This vision sheds light on all warriors of Light and all Light workers who are longing for success without realizing that they already are successful, provided they have realized their missions and are living them without ifs or buts.








It is a malady that Light workers define themselves by audience ratings, and that individuals who engage in Light work and want to pass their knowledge on to others, measure their success by quantity rather than quality. It is a sin that Light work is measured by the standards of a world that is light-deprived.




Just put on a simple and clean robe and stay clear of contaminants. Neither pollute your soul nor your body. Dont allow your environment to take hold of you, and dont allow others to pull you into their personal drama.




Simply spread this simple message: Love is inside you and light comes out of you. Whoever seeks, will find you and will find themselves.




A light on the hill is self-sufficient and finds joy in its own destiny. Encouragement or adoration, rejection or hostility, are insignificant, because the light on the hill finds all recognition in itself and by god alone.




Become such a light and spread the joyful message: Love is inside you and light comes out of you. Whoever seeks, will find you and will find themselves.




Speak before millions or before a handful  it doesnt make a difference, because exceedingly few will listen, and those who do listen rarely understand.




However, this time is unique and every human being is blessed, because the awakening of mankind to the light has begun. The difference between people lies in the energy that the individual provides for this path, and the time of arrival. Everybody is on their way into the light; these are the first steps for many and the last steps for a few.




Understand: Whatever you are, whether the rock in turbulent water or the light on the hill, those who seek will find.









通灵:Jahn J Kassl

翻译:Nick Chan




音頻來源: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBIouB_P_vA


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