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As you sit there breathing out visualize Source energy flowing into the Mother Earth and Mother Earth radiating out that energy to the surface. This is the anchoring of Source into Earth. This is the mission that you came here for were here to spread that energy to all.


当你坐在那里呼气,可视化源头的能量流入地球母亲,地球母亲把那个能量辐射到表面。这是把源头锚定在地球。这是你前来做的使命 --- 我们前来传播能量


And I come here today to tell you that during this ascension process we are now in what is called ascension timeline. This is a timeline that is controlled by Source. There is very little movement away from this timeline that can happen now. At the beginning of this eclipse and at the end with the next eclipse which will happen in 2024. During this timeline the ascension will occur. And I can tell you now that there can be no deviation, there can be no activities of those who are self-serving that can attempt to stall or make this not happen as this will happen. And for you it is especially important to keep yourself focused on your own internal journey because As Within So Without.


我今天前来告诉你,在这个扬升进程中,我们正处于所谓的扬升时间线。这是一条被源头掌控的时间线。现在只有很少的远离这条时间线的运动会发生。从这个日食开始到 2024 年的下个日食结束。在这条时间线中扬升会发生。我现在可以告诉你不会有偏差,那些自我服务的人无法拖延或使它无法发生。对你来说,尤其重要的是专注于你自己的内在之旅,因为内在如外在


As you clear the energies that do not serve from within you, you will see this manifest in the outer world. As you clear out the storms and hurricanes within your own body and mind and energy, you will see this planet have weather that is like paradise. It is the miss-qualified energies within all of humanity that is causing these disruptions and there is only one way for Mother Earth to clear this out. If we dont clear it out, if you and we within do not clear this energy out, Earth has to clear it out through these major catastrophic activities. Though we control this, you control this within. So seek within and seek to surrender any energies that feel like hate, any energies that feel like I must be correct, any energies that speak of ego. These are the energies that must be taken out of you. Purified.




Ask for me to help you with this cleansing. I AM here with an offer and an invitation for you. The offer and invitation is please call upon Me if you find yourself in a state of mind or an emotional state that is chaotic and I will help you take this energy out of you. And this is how you can contribute to the ascension process, is clear yourself within of all those things that you have hidden away out of shame. Open those doors. Take a look inside that closet inside you where you are hiding these energies, these emotional traumas, these old memories. Bring them out of the closet and ask Me to take it away and so it shall be. Thank




You may now open your eyes and look around with the eyes of Source. Look around. If you are in a room with someone look at them and see the Source within them.




I leave you with the invitation to every day ask for me, Source, to come into your body, to anchor into your body, and then anchor into Mother Earth.




I bid you goodbye.





通灵:James McConnell

翻译:Nick Chan




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