Dear Ground Crew:




Here is a message from Apollo on September 4, 2019:




What might be seen as disgusting to you in these days of Revelation is just the tip of the ice berg. The assault on the earth and humanity by the dark ones is not a pretty picture. Take note, this is being transformed and the offenders are being given their just desserts. This type of energy is no longer welcome or allowed on the earth. You deserve so much better. The destruction is being cleared and what will remain is a beautiful new way of life. Welcome it!”




This is another message from Apollo on September 3, 2019:




Look around you and see what you have noticed. There is so much more than meets the eye. There is much that has been hidden. As you awaken from slumber it begins to reveal itself. This is the great unveiling. Many mysteries will be revealed, the secrets of the ages. You are on the Golden lit pathway of truth. This is the day of Revelation. It is the Golden age where all darkness will be washed away and only light and truth will prevail. Enjoy the process. It is your journey home.”




How have the energies been feeling to you, ground crew?Since last month, it feels as if everything is speeding up even more. Some have had a sense of timeless. There could be a feeling of anxiety as humanity begins to realize that things are not the same. Sleep has been challenging for some of us. Our sensitivity has increased. Some are completely bored with the third dimension. They can’t find many things that they want to eat any more, and they are bored with the media, the hype, advertisements, the lies, the music, and the lower vibrations in general. Some are sensitive to the solar activity such as that which occurred on September 2, with a geomagnetic storm. (These have affected me for a long time. My brain just wants to sleep.)




We have discussed this before. We are between the two worlds. We are still housed in these physical forms and are having to go through the gyrations with paying bills, cleaning, working, eating, and doing what is necessary to sustain oneself in the material world. That is what we call 3-D. The ground crew is right now residing in the higher fourth dimensions, the fifth, and higher. Sometimes it can feel untenable. Yet, this is when we step into the magic and the miracles. This is where we are beginning to realize our new powerful manifesting abilities from the fifth dimension. It is where we become knowledgeable about our strength and our power. We are the ones that we have to be waiting for.




The energies have felt other worldly.Sometimes it feels as if we are in the toroidal energy, the Torus, that swings back and forth from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth. It can be destabilizing. One might get a sense of paradoxes. It can feel as if the world has gone mad, like nothing makes sense anymore. It is also possible to see the dark forces losing their power and using every trick that they have to try to prevent their demise, to little avail.




On September 3, 2019, the Master El Morya, came to be with us in my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class. This Master is for the first Ray, representing the Flame of the Will of God. His main God qualities are omnipotence, protection, faith, and the Will of God through the power of the Father. This is according to the book called “The Seven Sacred Flames, written by my friend Aurelia Louise Jones. In past lives he was Abraham, the first Hebrew patriarch;Melchoir, one of the three wise men at the birth of Jesus; King Arthur; Thomas Beckett and Sir Thomas Moore.


201993日,扬升大师El Morya,在我每月与大师会谈的课程中前来与我们同在。这位大师是第一道光,代表着神之意志的火焰。他主要的神之品质就是无限的力量、保护、信念以及通过天父力量的神之意志。这是根据“七道神圣的火焰这本书,由我的朋友Aurelia Louise Jones书写。在过去的生世他是亚伯拉罕,第一位希伯来族长;Melchoir,在耶稣诞生时的三位智者之一;亚瑟王;Thomas BeckettSir Thomas Moore.”


During the class I could see him molding us like the clay, the way we make pottery.He said they “are creating new parts of the new directives and changes for earth. All will be held accountable. He suggested dealing with the big picture not the trivia. We are at the helm. There is much to be learned and gained. I have a lot to say about who is on this planet.”




We could feel the strength in the light. This beloved Master is strong. I have always known him as a no-nonsense master. I also feel that the Masters are just as concerned and complete with the abuse and service- to-self behaviors on the earth like we are. I saw El Morya sitting in a room at a big meeting table. “His activity is to protect spiritual focuses treated as heart center world movements, protecting whatever specific ideas will benefit the human race to hasten its evolution,”according to Aurelia Louise Jones. “. . . he is primarily helping to magnetize, sustain, and radiate the positive consciousness of God’s Will into the atmosphere of the earth and to counteract the negative acceptance of every distortion created by human mind.”


我们可以感到光中的力量。这位亲爱的大师是强大的。我一直都知道他是一位严肃的大师。我还感到大师也很在乎地球上的虐待与服务自我行为。我看到El Morya坐在一张巨大的会议桌上。“他的活动是保护精神的焦点,被视为居中于心的世界运动,保护会利于人类加速进化的任何理念”---根据Aurelia Louise Jones。“...他主要在帮助吸引、维持和辐射神之意志的积极意识到地球的大气中并中和人类头脑创造的每一个扭曲的负面接纳”



通灵:Valerie Donner

翻译:Nick Chan



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