原创: 荷光  新纪元扬升之光 2018-09-08


Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel, September 7, 2018



Dear Ones,



We speak today of FocusedIntent. It is a time of gathering in groups for ceremony as the Earth movestoward the Equinox. This season, in which there are equal amounts of light anddark, is when the Earth experiences a profound state of Balance. When there isplanetary balance, it makes it easier for all to experience that state ofconsciousness.



This message is to reaffirmfor you that the Heart-centered presence you so naturally connect toand radiate through your being is making a profound difference in theworld. Most importantly, you are gaining momentum as many more are awakening.Your deep commitment to the Earth and your very presence is changing theconsciousness of the world.



Your individual spiritualpractice and your collective prayers have brought many blessings to the world.Know that over the past 25 years or so, the focused intent of the Lightworkersof the world has uplifted many of the most dire predictions for the Earth. Ashorrendous as the world events may seem to you now, the Earth was heading intogreater peril than what is evident at this time.

你们个体的修行和你们的集体祈祷给这个世界带来了许多祝福。要知道,在过去 25 年左右的时间里,世界光之工作者专注的意图已经解除了许多对地球最可怕的预言。尽管现在看来,世界上的事件对你来说可能是可怕的,但地球正面临着比现在的状况更明显的危险。


The collective intent ofall those who are participating in developing greater respect for theenvironment, equality within people, and free creative expression in the worldhas made a difference. All that you are doing, especially in community, willcontinue to empower those who are awakening. You are important to the shiftingof consciousness toward a greater state of Well-being on the Earth. Togetheryour loving kindness, your joy in Divine Light, and your open minds and heartsare demonstrating a way of living that many have been too timid to attempt.



Collectively you empower aspark of abundant freedom so many souls can awaken new vision, ideas andperspectives. This activation is radiating into the quantum field catalyzingthe force of Divine Intent as it is streaming Light through the cosmos.



The shifting realitieswithin the quantum fields are responding to your focused intent as moreLightworkers come together in groups. Especially in this time of Equinox, knowhow powerful it is when you work as a community to bring the Light of Balanceto the world. Equanimity is the great need of the hour. Gathering together ingroup focus and prayer will be of tremendous benefit collectively. Many peoplewill be able to awaken to the Divine Light that has expands exponentially fromthe power of your collective Intent for Balance in the world.



As your active personalspiritual practice is increasingly dedicated to more Balance and Hopefor all hearts, you may find yourself feeling more free as well as supported tobring forth your Divine Expression and to fully demonstrate who you are toothers. As you gain strength in the collective vision deepening in your heart,it is easier to let go of the old patterns. You are becoming more clear aboutwhat has priority in your life and what fully empowers the divine focus of yourSoul to express who you truly are now.



The benefit of group support and awareness is not onlypersonally empowering, it expands exponentially. In your prayer communities,you are expressing thecollective voice of the Soul Imperatives for the Earth. Allthat you aspire to is now being empowered. The focus of your intent foryourself as well as your community is a catalyst of awakening that provides abeacon light leading others into a new way of life.



What you have done and are doing has had a tremendousimpact on the consciousness of all humanity and on the Earth’sevolution. Do not doubt this. Youare World Servers who need only to stay in your normal heart-centeredconsciousness to change the world. As you do this, you become a magnet toattract your soul’s community. When you work together, all things are possible.

Truly we say, Gently andwith Love, Honor Yourselves. And so it is.










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