Greetings! We are pleased to be here with you today in this loving energetic space, where no time exists; only stillness and silence and pure love.




In this transmission today, we will share with you some insights into a few ideas. The first idea we would like to share is about over-thinking. Many of you are doing well in dropping in to your heart centers. Now you used to use only your mind, and we applaud you for this shift. Shifting from the mind to the heart is a process because you have been so ingrained into believing that only the mind matters, and that if you use the heart then somehow you are weak. We are here today to say that this is not the truth.




When you drop into your heart center and stop over-thinking, you open a pure channel directly from you to Source, and you allow all that is of love and truth and harmony and peace to flow into your very BEing. But when you over-think a situation and become analytical, this often leads to criticism or judgment, and this puts up an energetic block between you and Source where you can't see the truth. Your mind runs away with a story and you start believing that story. Beliefs do not serve you. Being Love is the best possible reality, so you do not have to hold to any belief systems. Go into your heart and find your truth there, and then you create your reality there, whatever it is that you want that is aligned to love.




So do you see how over-thinking stops you from creation and from BEing Love? Next time you are tempted to over-think or analyze or make assumptions, judgments or hold criticism, stop yourself and withdraw from that energy and shift into an energetic space of neutrality. We are not suggesting that you don't use your mind at all. In the dimension that you are in, you must still use your mind for day-to-day processes, such as taking care of your physical body, driving to and from work, feeding your pet, and so on.




What we are shining a light on is the powerful energy that you hold to be in your heart at all times, no matter the circumstance, no matter who says what to you, or who does what to you. If you stop analyzing and over-thinking, then you shift from lack to abundance. You shift from fear to Love. It is our desire that this message helps you shift into Love and stay there in that beautiful frequency, whenever the temptation comes up to do otherwise.




And now we would like to say how excited we are to see more and more of you come into your own personal empowerment. You have dropped the cloak of fear and embraced the new garment of sovereignty. You can walk through the fire and not be burned. You can be as Daniel in the den of lions and not be harmed. And you have done this, all of you, by holding a higher frequency so that the dark cannot touch you and you draw the very dark out of the shadows with your Light, simply BEing who you are. The time of war is over, the time of fighting is over. All you have to BE is simply to stand in your I AM presence and the world shifts. So remember this, Dear Ones, as you go about your day to day lives. Fear nothing, be wise and live LOVE incarnate.




Create all that you want to create, be all that you want to be, and know that you have the power to make all that you desire to create in this life completely effortlessly.




We stand with you now, as do many other BEings of Light, and we say to those who are newly awakened: know that you are not alone, and that there are many, many others around you who share the same Light in their souls. For you have all agreed to come here together for this time. So if you do not know of any others souls who are like you, then simply ask to find those who you would resonate with and share conversations with and share your journeys with. There are so many of you that it is easy to connect with each other. So put that frequency out there and trust that it will happen and call your own to you NOW.




And for those of you who have been awakened a bit longer, know that you have done amazing work. And there are some of you who are still struggling with duality, and some of you who still find it hard to release entirely from the old paradigms and simply BE and remember. And that is okay. You are held in Love. But when you are stuck going deep inside, so deep that you can hardly get out, then remember to allow yourself to float up into a lighter dimension simply by BEing as a child and trusting and knowing that you are cared for and loved, for indeed you are.




Now if you want to create a certain reality, know that you have to do the work to get there. This 5D reality that many of you long for simply does not happen magically on its own. YOU are the magic. You create the magic, and you create it to be so. For if you want something, you have to do the work for it. Now while all of this magic is set in place, this does not mean you have to earn a place, for your place is already there. What we are saying is that you have to move forward, make decisions, whether they be difficult or easy, and consciously connect to Source at all times, be faithful with your daily meditative practices, make conscious decisions that are always based in love and compassion towards your fellow BEings.




That is what we are here to share right now: that your place in the higher dimensions has always been, but it is up to you to do the Ascension work without relying on others and being dependent on others. It is up to you to open up your own channel. It is up to you to call in your own tribe. It is up to you to create all you want to create. So stop resting on your laurels. Open yourself up to Source. Ask the questions you need to ask, and make conscious decisions, and trust that all is well, even though you may not feel that it is so.




We hope that this message today has empowered you and encouraged you to know that you are all Creators, you are loving Divine BEings of Light from all corners of the Galaxy and beyond. You are all that. You are I AM, and you are LOVE.


我们希望今天的信息授权了你,鼓励了你去知晓你们都是创造者,你是有爱的神圣的光之存有,来自银河系以及之上的各个角落。你是一切。你是我是(I AM),你是爱。


We thank you for being with us here today, and we also hold you in Love. That is all.




通灵:Kalia Diya

翻译:Nick Chan





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