Be Prepared





Be ready to ask for help from others.You have had a lot on your plate and it is time to allow others to help you with your goals.You weren"t meant to walk alone as a solitary practitioner you were meant to attract to you a group of like minded souls so you can walk together and support one another.Remember all the times you have been there for others allow others in to be there for you.




When you face adversity with discipline focus and dedication to your goals and ideals you will sail through the tough times with your head held highand you will be stronger healthier and wiser because of it.Know that you are made of stronger stuff and can withstand whatever comes your way.Bend with the winds of change and you will never crack!




The mantra for today is"I am open and allowing for support and attract to me all the people things and money I need to assist me on my journey."




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supported always the angels and guides





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