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Kuan Yin:  “We Are Partners

in Bringing the World into Peace”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference –

观音:   “我们互相合作,让世界走向和平阿斯塔远程通讯


“I am Kuan Yin and I greet you with allthe Love in my Being.  And I thank you, Beautiful Ones, for being here inthis togetherness of our Hearts.  And I assure you that I have only Loveand all that Love holds and creates for all of you – and most especially,that is Peace.

我是观音,我用生命中所有的爱欢迎你,我感谢你,亲爱的,我们的心相聚在一起。我要让你确信,我只有爱,你们所有的人也是被爱所创作和支持着 - 最重要的是,和平。



Consider, if you will, your own beings andall that radiates through your beings from your Hearts, and all that comes intoyour Hearts from the Higher levels where only Love exists – the Realms ofLight, as we call them.  The LoveLight, the Light of Love is indeed theHighest energy in the Universe!  And it has the power to prevail, notbecause it makes war, but because it brings a Peace that goes beyond whateverproblems, whatever challenges, even whatever battles you may be struggling with.And as one member of Humanity comes to that Peace, and then another, and thenanother, it becomes the prevailing energy on the Planet!



“Now, I am seen most often as a gentlebeing, and I am seen as a feminine being.  But I am more than that. I have the masculine within me as well and that is what you might call the‘action;’ the feminine is the ’emotion.’  The masculine is the action, orthe thinking of what to do.  And in that respect, I am a warrior as muchas any of you are or have ever been in any of your lifetimes!  And so,when they come together, you will find that gentle Peace, that loving Peace,and you will find the Passion to do all within your power to share that Peace,to express that Peace, and to encourage others to form communities of Peace andeventually countries of Peace!



“Now, as Ashtar said,* we are here topartner with you, and we are doing exactly that.  But we ask you to plantthe seeds even more.  More planting is needed.  More spreading of thePassion for Peace, more demonstrating by every expression that you do and, ofcourse, each of you beginning within your own sacred beings!  The Worldneeds Peace and Peaceful cooperation in order to continue on its journey.



“It is as Ashtar said,* the ‘Peace ThatPasseth All Understanding.’ Does this mean that there can be no debate, nodialogue?  No, of course not!  It is for everyone to speak theirPassions, but with the overall consensus in the Higher consciousness already inplace that there must be Peaceful means of expressing whatever the ideas are,whatever the Passions are.  NO MORE WARS!!!  No moremoving to the battlefields, no more fleeing from the battlefields, particularlythose who are least empowered to watch over each other and watch outfor themselves – the women, the children, the old ones.

 正如阿什塔所说的,“互相理解建立和平”。这是否意味着没有争论,没有对话?不,当然不!他是每个人都说他们的观点,但在更高的意识层次必须达成集体的共识,必须用和平的方式表达所有的想法,无论什么样的意见。  不再有战争!  不再有杀戮,不会有战争的逃亡,特别是那些人,他们很少能得到彼此的照顾,甚至不能照顾他们自己 - 妇女,孩子,老人。


“It is for all tocome together and recognize the Love in each other!!!  It is forall to strive together to reach the perfect solution for every community. It does not have to be the same as what is arrived at by the neighboringcommunity.  It only needs a banding together, a joining together in theCOMMON goal – to arrive in Peace and to maintain that Peace!

必须团结起来,发现彼此之间的爱! 这是所有人一起努力让每个社区变得完美的解决方案。不必与邻近社区有相同的模式。它只需要联合在一起,一起加入为了共同的目标 - 达成和平和维持和平!


“Now, there are many whom you respect, whoare already working for this from the perspective of their human bodies as wellas the guidance from their Higher Dimensional Selves and their guidance teams.You have heard that President Obama, for instance, is overlit or inconstant Oneness with El Morya.  You all have guides.  You allhave ascended masters, angels and others from the Realms of Light withyou.  The truth of it is, we’re all One in the Lighted Realms and ourOneness is even more in our awareness.



“And so it matters not who you call upon,who you meditate with, who you pray to, so long as you understand that this isa Peaceful partnership, a sharing of Love and its Light to energize all ofPlanet Earth, below, on and above – and beyond!  Be not threatened,be not fearful.  Peace is already prevailing.  And the end road toall of your efforts, or I shall say, the end of the road of all of what youhave been working for – of all that you have been praying for and thesolutions that you already know about, are coming to you, for they are alreadyin existence.  It’s a matter of bringing them into thereality for the entirety of the World!!!

所以你召唤谁并不重要,不管你默想的是谁,你向谁做祈祷,只要你懂得,这是为了一个和平的目标,为了行星地球分享爱和它的光。亲爱的,一起提升和超越!不要胆怯,无需害怕。和平已经盛行。你所有付出的结果,或者我应该说,所有你一直以来努力工作的道路的终点 - 你所有祈祷的和你所知道的解决的答案,正呈现给你,因为他们已经存在。这是把它们在全球全部显化成现实的事件!!!  


“So I ask you, Beloved Ones, to keep thePeace and to build upon it, to share it with your neighbors, your community,with the stranger down the road, with the person across the World whose storyyou might read of, with the child who is a victim of war or hunger ordiseasements, the old person who no longer has a home, the worker who no longerhas the means to support his or her family.  Spread the Peace, so thateveryone will be able to lift up into it and know that all is well, because theWorld is returning to that great Love and that by bringing Peace into everyHeart, that will energize that great Love and all that it creates!



“And speaking of Love, it is for me totell you how loved you are and how appreciated all of your efforts are.  Ionly ask you to focus even more upon partnering.  Let us help you and easeyour way that you may pay it forward, as you say, for all others on PlanetEarth.  And I thank you, my Beloved Family, that you are here and that youhave opened your Hearts to my words, and to the words of those who speak herein this forum.** And I invite you to see us all together, in one community, inthe Peace That Passeth All Understanding!  And so it is.  Namaste!”






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