My dear friends, we love you so very much,




Many of you are empathic. You feel the world deeply. You feel its fears, its upsets, and hopefully its love and hopefulness as well.




You may know intellectually that you’re not afraid of the virus, yet from time to time you feel fear.




You may know you’re not by nature an angry soul and yet you find yourself more irritable and a less tolerant than usual.




You may feel hopeful, excited about the future, and grateful to be alive, one moment, then in the next, frustrated with yourself when worries or guilt creep in.




Be kind to yourselves dear ones. There is massive growth going on in the human race and in each of your hearts as you raise your collective vibration. You are growing beyond anything you have ever experienced, into a dimension of interconnectedness beyond your wildest dreams. You are growing into a vibration where you will more quickly see the results of the energies you are emitting into the universe – where you have a chance to manifest in ways you have not before. You are moving into a vibration where love is valued more than stuff, and where compassion is valued more than being “right.” Right now, however, it is a breach and bumpy birthing.


善待自己,亲爱的。人类之中和你的心中有着一个巨大的成长在发生,随着你提升集体的振动。你在成长超越你所体验过的一切,进入一个超越你最狂野梦想的互联维度。你在成长进入一个“你会更加快速看到你发射到宇宙中的能量导致的结果”的振动 --- 你会有机会在之前并未拥有的方式中显化。你在进入一个爱比物质更加重要的振动,同情心比成为“正确的”更加重要的振动。现在,无论如何,这是一个颠簸的诞生


As greater light arises within each of you it is flushing out the darkness – the old stuffed fears, tears, upsets, worries, guilts – you name it! Think of running clear water through an old pipe. At first all you will see is the gunk washing out. Flow long enough and the clear and pure water will reveal itself.


随着更大的光在你们每个人之内升起,它在冲破黑暗 --- 旧的塞满了的恐惧、泪水、不安、担忧、内疚 --- 你来说!想象流动的水通过一根旧的水管。一开始,你会看到的是黏黏的东西被冲出来。足够长时间后,干净,纯净的水会揭示自身


The feelings are further compounded because you are feeling the world. Your anger will feel amplified by the world’s vibration of frustration. Your fear will seem stronger for the same reason. So too with your sadness, your pain, and also, happily, your joy! No matter what you feel, you are feeling the vibration in the mass consciousness that matches your own feelings, even more strongly.




There is no escaping from yourselves. There is no escaping your connection with one another.




It is time dear ones to remember this simple mantra:




Reveal • Feel • Heal • See & Be Free


揭示·感受·疗愈·看到 & 自由


Reveal: This pandemic has put you in situations where you are not in control. You’ve had to “be” with yourself without distractions. You’ve had to get to know yourself better. All of life has conspired to bring to the surface the things that you’ve stuffed. You’re seeing your hopes and dreams more clearly. You’re seeing your desire for connection, you fears, your upsets, your loneliness, your light and your brilliance. All your old feelings about these feelings are coming up too!


揭示: 这个瘟疫让你处于你无法掌控的情况。你必须与自己“同在”,没有分心可以让你使用。你必须更加了解自己。生活中的一切都协力把你堵塞的东西带到表面。你在更加清晰地看到你的希望和梦想。你看到你渴望连接,你的恐惧,你的不安,你的独孤,你的光,你的光辉。你关于这些感受的旧感受也在浮现


Do you feel shame or blame for being upset over petty things when people are dying? We would never shame you for your feelings.




Do you feel guilt for feeling amazing? We would only encourage you to feel joy.




Do you feel sad that in order to feel happy you have to walk away from a situation that never quite worked anyway? We celebrate your awakening.




Feel: There is only one thing to do with all these emotions, dear ones. Be with them. Feel them deeply. Send love to the parts of self that don’t feel so great. Send encouragement to the powerful and light filled parts and tell them to shine without guilt. Imagine you are talking to people inside you, for indeed you are talking to aspects of your own soul that got pushed deep within, and were ignored or unloved. It is time to sit with these unloved parts of your soul and heal them.


感受: 只有一样东西与所有这些情绪有关,亲爱的。与它们同在。深度感受它们。把爱发送给感觉不太好的自我部分。把鼓励发送给强大的充满光的部分,告诉它们去不带内疚地闪耀。想象你与内在的那个人说话,因为你确实在跟内在深处处于窘境、被忽视或不被爱的灵魂面向说话。是时候与这些不被爱的灵魂部分同坐,疗愈它们


Heal: As you acknowledge your feelings, you begin to heal. As you love yourself through your frustrations, your fears, your loneliness, your guilt, your tantrums, and in your glorious magnificent light without shame or guilt for being in your power, you heal. Love heals. All that is coming up within you simply wants to be acknowledged and loved. Try not to distract yourself. Try not to fall into old behaviors that allow you to avoid your feelings. Feel yourself deeply and love yourself – all of you. It is in self-love and self-acceptance that you become more whole, elevate your vibration, and feel your connection to the loving Source ever more deeply.


疗愈: 随着你认识到自己的感受,你开始疗愈。随着你爱自己来通过你的沮丧、恐惧、孤独、内疚、发怒,在你辉煌的光中没有羞愧或内疚,因为处于你的力量中,你会疗愈。爱疗愈。从你之内浮现的一切只是想要被认识到,被爱。试图不要分心自己。试图不要落入会让你回避自己感受的旧行为。深度感受自己,爱自己 --- 你们所有人。在自爱和自我接纳中,你会变得更加完整,提升你的振动,感受与有爱源头的更深度连接



See & Be Free: Observe the desires arising within you. Observe the changes you desire in your life. Grant yourself permission to dream the dreams that you’ve pushed aside. Allow yourselves to fantasize about lives you haven’t a clue how to create. Even when you feel constrained by the “rules” externally, find your freedom internally. Stop censoring your soul. Stop sorting out “acceptable” vs. “unacceptable” dreams. Even if you wear a face mask, take off the mask of the false persona and let others see who you really are. Connect with your eyes, and more importantly with your hearts.


看到 & 自由: 观察从你之内升起的渴望。观察你渴望的改变。允许自己去梦想你推到一旁的梦想。让自己想象你根本不知道该如何创造的生活。即使当你感到被外在的“规则”约束,找到内在的自由。停止修改你的灵魂。停止整理“可以被接受” VS“ 不能被接受”的梦想。即使你戴着一个面具,摘下虚假的面具,让他人看到你的真正所是。与你的眼睛连接,更重要的,与你的心连接


Be kind to yourselves as you move forward into uncharted futures. Be sensitive to yourself. Feel your feelings. As they are revealed, love them and help them heal. Dream your dreams. Be your authentic self. You are dropping the confines you have placed around your own hearts and the walls you’ve created between hearts. You are unmasking your true selves, willing at long last to step forth into the world as the unique, beautiful, bright, and loving lights that you truly are.




Enjoy the journey of your birthing dear ones, even if it is a messy and challenging. Our love is with you every day. Our guidance is with you. We never judge you, always love you, and lovingly ask you to grant yourselves the same unconditional acceptance as you move forward. Revealing your feelings is healing. You are freeing your spirits from the things that blocked you from feeling love. As you do so, you uplift yourselves and the entire human race.




God Bless You! We love you so very much.— The Angels


上帝保佑你!我们非常地爱你。 --- 天使


传导: Ann Albers

翻译: Nick Chan



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